The Day the Big 12 Died

I know we are only into early June, but I am looking forward to some Texas Aggie football in the fall. In view of that, I discovered the following video that has been around for a while, but new to me. It’s entitled the Day the Big 12 Died and is put to the tune of American Pie by Don McClean. If you know American Pie and SEC/Big 12 football at all, you will love all the references to both. Enjoy.

Also, Mike Tag has a great piece on the fact that Deloss Dodds, the athletic director for t.u., “can’t quit” Texas A&M. Ever since A&M up and bolted the Big 12 for the SEC, Dodds is acting like a spurned lover. He has to slam the SEC and A&M every chance he gets. It really makes me laugh. Dodds and the t-sips thought they ruled the roost for so long and to have A&M up and leave has this screaming like a brokenhearted school girl.

Mike writes:

Dodds cannot let it go. He simply cannot quit A&M. It is humorous to watch a school that for years has claimed that they were above a rivalry with A&M, try to get over the fact that the Aggies simply do not care about them anymore.

A&M coaches, players and fans are busy trying to figure out how they are going to beat LSU and Alabama on the field. Meanwhile the powers that be at Texas are acting like a lover scorned. A&M went and found a hotter, richer bride in the SEC and now Texas is busy trying to convince everyone that they never loved A&M in the first place.

Read the rest here.

I also would like to include this one as well, since it’s so exciting to watch.