Oreo Cookies: Top 10, 11, 12 … 25 ways to eat them…

I have a confession to make. I love Oreo cookies. Of all store bought cookies, Oreos are at the top of the list. In fact, if they are store bought, more than likely I won’t like them. I will eat them because they are cookies, but I would rather have Oreos than say… Chips Ahoy!, or… Pepperidge Farms. I admit that Pepperidge Farms are better than Chips Ahoy!. But if given the choice, I would rather take Oreo cookies, especially since the people at Nabisco have done such a great job of keeping the product fresh and new.

I must not be the only who feels this way since Oreos are celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year! That is a lot of cookies over the past 100 years, and I’ve done everything I could to eat my share over the past 50 years!

Since this is a Top 10 list, let me start with ways to eat the cookies, followed by the different Oreos that are provided by Nabisco.

  1. For instance, we all know the best way to eat Oreo cookies is by dipping them in milk. I love to let them soak in the milk to the point that they are about to fall apart. This gives maximum saturation of the milk and just as the structural intergrity of the cookie is about to break down, I take it out and eat it.
  2. Soaking them in hot coffee is almost as good. I learned this one from a former elder who boasted that he ate 4 Oreo cookies with his coffee for breakfast every morning. To me, it was a revelation! Oreos are breakfast food!
  3. Who can deny tearing apart the cookies, eating the cream in the middle and then finishing off the cookie. This is Joey’s favorite way to eat cookies, and he learned it all on his own.
  4. Grinding up the cookies and putting them in ice cream.
  5. Number four leads to number five and six, which was accomplished by the good folks at Dairy Queen. The best is the Blizzard with mint ice cream and Oreo cookies. Ninety percent of the time when I visit DQ for a Blizzard and I don’t get the French Chocolate Blizzard, I get this one. It is also why the Oreo cookies with mint cream are at the top of the list for the ways that Oreos are made.
  6. The other great Dairy Queen Blizzard is the one with vanilla ice cream and Oreo cookies.
  7. Covering the cookies with fudge, letting them cool and then eating them.
  8. Let them sit in the car in the hot summer sun so that the cream filling is all gooey. This was one of my favorite things about going to the beach when I was younger. The cookies made lunch on the hot-Texas beaches perfect.
  9. I think the cake is called something like Mud Pie, but it is basically a cake with crushed up Oreos and Gummy Bear’s inside of it, along with cool whip and chocolate pudding. I love the cake, but not the Gummy Bear’s.
  10. Oreos and bananas. My mother taught me this one. For some reason, both the bananas and the Oreos are much better together than eaten separately.
  11. Oreos and potato chips. Needless to say, I don’t do this one much any more for health reasons, but if you are into the ultimate in junk food, Lay’s Potato chips and Oreo cookies are great to eat together. It has something to do with the salt and sugar working together.

Now the follow part of the list was what made it so hard to do list in the first place. There are ways to eat Oreo cookies, and there are ways that Nabisco has taken it upon themselves to make Oreo cookies. The following list are my favorite ways they make them, so that I can eat them in the ways described above.

  1. Oreo Double Stuff Cookies. They got it right when someone noticed that since the cream is the best part of the Oreo cookie, then doubling the cream made the cookie that much better.
  2. Cool Mint Cream Oreo cookies. This should become a must for those who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day since the cream is that color of green.
  3. Oreo Double Stuff Chocolate Cream– the filling is chocolate AND doubled.
  4. Oreo Triple Cream Chocolate — half the filling is normal cream, the other is fudge!
  5. Oreo Fudge Covered — They cover the cookie with chocolate fudge.
  6. Pure White Fudge Covered — They cover the Oreo with white fudge. This is one my favorites at Christmas time… I think it’s seasonal.
  7. Oreo Fudge Creams — same as fudge covered only it is minus one of the cookies.
  8. Golden Originals — same cream, vanilla cookies.
  9. Regular Oreos — can’t forget this one, it’s a staple and what got it all started.
  10. Chocolate Berry Burst Ice Cream — strawberry cream filling.

Well, I hope you enjoyed thinking about all these Oreo cookies. There is a reason the product has been around for 100 years. We have eaten so many Oreo cookies over the years, it has become a part of our culture.

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