Astros in the American League???

But… but what about the rival with the Cardinals??? What about playing the Mets??? What about… well… no… this can’t be happening to me. The Astros in the American League playing the Angels for division championship… and the Rangers???

O, no… now I will have to choose between the Rangers and the Astros!!!

MILWAUKEE — Baseball will be making major changes in the next two years — adding two teams to the playoffs, moving the Houston Astros to the American League and extending interleague play to September…

As a condition for approving the sale of the Astros from Drayton McLane to Jim Crane, the Astros agreed to shift from the NL Central to the AL West as soon as 2013, giving each league 15 teams. It’s baseball’s first realignment since the Milwaukee Brewers went to the NL after the 1997 season.

“It won’t be perfect. Nothing in any schedule is ever perfect,” Selig said, “but this will be very good.”

With an odd number of teams in each league, there will be interleague play from April through September. Since interleague games began in 1997, they had been concentrated around May and late-June.

The Astros, part of the NL since joining the majors in 1962, will be getting plenty of frequent flier miles. Instead of going to cities in the Midwest several times a year, they’ll be headed out to Anaheim, Oakland and Seattle.

“I was in the air freight business and we were always flying a lot. So, we’ll be flying a lot,” Crane said.

But they’ll have a built-in rivalry with the two-time AL champion Texas Rangers.

“I’m proud of the changes, but you want to be sure you’re always doing the right thing. This is the thing we’ve studied for a long time, but they’ll be working on schedules in the future,” Selig said.

The shift, approved unanimously, does not appear to be popular with fans.

“I don’t like how they did it, sort of strong-arming it,” 47-year-old Eddie Fuller of Houston said at a sports bar near Minute Maid Park.

“I prefer the National League myself. I’m not a big DH fan. I just like National League baseball better,” said Fuller, who estimated he goes to 30-40 Astros games each year.

My pour baseball head is spinning… Now there will NEVER be an all Texas World Series… Read about the sadness here.


2 thoughts on “Astros in the American League???

  1. Bud Selig is dumb. I would rather them move one of the expansion teams with less history, especially since if it was the Dbacks the Rangers would play here every year. I guess I can see why they did this, as Houston is the 10th most westerly team and you need 10 teams in the west divisions. But still, the loss of the possible all Texas World Series is too much of a price to pay.


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