Christian Science: Deadly In More Ways than One

I was pleased to see that the Christian Post had an excellent piece exposing the deadly nature of Christian Science. I have written on this false-religion numerous times because I was raised a Christian Scientist and my mother died as a Christian Scientist. I know the deadly nature of the religion, both physically and spiritually.

It is always good to see other believers taking the time to expose these cults for what they are, false religions with no real hope of salvation. Like most cults, Christian Science is just as bad as the rest for it seeks to teach its followers that salvation, redemption, etc., are all based on our own actions. For the Christian Scientist, it really is about thought control. If we just correct our thinking, then sin, death and all the evils of the world will go away. The emphasis is on the followers ability to do this in order to see desirable results.

As one can surmise, the reality of the results are deadly, given the fact that many have died trying to “correct” their thinking so that diseases would go away. That is the point of the Post’s article.

A deadly religion is passing off as “Christian” and has been for more than a century. Not just spiritual death, but literal death as well; hundreds of people have died as a result of disease untreated because a Christian Scientist will tell you, sickness is only an illusion.

Christian Science is one of the few religions in the world that contains a core teaching that is often deadly when put into practice,” James Beverley writes in The Nelson’s Illustrated Guide To Religions.

“Quiet carnage is a part of the Christian Scienceculture,” stated Linda Kramer, a former member who is now a born-again believer, in the article, “Christian Science: Attempting a Comeback.”

That culture is in fact, a cult, apologists say, and different from Christianity in every way.

“Christian Science deserves the title of cult since it departs from plain Bible teaching on major doctrines and the movement also adopts a potentially deadly view of how to deal with sickness,” Beverley, professor of Christian Thought and Ethics at Tyndale University, said in an email to The Christian Post.

I’ve rejoiced that this religion has fallen on hard times here of late. In fact, very few people that I grew up with that were raised as Christian Scientist, are still in the cult. I believe this is due to the hypocrisy built into the religion and it’s failure to deal with sin in a meaningful way. For instance, the religion teaches that the existence of sin ceases to exist as long as the thoughts of sin exist.

If this is true, then why did our parents ever have to correct us growing up? How could they ever say anything we did was wrong? It was just their wrong thinking of sin.

Plus, we grew up in households where no miracles every truly occurred. Sicknesses never seemed to vanish with correct thinking. We still wore glasses, still got the chicken pox, still caught colds, still got headaches. That correct thinking never seemed to get us any where. Whereas going to a doctor, we discovered that there were actually medicines to deal all those things, including headaches.

This is one of the reasons Christian Science is a dying religion, as the article points out:

Death and sickness are probably the cause of the significant drop in numbers recently, Miller said, though the religion attracted many big thinkers and celebrities at its peak in the early 1900s.

“It’s a dying religion,” he said “They’re dying out because they’re dying off. They don’t realize that at this point.”

“With modern medicine, it’s not attracting many.”

Kramer agreed. “It’s a dying religion, definitely. Right now we’re seeing a drop because a whole generation of baby boomers who were raised in Christian Science are now leaving the church.”

That’s why it’s so important to still try to reach these people, both Miller and Kramer stressed.

I’m grateful for this. I don’t think the religion ever will die off completely. Too many looney women involved in it (this religion is truly dominated by women.) But it is good to see that the numbers are way down.

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21 thoughts on “Christian Science: Deadly In More Ways than One

  1. “Too many looney women involved in it (this religion is truly dominated by women.) ”
    Interesting point, I wasn’t aware.
    I still mean to explain further about the crumbling of the Rick Warren Wannabe kingdom that we fled. Tim seems to think it would make a fantastic screenplay for the guys that did Fireproof & Facing the Giants, LOL!


    • Hi Julie, yes, since their founder was a woman, women have dominated the scene ever since. The men in the cult tend to be quite spineless…

      As for the Wannabe, I’m ready to hear about it when you are ready to talk about it. It really fascinates me because when I was at Trinity Baptist, I wanted to follow in Warren’s model there as well. Grateful the LORD didn’t let me do so. I’m not sure the Warren model was quite so pronounced then.


