Texas Aggies Update

It’s been a while since I did an Texas Aggies Update. You have to know that Texas Aggies everywhere are really excited about the inaugural season of football with the SEC and this has us really excited. But there is more to this excitement than just joining the SEC.

First, Kevin Sumlin, the new head football coach, has really begun to assemble a great recruiting class for 2013.  He has done this by promoting the reality that Texas A&M is playing in the best league in the nation, and confronting the lies put forth by those on the recruiting trails from the likes of t.u. Those in the great state of Texas have known for years that t.u. will trash talk all the other schools to recruits. It’s typical coming from that institution. Former A&M coach Mike Sherman ignored the problem, choosing to take the higher road. Sumlin has chosen to confront the attacks with the truth.

Here is what Miketag from Just Wait Til Next Season wrote:

The coaches that Sumlin brought in have a different approach. If a college negatively recruits against A&M, they will get down and dirty in the trenches with them. When Mack Brown tells a wide receiver recruit that A&M has moved out of state and all the Aggie games will be too far away for his parents to watch, the Aggie coaches simply point out Texas’ pedestrian passing game to that recruit.

There is nothing wrong with either approach. Mike Sherman is a stand-up guy and you cannot ask him to be something he is not. These new assistants are young and aggressive and they are not going to take lies from other coaches sitting down.

The response to Sumlin and his coaches so far has been nothing short of amazing. With two cornerbacks giving their verbal pledges yesterday, the Ags now have 19 commitments in the 2013 class and it is only June.

Sumlin has gained commitments from four defensive linemen and two linebackers. He has immediately addressed the glaring issues in the front seven. Aggie fans can expect to see the Ags add two more defensive linemen and two more linebackers to the class before signing day. Bringing in 12 players in the front seven is a great way to fix depth issues.

Sumlin and his staff have achieved their success not only by countering the negative recruiting from other programs, but by changing the perception of the A&M program entirely. Texas A&M has an image as a conservative university, but this football staff is young and hip. Recruits want to play for coaches who are laid back enough to play rap music during the practices like the Aggies do.

Sumlin held a “Friday Night Lights” event where he invited all of the elite recruits in the 2013 and 2014 class to come and watch a scrimmage under the lights at Kyle Field. He and his assistants went on the road and put on satellite football camps at different high schools across the state.

The other issue that should give some Aggies a cause to rejoice is that Bleacher Report did a ranking of the most loyal fans in the nation and Aggies came in at number 7. They rank higher than Arkansas, LSU, t.u., Texas Tech, Notre Dame, Florida, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. The only teams that rank higher in fan loyalty are: Penn State, Auburn, Alabama, Nebraska, Ohio State and Michigan, in that order. I think that is deserving of a big Aggie whooooop!