You Cannot Prove God Exists Scientifically

One of the lines that you will often hear from atheists in their attacks on Christianity is that you cannot prove God scientifically. They make this claim in order to prove that there is no God, playing on our ignorance as believers about science.

You have to understand two things about what they are saying. First off, you cannot prove a negative. In other words you cannot prove that something does not exist scientifically because the method used to test something scientifically is to put forth a theory, test the theory, be able to see if the evidence in the theory is repeatable by others, and then develop new statements of thesis based upon what was learned.

Since proving something does not exist cannot be tested, then we cannot measure it scientifically. This is not to say that God does not exist, what it says is that the atheist who makes the claim, doesn’t understand science.

The other falsehood this is overlooked in the atheist’s claim that God doesn’t exist because you cannot prove Him scientifically is the assumption that we only know things to be true if we can prove them scientifically.

Their assumption is a very broad one because so many people put their faith in science for what we know to be true. Yet, you cannot prove a mother’s love for her children scientifically. You can prove it because you witness this love at a certain point in time, but that is not something that is repeatable over and over again.

In fact, we would be hard pressed to prove a lot of what we know scientifically.

The reality is that there are many ways we know things to be true that does not rest in the scientific realm. For instance, wisdom is not something that you can gain through science, and I’m merely speaking of general wisdom, not godly wisdom. General wisdom simply comes about by living life and going through various experiences that teach us what we know to be true and what we know to be false.

For instance, my mother told me when I was a teenager that it was always good to be home by 10 p.m. because nothing good ever happened after 10 p.m. I kind of thought she was being a kill joy until one night me and a guy were driving around in his car and we were attacked by some drunken thugs. The guy I was with was getting really upset as these drunken thugs smashed the windows out of his car. I was upset with him because he sat there and screamed about his car while they were hitting me with a pipe.

The next time my mother told me to be home by 10 p.m., because nothing ever good happened after 10 p.m., it suddenly dawned on me as to what she meant.

The point is that there are ways we know things to be true outside of science. While those in the scientific community may see the fingerprint of God in creation around them, it takes those with discerning hearts and minds to see His fingerprint for what it is. The rest are blind to those fingerprints.

The other reality we must admit when it comes to knowing about God is that He has not chosen to reveal Himself scientifically, but historically. He has revealed Himself to us in history and through His word.

This shows the true arrogance of the atheists because they refuse to believe in a God that will not submit Himself to their demands for scientific revelation. The truth of the matter is that God is God and He reveals Himself as He pleases, not at the whims of our modern-day skeptics.

He has also made it clear that where there is no belief, there is no knowledge. The atheists will never come to know God at all until he or she comes by faith to His word and accepts as given. Too many atheists won’t do that, because that requires them to believe in something far greater than they are, that has the right to judge them. This is the core reason most people don’t believe. They believe wrongly that if they don’t believe, God has no right to judge them. Since judgment is what they are trying to avoid, they remain in ignorance and the judgment is heaped upon them.