  2. In 2010, the Department of Health & Human Services released a report stating that 1 in 7 Medicare patients are harmed by treatment mistakes contributing “to 15,000 deaths per month or 180,000 deaths each year.” Sixty-seven (67) years ago I was completely cured of medically diagnosed (and medically treated for quite awhile) rheumatic fever in less than a week through the prayers of a Christian Science practitioner.
    My cure was also confirmed through thorough medical examinations–by the military nearly 20 years later. As a result of that healing, my parents became students of Christian Science and my brother and I were reared in this marvelous religion. I have known thousands of Christian Scientists over the years and can state for a fact that not a one of them was ever harmed in any way by Christian Science. Prayer to God has no negative side effects.
    On the other hand, I can testify to thousands of headings–most of which cannot be understood by medical or physical sciences. I have witnessed and experienced myself broken bones healed, childhood diseases healed, financial problems resolved, birth defects healed, interpersonal problems healed–in effect sin and sickness destroyed through prayer as taught in Christian Science.
    My wife and I have reared 5 of our own children totally in Christian Science and our 14 foster children were often treated through prayer while living with us. The benefits have been wonderful and all are healthy and well today.


    • Hi Don,
      That may be so, but that neither proves nor disproves Christian Science’s validity. For every one you have “witnessed” there are thousands of those who go unhealed. If your religion is so true, go, empty a hospital. Walk through with the power of Jesus Christ and heal the multitudes. I know of plenty of Christian Scientists who have not been healed and died.

      Since you cannot, let us quit quibbling over your so called healings and deal with the deeper problem. Remember, Jesus didn’t come to … let me rephrase that. The Second Person of the Triune God, did not become flesh in order to teach us how to heal ourselves. He became flesh, real flesh and blood, which He created in the beginning, when He created man, male and female in the physical realm, which He declared as good, the physical world… He came in the flesh in order to redeem us from the fallen world of sin… Sin, that means we break God’s Law and sin AGAINST Him and His holiness. (Not the false sin of Christian Science which says that sin is nothing more than bad thoughts). We sin against a holy and just God and we deserve His eternal wrath and judgment because of this. Christ came to redeem His people from their fallen estate. This is the purpose of Christ coming in the flesh. Do I need to define Christ for you again? Can you lay aside the definitions of your deceptive religion for a bit and see that what MBE put forth was neither Christian nor Science? Or do you want to keep being a deluded cheerleader for her stupidity?

      BTW, I know that you are also taught not to argue about your foolish religion by those who raised you in it. Realize Don, I was raised in the stupidity of Christian Science as well. So you empty arguments are falling on deaf ears. I’m a true Christian now, and see Christian Science for the falsehood that it is. It is a false religion, a stupid religion and one that you would do well to truly examine in light of Scripture, not the writings of that madwoman, MBE.

      I do hope you hear some of what I’ve written, but I’m convinced that your mind is already made up. After all, you have all those healthy people to look at for your validation. Just a question… where is MBE today? I believe she is dead. If her religion is so true, she should not have died and been carted around in a buggy for 3 days before they finally got tired of smelling the rotten corpse and buried her. O wait, did they not tell you they did that with her body? They were so convinced that she would rise again as Christ did, that they didn’t bother to bury her. Bet you didn’t get that in all your yearly classes.


      • Dear Pastor Timothy.

        This response is not for argument. You must make your own decisions about the path that you follow in understanding and worshiping God, and I must make my own choice. Christian Science teaches unconditional love–of God for man and of man to man. I have been taught not to judge, so, let’s just say that your statements about Christian Science are totally contrary to my experiences of many decades, and I do want to show another side of this discussion to anyone reading our interaction.

        For correct information about my religion, please go to There, you will also find correct information about Mary Baker Eddy–discoverer and founder of Christian Science. The research department of the Mary Baker Eddy Library will give you honest answers about her life point you to further resources for understanding who she was, how she lived her life and what she did for mankind. It’s quite remarkable simply from her human accomplishments.

        I have been healing people through prayer for much of my life. At 13, I prayed for my little brother who was quite ill, (using what I learned in the Christian Science Sunday School) and he got up and went outside to play, healed. I sat enthralled with this healing and wanted nothing more than to continue and extend this blessing to others. Last year, alone, I prayed for/with well over 100 different individuals from the USA and other parts of the world for every kind of malady. The results for at least 90 percent were spectacular. Minds and bodies were transformed. Lives were recovered by prayer alone, but I never outline nor condemn anyone who wishes to turn to another method of treatment nor does the Christian Science Church judge the life choices that its members make. Jesus had a similar experience as recounted in Matthew 13:58.

