The Prayer of an Arminian

I have often said that when an Arminian prays, they pray like Calvinist when it comes to the salvation of others. What I mean by this is that Calvinist believe that the Spirit of God must move in a person’s heart before they are saved. The Spirit moves, causing them to be born again, and THEN they have the ability to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation. God gets all the glory for our salvation because we are completely dependent upon Him.

Whereas the Arminian goes around spouting the damnable doctrine of free will. They say that we have the freedom to choose God of our own and when we trust in Christ for salvation, it is because we are just infinitely smarter than everyone else. The focus is always on what we “do.”

Yet, when it comes to their prayers, Arminian’s do not pray consistently with their doctrine. Instead of praying that God need not move in the hearts of the unbeliever, since they are wise enough to make the choice on their own, they pray that God would move and change their hearts… O Lawd!!!

Jerry Johnson, with Against the World, demonstrates this by giving us a consistent Arminian prayer in the following video:


7 thoughts on “The Prayer of an Arminian

  1. Arminians must reject the Lord’s prayer. “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” … as long as you do not violate our Free Will …


  2. Apparently George Whitfield and John Wesley were together one evening and after their time of fellowship, they had worship together. When they got up off their knees after Wesley had prayed, Whitfield said to him, ‘Well my dear brother, I am glad to hear that, although you are an Arminian in the pulpit, you are a Calvinist on your knees’.

    ….How could any child of God be otherwise?


  3. I hope Arminians in general would not start carrying through their theology to the logical conclusion in such a way that it affects their prayer lives and faith….though I suspect it does affect some whether consciously they realize it or not.


    • Hi Slim,
      That’s the point, most of them never pray consistent with their theology. They say one thing and pray another thing all together, showing that the Holy Spirit is far more powerful than their misguided theology. We point this out hoping they will see their error and shed their bad theology.


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