Presbyterian vs. Baptist Baptism

The argument between Reformed Presbyterians and Reformed Baptist essentially boils down to the following statements:

BAPTIST: “You Presbyterians use too little water too early!”

PRESBYTERIANS: “You Baptist use too much water too late!”

There, now you have it.


6 thoughts on “Presbyterian vs. Baptist Baptism

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  2. Well……since people have called me ‘John the Baptist’ on several occasions, I guess you know that if I baptize you, I’ll dunk you into the river! lol Seriously, didn’t Jesus say….”Among all of the prophets of the past, there was none greater than ‘John the baptist’? And it was after all, John the baptist who baptized Jesus in the Jordan river, and that’s when the Holy Spirit ascended from heaven like a dove, and Jesus received the Holy Spirit at that time. God bless you all !


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