        What we think is very important. In fact, Christian Science teaches that your body is literally a product of what you think. This isn’t out of line with contemporary physiological and psychological theories. They tell us that it is important to keep thoughts as pure and selfless as possible for healthy, harmonious lives and bodies. There is nothing unusual in this view today though it was when Mrs. Eddy first propounded it. And through her writings, she shows how living a sinless life through a better understanding of God and practicing God-like qualities in our living is the best way to live for making spiritual progress. Health and healing follow this state of thinking.

        She writes in our textbook (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures–that helps us understand and follow the teachings of the Bible), “Ask yourself: Am I living the life that approaches the supreme good? Am I demonstrating the healing power of Truth and Love [God]? If so, then the way will grow brighter ‘unto the perfect day.’ Your fruits will prove what the understanding of God brings to man. Hold perpetually this thought, — that it is the spiritual
        idea, the Holy Ghost and Christ, which enables you to demonstrate, with scientific certainty, the rule of healing, based upon its divine Principle, Love [God], underlying, overlying, and encompassing all true being.”

        I am truly sorry that you feel you have had a negative experience with Christian Science. But my life has been blessed, enriched and saved through this unique religion. It is neither a religion that deserts nor kills people but one that blesses individuals and the world. I am living proof of this fact.


        Don Griffith, PhD, CSB


  3. Again Don, it’s not that you haven’t had some “positive” experiences with CS and I have had “negative” experiences. It is the fact that the religion is based upon a lie, and not the truth of God’s word that is the problem.

    Christians Science deceives people into thinking that it is Christian. It is not. The bases of Christianity is that we are fallen and sinful people with fallen bodies as well, and that Christ came to save us through His atoning work on the cross. According to CS, you do not even believe that sin is sin. Our bodies are not what we think of them even if you can find some in the scientific world to agree with you. They are what they are made to be, physical, fallen and in need of redemption.

    This is the problem, you are not dealing with the truth of Scripture but the truth of your own making. That is not truth. God doesn’t give us the freedom to take His word and make it say what we want to say. This is what MBE and Joseph Smith, and the rest of the cultist do. (BTW, why would I bother going to for the correct answers? Of course the answers there are the whitewashed answers. Again, you refuse to look at the truth of MBE’s life.)

    As for answering the charges laid at your feet, again, I know you can’t and won’t because I know that this what you are taught to do in you classes. I truly pity you.


    • Dear Pastor Timothy,

      Here is some factual information that you may be overlooking in our discussion:

      The basis of your religious theory cannot be proven by the Bible without very loose interpretations of scripture and by ignoring other important facts about God and man. You hold an orthodox view of God, Jesus and Creation. Are these views correct? You believe they are. I don’t agree. The fact that it is a majority opinion among “Christian religions” today is not proof of its validity nor that it is taught in religious seminaries. Before Columbus sailed, the vast majority of humanity believed the world was round. That didn’t make it so, and Galileo was imprisoned for the rest of his life for stating that the sun revolved around the earth. In fact, he was threatened by death if he didn’t recant. The Roman Catholic church pardoned him only a few decades ago and by this pardon admitted it had been wrong. I see this in the future for true Christianity.

      Your theology comes from the 4th century AD and the Nicean Council in 325 AD as adopted and perpetuated by the Roman Catholic Church. For centuries, anyone not adhering to it or preaching something different was declared a “heretic” and often punished with death. Previous written works (many of the books which could have been included in the New Testament) were marginalized or destroyed. The documents found at Nag Hammadi, Egypt escaped this fate and were discovered in 1945 and translated by 1970. They presented an entirely different view of true, primitive Christianity than does the dominant orthodoxy of today. Somebody hid these documents so they wouldn’t be destroyed (most probably by the orthodoxy of the day) and they lay in clay jars until discovered by Bedoin Camel herders nearly 1500 years later.

      Mrs. Eddy knew nothing of the Nag Hammadi discovery, so she could not have utilized any of these writings in her discovery of Christian Science. They were discovered nearly 40 years after her death. Yet, it confirms much of what she wrote about and taught.

