Happy Birthday Amy!

(WARNING: The following is really redundant in its’ redundancy because I’m really excited to write a Happy Birthday note to my sister, who’s birthday it is today.)

Happy Birthday Amy! For those of you who do not know, Amy is my little sister. I don’t talk about her a lot when I tell stories of my youth because I was already middle-aged and grey when she was born. Not really, but the use of hyperbole is humorous at times. I was still a teenager when she was born and I can remember the day my step-mother told me that she was pregnant with Amy. I had a really bad headache, as I did a lot as a child (although we never admitted this since we were Christian Scientists and didn’t believe in headache… stupid, I know, but that was our family. I will have tell the story of how Liz, Amy’s lovely mother, stood up to the tyranny of Christian Science very early on in her marriage with my Dad. Thank goodness… my Dad is no longer a Christian Scientist. He is just a Christian!)

But back to my headache, which in the reality of a Christian Scientists, I didn’t really have. Although Liz, not being a Christian Scientist but a more sensible Presbyterian, recognized the reality of my headache. She knew I had a headache and decided at that very moment to tell me the good news. Her hope was that I would be so excited about Amy’s impending arrival that my headache would go away. She was right. I was so excited that she was going to have a baby that I forgot I had a headache at all. It was even more fun when we found out that we were having a little girl (I have four brothers… another brother in our family would not have survived the torments of the rest of us. Amy learned early on that she could easily use her cuteness, the advantage of her gender and her step mother in her defense of everything we could dish out. While I didn’t like it at the time, I’m grateful today that she doesn’t let anyone push her around.)

What is really neat is that over the past 15 years or so, Amy has become a really wonderful sister. The age difference we had growing up kind of kept us from being close then. But that has changed. She has been a wonderful sister, and an encouragement to me.

It also helps that she is married to Chris, who is an awesome guy. He is a Naval officer and one of the best men I know. He is truly a remarkable man and I’m glad to call him my brother in-law.

In view of all that: Amy, Happy Birthday! May the LORD bless you with many more to come!