Landing In Roswell

I’m now in Roswell, NM, at First Christian Church as pastor. I wrote about the call below.

I arrived on Tuesday and have spent the first several days getting to know as many of the congregation as possible. I have also had some good home-cooked meals and discovered that Roswell has a Whataburger! I didn’t waste any time getting there. I ate there for lunch on my first full day here. I think Whataburger is the best burger chain in the land. For those of you who are White Castles junkies, please, don’t even try.

I start preaching on Sunday and plan to start with John 1:1-14 and deal with the person of Christ as God and His purpose in becoming flesh. The purpose is an overall view of the gospel from the view point of eternity. Just the words In the beginning…¬†will take some time to develop and explain.

Besides aliens, Roswell also has one of the larges aviation graveyards in the country, along with one of the larges runways in the country. The story goes that the SAC air force base south of town was closed during LBJ’s presidency because this area voted Republican. Since that time, the town has struggled and companies like American Airlines, Japan Airlines and a host of others started parking their old air planes at the airport. There are thousands out there now and I met a man on the flight into Roswell that was looking to pick up a few 747s for his cargo business. He had plenty to choose from. I wanted to take pictures but was prevented from doing so since I had to shut off my iPhone during landing.

That is all I know about Roswell for the moment… except that it should be known more for John Chisum and the Chisum Trail than the silly fascination people have for silly green men. BTW, if the aliens were so advanced that they traveled billions of miles to visit earth, how is it that they came all this way only to crash? Couldn’t be all that advanced could they?