We Need the Rich — Quit Bashing Them

I really tire of those who bash the rich. So I guess I’m saying I really tire of bashing the Democrat Party. But the bashing has to stop. For one, it is immoral. To continue to bash one sector of society for the benefit of another sector of society is the root of what manifests itself as racism. In other words, it’s the same old Democrat Party play book: pit one group of people against another. Since they can no longer pit whites against blacks, they are pitting the rich against the poor. This is wrong no matter how good it may feel for us to bash those who have more than we do.

We need the rich. Yes, I know some of them are greedy. But most of them got where they are by hard work. If you want to work hard you will be blessed with more. That is something God tells us in the book of Proverbs. Those who are lazy are slammed in the book of Proverbs and in the New Testament. It is really quite simple, those who will not work, need not eat. So to take from those who have worked hard and give it to those who won’t work at all, is immoral.


2 thoughts on “We Need the Rich — Quit Bashing Them

  1. Sorry, but your theory on hard work and getting more is not valid. Police, Firefighters, Soldiers, Teachers, Truck Drivers… they all work hard. My husband works 10 hours a day at a min. We can barely get by. There is simply not enough capital to go around, to make everyone who works hard, wealthy. If hard work is rewarded, then where is my husbands break? Where are my neighbors breaks? How about the people who did everything right? Went to school, got good grades, worked hard, worked overtime, went above and beyond… and… they have little to nothing to show for it? Some of the rich worked hard. Good for them! It’s not that people want to ‘bash’ the rich. Rich people are made from hard work, dedication, drive and chance. What the little people are sick and tired of, (and I usually lean towards the side of democratic), is the rich being given breaks and allowances to get RICHER. Where are the allowances for John the Truck Diver to feed his family without feeling like a loser because he needs to apply for assistance, because the 60 hours a week he works still isn’t good enough? I have no problem with the rich, they worked hard, good for them, and lady luck smiled on them. What I have a problem with, is all the breaks, entitlements, etc, being given to them, which only makes them richer, and us poorer. Despite the hard work. Were that truly the case, most of the people I know would quite well off and that is just not the case.


    • HI Claire,
      It is very true that just because we work hard, doesn’t mean we will be rich. You and your husband are doing what is right. Working hard is nothing to be ashamed of and part of the fallen world we live in. My wife and both have educations and we barely get by as well. Some point out that this is because I entered into the ministry and therefore, should go ahead and accept it. This is true. Working in the ministry will never lead to riches. The same is true for becoming a firefighter, truck driver etc. I agree with your point: working hard does not equal wealth.

      However, what I object to these Occupy Wallstreet bunch is that they are trying not to work at all, and want a hand out. They want to tax the rich so that they can give more to those who do not work at all. This bunch there is nothing more than socialist, and socialism never works.

      What does work? Let the rich keep more of their money. Claire, every time that has been tried in our economy, it has produced more jobs, more work, more increases of standard of living than socialism has ever done. You and I are both poor. But look at the standard of living we do have. Is it not better than those who are borderline middle class in the rest of the world? Absolutely. People all around the world still want to come here because even the poor have cars, television, ac’s, X-boxes, etc. Yes, it is hard, and that will never change. My point is that taxing the rich more than they are already taxed, is not going to solve the problems. Socialism has never solved any problem at all, except to bring every down in society. This is why I lean Republican. All the Dems want to do is tax and spend… and then not even in a way that is equitable. What about those who benefited from the big programs of Obama’s? They were not the poor, but those who supported Obama. They were the rich who were stood to get richer by supporting him. That is what this entire Solydra (sp?) story is about. The poor were not helped… but the rich Democrats were.

      Does that take place on both sides of the aisle? Yes it does. But under Republicans, there is less and less regulation freeing up entrepreneurs and investment. Again… this helps the overall economy. Yes, the rich get richer, but so do a lot of other people. This is why I don’t believe we should bash the rich. Besides, it’s God who sets up the rich. Not that He blesses them spiritually or eternally, but He is the One who ultimately sets them up.

      Also, one final thing to think about. We will always have rich. That is a given. The question is, do we want to live in a society where the only ones who are rich are so because of the government and government payback, or because they are able to provide something to society that society wants?


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