World Series Agony

I know that on Mike & Mike in the Morning, they are calling last night’s game, the greatest World Series game of all time. That is little consolation for Texas Rangers fans like myself. That game was agony. To have your team one strike away… twice! from winning the World Series only to lose the game in the bottom of the 11th was just pure agony. I’m still reeling from it all.

I would like to think that the Rangers can bounce back from that, come out and win game 7 with some real emphasis. But… I’m too much of a skeptic. To come so close to winning and only have it slip away… That will take some true mental superiority for them to do so. I don’t know if they have it at all.

I hope they do. Go Rangers! Win your first World Series title…


2 thoughts on “World Series Agony

  1. Mike & Mike are a couple of yankee idiots. That was the worst baseball game ever. The only good thing about that game is that I was watching it on a slight delay and my DVR cut out the bottom of the 11th.

    Fortunately, the Rangers have Ron Washington who seems to have the same magical super powers that Les Miles does. They’ll get it done tonight. Go Rangers!


  2. Hi Wade,
    I’m glad to hear you say that. I can’t help but feel the MSM in sports really wants the Cardinals to win because they are like the Yankees… for some reason, THE team to pull for. Hopefully the Rangers will pull it off and go on to supplant both organizations for “everyone’s favorite!”

    BTW, notice… we are pulling for the same team. Odd huh?


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