      In the early years of Christianity–during Jesus presence in this world and on into the 2nd century AD, healing (and even raising the dead) was a natural, normal part of the Christian practice. Read some of the early christian books (apocrypha). There are over 150 that are known today. Only 27 of them made it into the current Bible (which I use, by the way). They were chosen by the orthodox fathers to comprise part of the cannon with which we are familiar today. They were selected to favor the orthodox view. Those that didn’t were omitted from the cannon–those that didn’t conform to orthodox theology or couldn’t be edited to reflect that thought. Within those books are records of regular healings as a part of practicing one’s religion. Healings abruptly ceased at the time Constantine (Roman emperor) gathered the bishops to “standardize Christianity” and to make his life easier by eliminating the important debates that had been going on–whether Jesus was God, or that God made matter, or that he punishes people for being evil were some of the issues of the time for which differences of opinion from the orthodox view were severely punished. What you wrote in your previous email reflects these beliefs.

      All churches were classified as “cults” as a part of identifying a religious group during that period of time. There was nothing negative about it, then. “Cult” today is usually a derogatory term as used by orthodoxy meaning that any group who doesn’t follow the general guidelines established by the Nicean Creed is way off base and perhaps even evil. This is being played out today in evaluating Mitt Romney’s religion as well as in your emails to me. But none of these orthodox churches heal as a part of their focus, and that is what Jesus required to show proof of Christianity, accurately practiced. He used this to demonstrate to John (via John’s disciples) that he was the Messiah and told his followers to “go and do likewise”–that headings are demonstrations of true Christianity–the sign that Christians were on the right path. (Read works on early Christianity prior to the 4th century AD and don’t be blinded by theological historians who have recreated religion for their own purposes and established the orthodox paradigm over centuries of time). The Current Bible scholars (as found at Harvard, Yale, Chapel Hill) are not wed to particular religions or theologies but operate across a broad spectrum of disciplines. They are showing that primitive Christianity (Jesus’s Christianity) is not what has survived today under the orthodox theory which creates “clouds without rain.”

      While we are on this topic, Tim, is healing a regular part of your religion and your preaching. And how is it that there are thousands of recorded heaings in Christian Science–hundreds of them documented by the medical profession before and after the healing? If Christian Science is misguided and perhaps even evil how does it heal? And, I think of Jesus statement to those who hated him, “For which of my good works do ye stone me?”

      So, who is to decide what is correct theology. The only way I know is through proof of its utility. Paul said, “Show me your faith by your words, and I will show you my faith through my works.” So, I will continue on my spiritual journey to my highest sense of what is right in serving God and mankind. I wish you well on your journey, Tim.


  4. Dear Don,
    I will work on some of these, but all you have proven is that you, and those in Christian Science, have graduated from the DaVinci Code School of Theology. Because you can back up your arguments using the heretics of the faith, should cause you concern. For instance, the reason the apocrypha is not included in the Bible is because the writers of the apocrypha, and those who read it in its day, deemed it not Scriptural. Just because a text is ancient and about God in some loose way does not mean that it is inerrant.

    As for you reference to modern-day departments of Theology, Yale, etc., hardly bodes well for your case. For once you punt the authority of Scripture, the 66 books of the Bible, you can make up anything you want when it comes to faith and that leaves us saving ourselves, which… oddly enough, is what Christian Science purports to do. Remember those old CS cliches, “If not in the here, in the here after…” How about that, Christians Science and Rome hold hands on Purgatory.

    I have to admit that you do surprise me. The breadth of your knowledge is great. I’ve found that most Christian Scientist can’t think themselves out of a paper bag. But you are well educated. Sorry to say, that education is what is completely rejected by Orthodox Christianity and Scripture itself. Your argument from Columbus is hardly compelling. If you are going to attack Christianity, then at least use some specifics and not generalities.

    I have used specifics with Christian Science and all you have done is dodge the issue. MBE redefines the terms of Christianity to support her case. This is a deception. Deception is of the devil, please respond? Can you answer the charge at all, or you just going to resort to old attacks from the Liberal church? Remember the words of Christ,

    “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because[a] narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

    All you have done in quoting liberal theologians is joined hands on the broad way. Of course, I realize that you deny the existence of hell since that is negative thinking in your mind. Never mind the reality that we know more about Hell because of the One who told us about it… that would be Jesus. You might quit reading what others think about the Bible and actually read it for yourself. He warns of those who will say on the day of Judgment “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy and do all these works in Your name. And He will say, “Depart from me for I never knew you.”

    Yes, works are important, but true faith is more important. Your faith is in a Christ of MBE’s imagination, not faith in the living Word.


