Sean Penn Can’t Handle the Truth — A Roundup That Matters

Time for a Roundup that Matters…

Sean Penn Can’t Handle the Truth — I love it when liberals are confronted on their views. Maria Conchita Alonso confronted the thug-actor Penn in an airport over his support of Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela. Chavez is a communist, and like many in Hollywood, Penn has stated his support and admiration for the man. Alonso is from Cuba and knows the horrible sides of Communism from personal experience. She confronted Penn on the issues and he couldn’t handle it and called her a pig. Alonso said:

“The reason I am doing this is because someone as likable as an actor that garners a lot of respect as Sean does, has a lot of people that do believe in him. He’s done good things in Haiti and all that, but for him to talk about Chavez and Castro as good people and say the U.S. should be like that really upsets me, because people are going to believe him,” she continued. “I’ve been spreading the word around for a while that I’ve wanted to talk to him and Danny Glover and even Oliver Stone. But they haven’t wanted to talk to me. I want to believe that it is just ignorance. I want to believe that those amazing directors and writers and actors that praise communist leaders just don’t know the truth and have been brainwashed by the propaganda.”

Good for her. Liberals have a real hard time when it comes to being confronted with the truths of their ideologies whether it is Communism or Socialism. They always try to put the burden of proof back on Capitalists by saying that capitalism is corrupt. Yes, there are corrupt capitalist out there. But capitalism itself is not corrupt and it benefits those who support it to operate honestly and fairly. The very nature of capitalism is such that to operate unfairly will lead to a loss of business.

Communism and socialism are rooted is wickedness, since both see the governments role as ruling the people with an iron fist. There is no freedom in either. You can see this in the level of destruction brought on by communists over the past 150 years.

Your Podcast is NOT Your Pastor — A good article about how many are making the mistake of thinking they have pastors simply by listening to the same pastor every week via a podcast. I should have seen this one coming but I didn’t. The subject actually came up this week at FCC in Roswell when one of the people I told about my sermons on line responded by saying, “Great, so I don’t have to come on Sunday morning?”

That one stopped me in my tracks. Realize, that if everyone takes that attitude, preaching stops. We also miss out on the communion of the saints, which is vital to our Christian lives. Christ is not saving us to remain alone by ourselves, but bringing us together to be His body, His bride. That doesn’t take place outside of the local congregation.

We must remember that there is far more to worshipping with fellow believers than just the sermon. The sermon is to be central, but when we worship together, we are joining with the saints that have gone on before us, in the presence of Christ. This communion must take place in the body.

We can listen to sermons online all we want, but this cannot take the place of having a real pastor involved in our lives, and joining in congregational worship on a weekly basis.