Mike Sherman Has Been Fired

News reports indicate that Texas A&M head football coach Mike Sherman has been fired today by the Board of Regents. Sherman was 6-6 for the season and 25-25 for his tenure as the Aggies head coach. He has been a constant disappointment and only had one winning season, which was last year when the Aggies went 9-4 for the year.

We should have known it would end this way. Sherman started his dreadful career as head coach with an opening loss to… Arkansas State University. The dreadful 4 years is finally over and Texas A&M can start looking for another head coach.

Too bad Urban Meyer has been hired by Ohio State. He once stated that he would like to coach at A&M, but that is before he went to Florida. Whoever A&M gets, they will need someone that can win in the SEC since A&M debuts in that conference next year. One thing for sure, Sherman wasn’t that man. In all the games in which he faced SEC opponents, he didn’t win a single game.

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