Merry White Christmas

Merry White Christmas! It’s been snowing here for two days and I do believe that qualifies as a White Christmas. My only reservation in all this is whether or not we will be able to have our Christmas Eve service up at the church. This isn’t one of those dustings that places in the south get and close everything. More like what a typical snow is like up north, only Roswell doesn’t have the equipment to remove it from the streets. Not sure why.

Either way, I’m going to enjoy the day and whatever the LORD gives us, I’m going to be grateful for this day! Merry White Christmas!!!

UPDATE: There was an article going around about some big mega churches cancelling worship services because they were on Christmas day. To this, I say they are misguided. However, we are cancelling services as well, but it’s because of the foot of snow in the church parking lot. It took me 45 minutes shoveling snow to get out of our driveway, I’m not sure how long it would take us to shovel the snow out of the parking lot. Given that no one is volunteering to do so, we cancelled both our Candlelight Service tonight and worship services tomorrow. I wish that were not the case. I was really looking forward to both services, but I guess the LORD had other plans.