Top 10 Reasons I Hate Christmas Shopping

I probably shouldn’t post something like this, but the reality is that I hate to shop for Christmas. It’s a fun holiday and the implications of what the incarnation actually mean for us are vital to the Christian walk. But shopping for Christmas??? I see nothing in Scripture to support such an activity… yet, here we are. So without further adieu…, from the Department of Bah-humbug…  I give you my Top 10 reasons I hate shopping for Christmas.

  1. I can’t stand the thought of getting the wrong gift and wasting money.
  2. I can’t stand the thought of having the “right” gift sell out moments before I arrive on the scene.
  3. I can’t stand wondering if I have spent enough on those I love.
  4. I can’t stand the nervous feeling in my stomach that makes me want to throw up while doing all this shopping.
  5. I can’t stand wondering if I have enough money to make this happen, and worse, the feeling of helplessness when for some odd reason, my ATM card doesn’t work. Yes, it happened. No, my account wasn’t empty. Not sure why.
  6. I can’t stand having to wrap those gifts which I do purchase.
  7. I can’t stand knowing that a lot of the gifts I buy this year… are some future garage sale bargain… or worse… fodder for the dumpster.
  8. I can’t stand the crowds, malls, parking lots or traffic associated with it all.
  9. I can’t stand not finding those things which I know I need to buy for my loved ones.
  10. I can’t stand spending x amount of dollars, knowing that we will be tight financially because of it.
  11. UPDATE: BEING SO WORRIED ABOUT GETTING THAT RIGHT TOY, THAT I FAIL TO NOTICE THE WORDS “Includes 375 Parts!” My goodness, what was I thinking? Every toy I get the boys that has more than 3 parts ends up being… scattered hither and fro for the next umpteen years. I bought the boys a marble maze from Sam’s Club and the next thing I’m going to buy is some Gorilla Glue, and glue it all together, so the 375 parts become ONE!

OK, I know that all sounds negative, but that is how I feel about Christmas shopping.

Merry Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons I Hate Christmas Shopping

  1. I absolutely could not agree more. I would add a few of my own:
    – I hate that through the year I have these great gift ideas, forget them later and then can never remember them for Christmas.
    – I hate that when I dated my wife I once gave her 25 gifts, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas and now I struggle to think of something special each year even though I know she’s the most thankful woman on earth and doesn’t care what I buy her!
    – I hate that even though I say it’s not about presents, each year the pressure seems to come about two weeks out, to get presents, have presents, make sure each kid gets equal presents and be excited to open presents on Christmas morning.


  2. Hi Paul,
    Yes, those could certainly be added to the list. Coming up with ideas for presents does seem to be difficult. Fortunately, my wife has said: “Jewelry, perfume and clothing never fail.”


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  4. I agree. Christmas shopping makes me ill too. It’s expensive and materialistic of you have a family like me who has what they need. True, my gifts were useless but I didn’t think so at the time I got it! Of course they won’t believe it…I spent up to 6-8 hours sometimes wandering around for gifts feeling like such a thoughtless person. At times I have a good idea but my sibling already thought of it but got a better version. I seriously want one thing or nothing for myself for Christmas. The truth is that I rarely actually like anything they get me for gifts but I smile and appreciate it. I can’t ask the same from them.


    • I don’t have kids by the way and I bet that’s much harder. Another thing I don’t like are the stories of the poor families and the kids who think Santa ” forgot us” this year and how they look so sad. Especially all those people that become tight on money later on and so they have to end a tradition they started when they had more money. Adults need something “practical” all the time and their materialism gets more expensive. True that they usually want less.


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