Ex-Christian Scientist to Christians: Don’t Let the Cults Redefine the Terms

The Christian Post has an article about an ex-Mormon turned pastor’s admonition to fellow Christians… saying, “Don’t call Mormonism a cult.”

I do understand his desire. As an ex-Mormon, he is trying to get fellow Christians to talk about real issues, which he fails to define, and not just use labels. Then he goes on to say that Mormons could be Christians depending on how you define the term, or the label itself.

As an ex-Christian Scientist, let me admonish all my brothers and sisters in the LORD not to fall into this line of thinking. The very nature of a cult is that they take the same terms we know and live by in Christianity and redefine them. What it means to be a Christian is debatable, but not with the cultists themselves. When they come clean and agree that what they mean by terms such as “Trinity” and “Jesus Christ” are different than that of historic Christianity, then we can begin the dialog.

The problem is that the cults are rooted in deceit. They are trying to dupe those who don’t understand the differences between true Christianity and false religion into joining them. If they would use different terms and be honest about the meaning of the terms they use, then we could have a dialog as the pastor suggests. But since their entire religion is rooted in deceit, with the lie that they have “new” revelation from God, then we will never be able to have any meaningful dialog at all.

To say that Mormons are Christians on any level is going to far. What they believe is not Christianity and is not from Scripture. They may use portions of the New Testament to try and make their case, but they are not looking at the full-cousel of God in the process. We must reject the premise that they are Christians. I know that it may hurt their feelings, but it is better to speak the truth, which is showing more love to them, then to mislead them into thinking they are Christians so we can have coffee together.

I’m not advocating meanness, but let us not say that they are Christians, or that they are not a cult. They are. If they truly want to be accepted as Christians, then they need to throw out all their beliefs rooted in the Book of Mormon. It is not on par to Scripture and it is not revelation from the Triune God.


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  1. As you know, Pastor Tim, one of my big concerns is the use of words. Words mean something. So when one side affirms “same-sex marriage”, for instance, I’m baffled. Since “marriage” is “the union of a man and a woman”, what is this “same-sex” thing in relation to “marriage”? Words mean something. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I have to question your use of the word, “cult”. The term, in its most basic definition, means “a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.” That would include all religions. I’m sure that’s not what you mean. In its more particular use, it references a group commanded by a dynamic leader. I’m pretty sure that’s not what you have in mind. It can be a “new religion”, but that’s vague. Is that what you mean? Or are you really just trying to point out that Mormonism is not Christianity? The use of the term “cult” becomes pejorative and may block the communication of the idea. (I wrote a post on this very subject, objecting to the term “cult” while absolutely affirming that Mormonism is not CHRISTIAN.)


  2. Hi Stan,
    I appreciate you attention to words. I think the definition you have given is probably valid, but the way it is used above has the meaning of an off-shoot of Christianity, in that it tries to look like Christianity, but is not. Sorry that I cannot be more specific. There is a book called Kingdom of the Cults that I think you can find a better definition for the term cult. My library is still in Tennessee, otherwise, I would look it up for you.

    Just saying Mormonism is a false religion might get to the point quicker. However, then those on the outside would ask “who are we to say what is true and what is a false religion?” False in the sense that it does not lead to salvation. I may have read your post on the topic before, but could you provide the link? Thanks.


  3. Thank you. As an ex-cs I am struggling with talking to my family about my beliefs. I found a lot of sites that are very extreme on completely taking down CS. I do not agree with anything CS, but it was my way of life for 22 years. There must have been something good in there for me to have learned to love God and the Bible. This article was a great help in sharing with my family my feelings without being harsh. Thank you


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