A Response to a Christian Scientist

One of my passions is pointing out the errors of the cults, especially Christian Science since I was raised a Christian Scientist, joined the Mother Church when I was 21, and unjoined it when I became a Christian at the age of 29. Once I became a true believer, the lies of Christian Science became obvious and I hope and pray that others who are trapped and blinded spiritually in that false religion, will have the Holy Spirit move in their lives as well and rescue them from the curse of Mary Baker Eddy.

You can also see that I do not pull any punches. Why? Because spiritual truth matters. What we believe about the person of Christ and what is revealed in Scripture truly matters. The Bible is NOT open for interpretation. What I mean by that is that it is not there for us to come to is and get out of it what we want. The words on the pages of Scripture have meaning and we are to believe in the meanings of those words, the theology we find there, the God who is revealed there.

This is what is so insidious about religions like Christian Science in which they take the words that Christians are accustomed to using, like the Trinity, or even the person of Christ and His deity, and change it up to mean something else. This is why the religion is so heinous. It tries to make itself sound like it’s Christian, but it is not.

In one of my earlier posts about the religion, a Christian Science practitioner decided to enter into the fray. For that, I give him credit. Christian Scientist are taught not to argue or debate their beliefs. This is because when you look at the absurdity of the religion, it’s hard for them to make any arguments.

Given that, I wanted to post what the man said and go ahead and give my responses in the midst of it. There was too much

Dear Pastor Timothy.

This response is not for argument. You must make your own decisions about the path that you follow in understanding and worshiping God, and I must make my own choice. Christian Science teaches unconditional love–of God for man and of man to man. I have been taught not to judge, so, let’s just say that your statements about Christian Science are totally contrary to my experiences of many decades, and I do want to show another side of this discussion to anyone reading our interaction.

Don, I don’t mind showing any side of this to anyone (it’s all public anyway, this is a public blog, and so are the responses. You are not responding to me on email, but in the response section which anyone can read.) We are told to check the truth according to Scriptures and I have no problems pointing out the falsehoods of a false religion when it comes to the Bible. Remember Paul commended the Bereans for checking him with Scripture and admonished the people in Galatia, Ephesus, Rome, etc., about those coming along teaching false doctrines. We are warned to check that which people put forth with Scripture over and over in Scripture.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote in her own words that if anything she had written was out of accord with Scripture, it was to be tossed out. Well, that means we can toss her entire body of work. Even when she writes “God is love,” we see that as a lie because of her definition of God. She redefines the term “God” in order to fit her world view. Again, not open to interpretation. God gets to define Himself and He does so in Scripture.

As for being taught “not to judge,” this is a classic ploy of liberals. They take one sentence of Christ’s words and twist them on their heads. Seems you are doing the same. Jesus says not to judge, then tells us how to judge, get the log out of own eye, then we can see the speck in the eye of a brother. Yet, we must still be able to judge the speck to be bad. If we do not judge it to be bad, why remove it at all? We are also told in 1 Corinthian 5 to judge a sinning brother. So Jesus isn’t ruling out all judging, just that which is hypocritical in nature.

Also, you make it sound like so many in liberal circles, that there are many paths to God and I’m on one and you are on another, just a valid path as I am. However, Jesus spoke to this very issue when He said: “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because[a] narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

The Scripture goes on to speak of the exclusivity of Christ for salvation over and over again (John 14:6, Acts 4:12). So these decisions we make have eternal consequences. We can either trust in Christ by faith for salvation, or try to get their on our own by our works. Seems you have chosen to follow MBE in working your way to heaven.

For correct information about my religion, please go to spirituality.com. There, you will also find correct information about Mary Baker Eddy–discoverer and founder of Christian Science. The research department of the Mary Baker Eddy Library will give you honest answers about her life point you to further resources for understanding who she was, how she lived her life and what she did for mankind. It’s quite remarkable simply from her human accomplishments.

Again, are they really going to give us the truth about her wonderful accomplishments since the entire religion is based upon her “miraculous” life? Given that the physician who examined her during her “great” fall on the ice and her claim to be “near death” testified in the a court of law that she was no where near death and suffered only minor wounds. The reality is that she used a ton of hyperbole in the retelling of her “discovery” of Christian Science.

