Top 10 Happy New Year Hopes

Happy New Year to all my readers. I do hope and pray that you are blessed in 2012 in more ways than you were in 2012. However, may those blessings be more of the spiritual nature in Christ than the material blessings we often hope for. In other words, the spiritual blessings which are found in Christ are far more precious than the gold that perishes.

However, this post has things that are not necessarily of the spiritual nature simply because this is what I’m think of right now. Here are my hopes for 2012:

  1. I hope that we elect a truly conservative president, house and senate that will return this country to the Constitution of our country and move us away from the entitlement mentality. This is what is best for the country and will lead to more jobs for those who desire to work.
  2. I hope the new president and Congress will truly free us from foreign oil and start drilling here in the United States. NO, I don’t believe hybrid vehicles are the answer and believer it is foolish to think so. You have to generate that electricity somewhere and most of our electricity comes from coal-powered plants, so you are achieving nothing by driving such vehicles except believing in the lie that you are helping the environment. This too will help the economy by providing more jobs for those who desire to work.
  3. I hope that Texas A&M has a wonderful football season with their new coach Kevin Sumlin. This won’t necessarily help the economy but will be more fun for me. In this, I hope that Coach Sumlin becomes the winningest coach in A&M’s history and the longest tenured coach in A&M’s history, with lots and lots of championships.
  4. I hope and pray that the LORD will truly grow FCC Roswell and help us continue to move towards being a healthy congregation.
  5. I hope that President Obama truly enjoys retirement and takes up playing golf full time. I also hopes that he finds personal peace and can put behind that social bitterness that drives him so much in the way he governs and sees our world.
  6. I hope that the Pro-Life movement continues to make strides in reducing the number of abortions and closing down the murder clinics that are open now. Read how they may strides this year here.
  7. I hope the Texas Rangers return to the World Series again and win it all.
  8. I hope and pray that the drought here in the Southwest, Texas and elsewhere would come to a end.
  9. I hope that liberals in our country would begin to question their own positions and would become more conservative, since this is what is best for the country. Conservatism is not easy, but it is what is best. It’s easy to take other peoples money and create a dependent class as liberals like to do.
  10. I hope that moderates… get a clue, get off the fence and see why Conservatism is much better than trying to be popular.

There they are. What are your hopes for the year?