From the “Did I Just Say That?” Department

Trying to get my 7 year old out of the land of make believe and get dressed, I said, “Andy, get dressed, there is no need for a naked superhero in the world!” 

By the way, the picture was taken last week as Andy began to realize the benefit of having grass in the backyard. I had just cut it for the first time since planting seed back in late March. Before then, there was nothing there but weeds.


4 thoughts on “From the “Did I Just Say That?” Department

  1. Being a mom Gives you great chances to say things you never thought you would! This morning I said, “I know it’s fun to play with your nipples but it’s too cold to go topless.” Not sure how I’m going to get her to wear a shirt when it gets warmer! Lol


    1. Yes, we have a similar conversation… only it’s “stop playing with your wally wally!” We borrowed that term from Bill Cosby who had a funny routine about it back in the 1970s.


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