A&M Changes Signs in the Football Facility: 2013 Schedule Discussions May Put LSU/A&M Game on Thanksgiving Day!

An era is really coming to an end for Texas A&M football. The equipment guys at A&M’s football facility changed the signs this week. The first shot is taking down the Big 12 logo, and the second shot is putting up the SEC sign.

This is from there twitter page… which shows the popularity of A&M football. Even the equipment guys have a twitter account. I have to confess, I don’t have a twitter account. However, I wonder if the maintenance man for the church does.

Also in SEC news, the schedule for the 2013 football seasons and beyond will be discussed in the coming weeks by the respective schools. There is a possibility (and I say possibility) that the last game of the season for the Aggies will be the LSU game and there is a possibility that it would be played on Thanksgiving Day, which would be a ratings bonanza for both teams. It would mean that the Arkansas/LSU game would no longer be the last one of the season for those two teams. I know this will disappoint Razorback fans. I personally think the A&M/LSU rivalry is bigger and better than the LSU/Razorback rivalry. A&M and LSU are closer together and have played each other more than 50 times.

I know Razorback fans may disagree. We will have to see what the schools think of it when the schedule comes out in the coming weeks.

What is for certain is that LSU and Florida will not be playing again for a while. Both schools agreed to end that game, according to sources.

What must eventually be hammered out is a long-term football scheduling format that will accommodate the SEC’s two new members, Texas A&M and Missouri, for 2013 and beyond.

The conference has already cobbled together a temporary scheduling plan for the 2012 season only. The effect of that plan on LSU has been to replace the Tigers’ previously scheduled road game at Kentucky with one at Texas A&M.

The Southeastern Conference has been using a 5-1-2 scheduling format under which a team played all five teams in its
division, one permanent opponent from the other division and two more teams from the opposite division on a rotating basis.

LSU’s permanent opponent has been Florida, and athletic director Joe Alleva said both schools are interested in ending that scheduling staple.

Other schools are eager to preserve permanent opponents to preserve cross-divisional
rivalries like Alabama-Tennessee and Georgia-Auburn, and Alleva said he thought there was momentum among the athletic directors to maintaining that.

“The only way around that is to try to maintain the old rivalries and come up with a solution for those who don’t have them,” Alleva said. “There’s a fine line to doing that.”

Alleva is also in favor of maintaining an eight-game conference schedule as opposed to expanding to nine, which he said the majority of athletic directors favor.

“The preponderance of A.D.s feel eight games is the way to go,” he said. “There’s still more to discuss, but that probably seems to be the best way.”

Despite the fact football schedules are often made years in advance, Slive said time isn’t pressing on the SEC yet to come up with a permanent football schedule.

“We have designed a discussion schedule in such a way as to provide more than enough time without having to rush,” he said.

“There is no date we have to have it, not at all.”

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