Redeemer Christian Fellowship (PCA)!!!

Just a note of encouragement for the members of Redeemer Christian Fellowship. The Southwest Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America accepted our petition today to become a mission church. This means we are in the beginning stages of becoming a particularized church. However the main point is that our fellowship is now a part of the Presbyterian Church in America!

The members of presbytery were truly excited to hear about how God has been moving in our fellowship and they want to do everything they can to help us along in becoming full-fledged church. It was truly a joy sharing the story with them on the floor of presbytery. After I told them the story of how the sign being destroyed in front of the building, one asked since this really set the ball in motion, are we becoming a signs and wonders church. He was joking of course. But that is a good sign! (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

Let us rejoice at what the LORD is doing in our midst!


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