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  6. Hey I don’t mean to offend but mary b eddy knew what she was talking about. Do you think her healing was a cooincidance? Im 14 years old.. so who ever wrote this… you kinda just got poned..


    • Hi David,
      Thanks for writing. Not sure what “poned” means. I’m outside of that loop.

      If you start studying logic over the next few years, and try applying logic to her beliefs, you will find they break down quite often.

      Just curious, if Christians Science is so effective, why do you know empty out a few hospitals and prove it?

      Jesus healed the multitudes, but MBE couldn’t heal more than herself, which was disputed by eyewitnesses.


    • Dear Pastor Timothy and David,

      An excellent book on the healings by Mary Baker Eddy is Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer by Robert Warneck–2009 copyright date. It is over 600 pages long and is packed with healings by MBE. I imagine you can get it through Amazon. All are documented. Also, the Christian Science Sentinel (weekly) and the Christian Science Journal (monthly) are both international publications. They are packed with healings of every type and are found in every edition–all documented. It’s been longer than a century since Mrs. Eddy discovered Christian Science and tens of thousands of individuals–many of whom were raised from their death beds (including me)–have been healed through prayer alone. The number healed through Christian Science would fill many, many hospitals–not just a few.

      In a 80-page positions paper published by the US Department of Health and Human Services (October 2010), the findings were that 15,000 Medicare patients die each month because of medicine and medical errors. You can Google this for more information. Estimates range from between 200,000 and half a million people in the USA die each year because of medicine and medical-related causes. These figures come from medical journals and medical professionals–not from religious publications. With all of the wringing of hands over Obamacare, perhaps serious exploration of healing through prayer is in order rather than castigating it.

      I am sorry that you lost your mom–for whatever reason–, but if she had been under medical treatment at the time, would you be so hard on material medica as you are on Christian Science? Just because medical treatment seems to be the only thing most people know doesn’t make it the most effective or safest avenue of healing. It is ignorance of God’s healing power and a lack of faith that prevents us from experiencing healing through praying. Jesus said, “If you have the faith of a grain of mustard seed . . . ”

      Don Griffith


      • Dear Don,
        The healings do nothing to validate Christian Science. The problem is that it goes against God’s word and puts MBE on par with the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ. It denies sin and the need for Christ’s blood on the Cross, it redefines key terms of Christianity and is a false religion. True Christians readily admit that there can be plenty of healings brought about by the power of Satan. But the basic tenants of CS are out of line with orthodox Christianity. You might try reading some of the other articles I have here. I was raised a CS, joined the Mother Church when I was 21, and saved by Jesus Christ from MBE’s darkness when I was 29. All the documentation do nothing to validate the truthfulness of CS or MBE.


      • Dear Pastor,

        As you may recall, I too was reared in CS–after being healed of a medically diagnosed and treated case of rheumatic fever–pronounced as incurable by two specialists. My dad realized I wasn’t going to make it unless he took (what to him) was a radical step. He took my aunt’s advice and called a Christian Science practitioner. I was well in less than a week (confirmed by thorough military testing years later). That was 70 years ago.

        I am aware of orthodox Christianity. According to the best Bible scholars, it came about by the pronouncement of several hundred “orthodox” bishops under a pagan Roman king who had a conversion in the 4th century. These bishops generated the Nicean Creed which stated the basic positions of that early self proclaimed “orthodox” church. The many other early Christianities were then systematically liquidated and its adherents were branded heretics and many lost their lives in ordeals equal to what the Romans had put them through the preceding two hundred years prior to Constantine in 300AD. All this is documented by renown professors in the major universities such as Yale, Duke, Harvard, Emory and Chapel Hill (to name a few). Much of this was uncovered with the discovery of the 50+ tractates near Nag Nammadi, Egypt in the 1940s but wasn’t translated for public use until the 1970s and 1980s

        Constantine (a pagan dictator until only a few years before becoming emperor) pronounced the orthodox Christian church (one of many types of Christian churches in his time) as the only “true” church and stated (by law) that anyone who followed any other Christianity wasn’t fit to live. He named it the Roman Catholic Church and gave special privileges to that protected group of people. There were a multitude of early Christian churches that were eliminated under his rule which followed on into the future theological generations. Consequently, all Christian churches had their early beginnings in that Roman Catholic Church. Christian Science is different from any of the current day churches because it is primitive Christianity at its best–originating well before 300AD–and has radical differences from that self-pronounced “orthodox” church. These differences enable it to heal people and to free them from sin and death.

