Davy Jones Dead at 66, The Monkees My First Band

I had to call my brother and leave the news on his cell phone. Davy Jones, one of the singers for the … band..? the Monkees died today, he was 66.

It is hard to try and describe the Monkees. Most of them had zero talent. I would say that they were one of the very first boy bands, but they were bigger than that. They had their own television show, their own recording contract and an entire host of musicians and song writers to prop them up.

After all, the story from Foxnews has this to say about them:

And though initially the Monkees weren’t allowed to play their own instruments, they were supported by enviable talent: Carole King and Gerry Goffin wrote “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” and Neil Diamond penned “I’m a Believer.”

That didn’t stop us from buying their albums and watching the television show. In fact, my older brothers and I even put together a band with just about as much talent as the Monkees actually had. My older brother, Gene, played the lead tennis racket, David played the bass tennis racket, and I played the end table which served as our drums. We sang right along with the Monkees and at times, sounded much worse.

And yes, we had ALL their albums and practiced singing/playing/lip synching to all their songs. It was kind of what kids our age did before the invention of MTV and Rock Band with the Wii. In fact, I’m sure Steve Jobs did the same thing when he was a kid since we are about the same age. Where do you think they got the idea for Wii?

It is sad about Davy. He was only 66, and as my brother pointed out, “that really doesn’t sound that old?” He’s right. It doesn’t. He also pointed out that now that the Monkees can no longer get back together, there is one less use for a tennis racket in the world.

Davy Jones has caught the last train to Clarksville.