Hollywood Shallowness

Sitting at the table this morning, eating breakfast, the only thing readily available was the Parade magazine that comes in Sunday’s paper. Those who keep up with Hollywood and that kind of triviality know the magazine. It gives us the latest scoop on what movies are coming out and when.

But not only that, it goes much deeper. It not only gives us the latest scoop on the movies, but it gives us the latest poop on the scoop about the movies. In other words, they interview some of the actors and actresses about the movies and shows in which the star.

You can get some really deep insight (please read with sarcasm). For instance, Sunday’s cover story was about the new Muppet movie, and we get this tidbit about the movie:

“It’s the Muppets doing what they do best: putting on a show,” says Jason Segel, who cowrote the screenplay… “it’s been on my secret wish list to do a Muppets movie.”

Wow… profound. Segel revealed some of his deepest and inner secrets to us. I really think he was also saying, “The Muppet movie was the only gig I could get…” But who knows, perhaps in the world of Hollywood, Muppets really are important to people.

I also learned that Felicity Huffman, star of Desperate Housewives doesn’t like to travel. There was also information about Ashley Jensen, someone I’ve never heard of, and the latest on the Verizon Guy, “Can you hear me now?”

When it comes to Hollywood, never have so few, spent so much time on so much with so little meaning for life. Yes, I enjoy the movies. But so much of what comes along with it has he depth of New Mexico mud puddle and half the value.

NOTE to Self: Make sure you have something worth reading at breakfast tomorrow!