        Healing was a major part of Jesus’ ministry, and it was to prove the truth of what he taught. He demonstrated the same Christ Jesus referred to when he stated, “Before Abraham was, I am.” You can find identical works done by Elijah and Elisha (in the Bible) hundreds of years before the man Jesus walked this planet. Christian Science follows those teachings and demonstrations. And, just as Jesus was persecuted, so is Christian Science misunderstood and maligned by those who don’t understand the truth it teaches. Your misunderstandings and pronouncements on Christian Science prove my point.

        You told 14-year-old David that his logic and reasoning would eventually show him the light, but this light isn’t comprehended by the 5 physical senses–regardless of how materially brilliant or reasoned you may be. It is totally spiritual, and human logic falls far short of reaching the heights of the Science Jesus practiced and demonstrated and that Mary Baker Eddy discovered centuries later. I am sorry you left your first love. I believe you will eventually have to return to it.

        Thanks for giving me a chance to explain (at least a little) a very special religion that has saved my life in many more ways than one–a religion that brought the Christ into my life and directs me in my pursuit of those things spiritual and most dear to me.

        Your friend in Christ,



      • Don,
        Again, while your testimony is interesting, the problem still lies in the fact that CS an Christianity are different in fundamental beliefs. You say you believe in Christ, yet MBE redefines Christ. You say you believe in the Trinity, yet she does it again. The CS you believe in doesn’t deal with sin, doesn’t save, and distorts the gospel.

        You can focus on Constantine all you want, but orthodox Christianity is that which is found in the Bible. Where the Bible confirms and affirms the creeds, we hold to, where the Bible disagrees with the creeds, we punt the creeds. CS is another religion all together, but the same is all the others, it focuses on man and what man can do for himself. True Christianity is about the fact that God/Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, save His elect from their sins. In that process He even allows for sickness and suffering so that those who are saved can become more like Jesus Christ, and be made in His image.


      • The Bible (as we know it is the sure guide to eternal life), But Constantine’s early bishops cherry picked the books to go into it that best expressed their definitions of God and Christ Jesus–since it wasn’t compiled in the form that we know it today until well after the Nicean Creed was drafted, finalized and agreed upon as “orthodox.” However, there are passages within this Bible (and I use the King James Version but enjoy referencing others in my study) that contradict parts of the Creed and give entirely different perspectives of God and Jesus, but these are overlooked or ignored by the majority of contemporary Christian religions because they can’t be explained by them. So, as you put it, “Where the Bible confirms and affirms the creeds, we hold to, where the Bible disagrees with the creeds, we punt the creeds.” (I copied this just as it was written in your response, so I may have misinterpreted it. I don’t know what “punt” means and the punctuation is a bit awkward. If it doesn’t convey your intended meaning, please correct me.) > Where the Bible confirms and affirms the creeds, we hold to, where the Bible disagrees with the creeds, we punt the creeds. >

        This is what Athanasius of Alexandria did. (He was a major bishop and architect of the Nicean Creed–in the 4th century AD orthodox church). He was also the first recorded individual to select the books in the Bible as we know it today. He stated that those he listed should be considered as reputable. All others, he decreed, must not be read to one’s self or to others.

        In Christian Science, we use the entire Bible, and its inspired word guides us rather than our deciding what the Bible should or shouldn’t say. There were a numerous gospels in circulation and used by Christians in the first 3 centuries AD that were left out of the final version of the Bible. Actually there were more than twice the number of gospels being used than were chosen in the final Bible we use today. But the final version was divinely authorized and I believe the form it takes shouldn’t be tampered with. The early scribes did this–sometimes intentionally and at times unintentionally–, and today there are more translations of the New Testament than there are words in these gospels. But the final version is sacred and should be left unadulterated. Today there are thousands of different “Christian” religions on this planet all using the same basic Bible (though different translations of this text may be used by different churches), and they all disagree on some basic points or they wouldn’t be separate. They would all be the same “Christian Church.”

        Yes, Christian Science does stand alone, but so did Jesus and most other loved Bible characters. Uniqueness isn’t an infirmity. Mass agreement couldn’t make the world flat before Columbus discovered it to be round. It couldn’t make the sun revolve around the earth, either. In spite of the fact that Galileo scientifically proved that the earth was not the center of the universe, the dominant church put him under house arrest for the rest of his life for “spreading heretical lies about God’s creation.” The orthodox church threatened him with death If he hadn’t publicly recanted this radical view, so he chose the lesser evil. Christian Science is “radical” if it is defined so because it stands out starkly against the backdrop of “many minds with many directions claiming to be ordained by God.” Yet, these this type of religion basically conforms to the same religious state of thinking about God and man that imprisons them within old dogmas and rituals and prevents healing as a natural and regular part of their churches.