I have been healing people through prayer for much of my life. At 13, I prayed for my little brother who was quite ill, (using what I learned in the Christian Science Sunday School) and he got up and went outside to play, healed. I sat enthralled with this healing and wanted nothing more than to continue and extend this blessing to others. Last year, alone, I prayed for/with well over 100 different individuals from the USA and other parts of the world for every kind of malady. The results for at least 90 percent were spectacular. Minds and bodies were transformed. Lives were recovered by prayer alone, but I never outline nor condemn anyone who wishes to turn to another method of treatment nor does the Christian Science Church judge the life choices that its members make. Jesus had a similar experience as recounted in Matthew 13:58.

What we think is very important. In fact, Christian Science teaches that your body is literally a product of what you think. This isn’t out of line with contemporary physiological and psychological theories (Emphasis added). They tell us that it is important to keep thoughts as pure and selfless as possible for healthy, harmonious lives and bodies. There is nothing unusual in this view today though it was when Mrs. Eddy first propounded it.

Notice the word “theories.” People have lots of theories, but that doesn’t make the claim true. Just because you can find some in the world of physiology and psychology to help support your claim doesn’t make your claim valid. There are probably just as many in those fields who would dispute your claims.

The other problem with this claim is that you are turning to science for your proof and not Scripture. There is no truth to your claim from Scripture, that our bodies are what we think them to be.

And through her writings, she shows how living a sinless life through a better understanding of God and practicing God-like qualities in our living is the best way to live for making spiritual progress. Health and healing follow this state of thinking.


Again, we see one of the major errors of her theology, the belief that you can live a sinless life. No where does Scripture teach that we can live sinless lives. Even the Apostle Paul struggled with sin in his life after his conversion. This is what Romans 7:13ff shows us. He also stated that he was the chief among sinners. That is a present tense used when he refers there. He, even though he is saved and has the righteousness of Christ, still struggles with sin. Mary Baker Eddy did not live a sinless life. The very fact that she wrote her gospel, which is another gospel all together, proves the point. She is misleading people with her false doctrine. That is hardly sinless.

Also, as so many of you do, claiming to be without sin makes God out to be a liar because it contradicts His word. Please, tell me you do not believe you live a sinless life when say you have no sin, makes God out to be a liar? (1 John 1:8-10).

She writes in our textbook (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures–that helps us understand and follow the teachings of the Bible), “Ask yourself: Am I living the life that approaches the supreme good? Am I demonstrating the healing power of Truth and Love [God]? If so, then the way will grow brighter ‘unto the perfect day.’ Your fruits will prove what the understanding of God brings to man. Hold perpetually this thought, — that it is the spiritual
idea, the Holy Ghost and Christ, which enables you to demonstrate, with scientific certainty, the rule of healing, based upon its divine Principle, Love [God], underlying, overlying, and encompassing all true being.”

I’m glad that you quoted MBE instead of the Bible. This truly shows us your allegiance to this fallen woman. What she is putting forth here is nothing more than works theology. In other words, we have to heal people to be on that happy road to a brighter, perfect day. She is also requiring us to prove to others so that understanding can come to man.

This is completely contrary to the gospel and the work of the Triune God. It is Jesus who saves, not our works. It is the Holy Spirit that enlightens our minds to understanding, not the works of another man. It is the Father who appoints us to salvation, not someone else works.

Christian Science is so focused on healing that you miss the greater message of the gospel, the deliverance from sin and death by Jesus Christ, not our ability to heal. BTW, Jesus did not come to teach us how to heal. His miracles were done in order to show that He was truly the Messiah and was fulfilling prophecy.

I am truly sorry that you feel you have had a negative experience with Christian Science. But my life has been blessed, enriched and saved through this unique religion. It is neither a religion that deserts nor kills people but one that blesses individuals and the world. I am living proof of this fact.


Don Griffith, PhD, CSB

Here again we see the flaw in your belief system once again. You are basing your beliefs upon your “experience” and not Biblical truth. This is the major error of the cults, false religions and even liberal Christianity. Our faith is always to be based upon God’s word.

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    • There are a lot of us who have left, but it still feels very lonely – not every one is vocal about their decision to leave. Some of us go on to “find” Christ, while others of us choose other paths.


      • The good in this is that you DO leave. Unless one leaves, the door for finding the one true religion will remain closed. Take it that God’s grace has moved into the lives of those who leave and pray that it continues to shine in their hearts and lives and Christ finds them.


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