Happy Day!

Just a small nugget from 7 years ago when Andy was first learning to sit up.


A Third Response to a Christian Scientist

It is time to finally finish up my response to a Christian Scientist which I started several weeks ago. The point is not to win this CS to the true faith, but to help those who are in the true faith see through the arguments that these people make, be they part of Christian Science, Mormonism, liberal churches, etc. It would be nice to see this man turn from the heresies of his faith, to saving faith in Jesus Christ, but given that this man is a practitioner in his religion and makes his living as such, he has sold his soul to this falsehood. Instead of coming to Christ to be saved, he came to Christ to make his money off of healings and propagating a lie. He has a form of godliness but denies its true power (2 Timothy 3:1-9).

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A Second Response to a Christian Scientist

This is my second response to Don, a Christian Science practitioner. I tried to respond to him in the comments section, but feel that to respond adequately I must do a bit more in-depth parsing of what he is saying. You can find my first response here, and the original post, Christian Science: Deadly in More Ways Than One, here.

Again this is not so that I change his mind. The man has made his profession as a Christian Scientist and has ample “experience” to support his claims. What I’m saying is that his claims, while based on experience, are not to be trusted since these claims are not based on God’s word.

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Scenes From My Neighborhood

Last week… while walking with my boys, I took this picture. This was one of the worst snows Roswell has had in 10 years, and this was day three after it started melting.

Every time we go for a walk, we discover something new about our little town. Last night, I took the boys over to a park across the road from the golf course and found a new favorite park. We have a favorite one in Jackson, TN, known as North Park. This one, I’m not sure of the name, is on the old airport here in Roswell. The tower is still in place and there is a lot of open space. Let me emphasize, a lot of open space.

I will have to get some pictures, but walking through the park is really breath taking with Mt. Capitan to the west of us. In all the places I’ve lived as a pastor, this is the first where we can see mountains in the distance.

I tried to make it all the way around the walking path, but had the boys in tow in the wagon. I could have done it. But we came across a really cook play park and the boys had to climb all over it.

While there, I met another transplant to the Roswell area. Abraham and Deloris G. moved to Roswell from California to escape the high prices. They have been here for four years and love how friendly the people are. He also enjoys the fact that his small business, in home repair, has been sustained simply by word of mouth. Once he got his first job, he has been busy ever since. While he doesn’t make as much money as he did in California, he doesn’t have the bills either, nor the traffic,nor the smog.

Those are the things that I always enjoy about living in small towns. In a small town, a traffic delay means taking 5 more minutes to get to where you are going. In Dallas, that could mean an hour. In Atlanta, 2 hours or more (for some reason, in the south they have a tendency to completely shut down the freeway for a traffic accident.)

Off to take in more of the scenery.