        I have no problem with your beliefs supporting you and your actions in your life, but I find that your statements about Christian Science to be inaccurate and misleading. Consequently, I request that you learn more about Christian Science before you unfairly criticize it publicly. This dear religion has supported me and my family for decades–healing us, providing for us and making us better Christian citizens and neighbors to all mankind in the process.

        As an aside: I work regularly with many Christian religions, I am finding that many of the old concepts (such as predestination) are yielding to better understandings as the result of “knowing” (understanding) God better. I am pleased to see this forward movement. God never changes, but mankind’s views and theories about Him must change through an accurate understanding and awareness of the Christ, truth. Eventually, all will find the one divine Science that represents God accurately. Then, what a wonderful world this will be!



      • Don,
        You guys are parrots of one another. You use the same tired arguments over and over again.

        You also all have master’s degrees from the school of Da Vinci Code idiots. Your cherry picking comment was as much as I could stomach since its the same crap that you and other haters of the Bible use. Constantine had nothing to do with the canon of Scripture we have today. It was set before Constantine, so quit drawing from that well. It’s empty and unproven.

        As for your uniqueness argument, that has been tried by every heretic since the garden. Jesus was not being unique, He was only be true to both the OT and to His Father.

        OK, I don’t have time for this. Read my responses to another one of your brothers (no mine) about CS on the cults page. Also do a search for Dan Wallace concerning the trustworthiness of Scripture.

        But don’t waste your time is you plan on holding to CS, since the gospel is gospel of Christ is veiled to you since you are perishing (2 Cor. 4:1-6).


  7. God bless you and keep you, Timothy. After all of the words have been written and/or spoken, we will all ultimately find out what “Truth” really is. I am sure you are anticipating this special day, as am I. I’m sure we will have lots to talk about in this wonderful future.

    Sorry I upset you. It wasn’t intended that way–only to inform. If you were hyper critical about my human dad, I would tell you good things you didn’t know in an effort to have you better understand him and treat him with respect. I can do no less for my religion and my Father and His son.

    We are brothers, you and I, Timothy. We have the same Father-Mother, and we both will continue to learn this and love and respect each other more and more as time is replaced by eternity.

    In Christ, always.



    • No Don, we are not brothers. We do not have the same father/mother. You worship a different god, one of MBE’s making, not the Triune God of Scripture. I know you mean well, but that is the problem. What you teach and preach leads to hell. There is no salvation in CS, just as there is no salvation in the other religions of the world, only in Jesus Christ, the God-Man, eternal I AM, the Alpha and Omega, the one who spoke all things into existence and died on the cross to pay the debt of sin we owe the Father. Your father/mother god is a different god all together.


      • Hey, Timothy, glad you are speaking to me again. That’s a big step for mankind!. Believe it or not, I concur with much of what you have written. We may use our vocabulary differently, but the gist of the matter is the same.

        However, using my Bible as authority, there is only one God, not a “yours and mine” God. He made all. That makes us brothers. Now, we may not understand this, yet. But there is only one God, according to the Bible. Humans come up with their definitions of God (just as they have since the beginning of humankind on this planet), but that doesn’t change what God is. The Bible says that God is Love, Life, Mind, Spirit. This God would never punish me or you, “God is of purer eyes than to behold evil (and Christ Jesus told us to love on another). John tells us time and again that “God is Love.” Jesus even used the example of the good Samaritan to show us that we should all unite in brotherly love in spite of how great our differences may appear. This is what Christian Science teaches. It is my concept of God. Your concept of God is apparently different from mine, but that doesn’t make “two or three or unlimited Gods” according to what people think about God. Or there would be over 7 billion Gods. He reveals Himself through Christ who came to save the world–all mankind has this opportunity–, but we don’t have different gods–only different perceptions of the one true God. We will all see this, eventually, Brother.

        By the way, if you are so inclined, please define the word “cult” for me. It has had many definitions over the centuries–from one extreme to the other. I would like to know how you are using this word in reference to Christian Science.



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