And the Winner Is…

The first weekend of the college football season is behind us and it’s time now to reveal the winner of the worst uniforms in the league. As you may know, some school have taken the “ugly” uniform to an entirely new level, like the Oregon Ducks. So I won’t comment on them. And I won’t say that uniforms are not important. They are important. Just ask the typical LSU fan, or Alabama fan, or Texas Aggie. We don’t want our teams looking like a bunch of clowns out on the field every week.

Given that, the winner for the worst uniform this past weekend, making them the Kings of Clown, goes to the Maryland Terrapins.

As you can see, these uniforms are just down right ugly.

The runner-up, goes to the Georgia Bulldogs which is sad, because I have a certain level of respect for Georgia. You can expect some team like Oregon, Boise State, any of the Western Athletic Conference teams or Division II teams to come onto the field looking like they are trying to play golf and appear in a circus. But this is way below Georgia. Hopefully they will realize their mistakes and return to their typical unis for the sake of dignity and our eyes.

Georgia, please return to dignity. Maryland… continue on this path and you will be relegated to Oregon Duck status.

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  1. the church I have been serving at is an hour from Athens…my feelings have only gotten stronger. By the way, went to a wedding where an Aggie got married, lots of fight songs and Aggie culture going on, it was cool


  2. I like them. The helmets of the Maryland team feature a symbol that is also on the Maryland flag. Very clever, I think. The Georgia uniforms are just more modern looking reflecting the changes in our times. More gadgetry, more technology, more aesthetic looking uniforms.

    I understand a Texas Aggie fan might like their uniforms to stay the same as they were around the turn of the century, but this is now the 21st century and art, like life, changes.


  3. ooops, Sorry. Just seeing the Maryland helmets in your picture, I didn’t think they were bad. Just now I saw the other side of their helmets (and uniforms). You’re right. They are hideous.


  4. I wish I would have read your blog before I returned my TV this morning. I thought it was broken when I flipped to ESPN last night.

    I hate all the experimenting with uniforms. You should be able to tell who is playing immediately. I wasn’t sure what teams I was watching last weekend. I’m trying to decide if Georgia looked more like an Arena team or an XFL team. Arizona St. changed their unis to an Oregon-esque 48-possible-combination disaster. They are playing in all black Friday night. Since their sideline is in the sun I fully expect several of the players to die of sun stroke.


  5. At least, we must admit, with the result of UGA’s game methinks we’ll not be seeing such foppery again anytime soon. Boise? Really?!?!?!?! At least we lost to a team that was cheatin’ to win.


  6. And, as far as the Terps, at least theirs had a purpose to it, not just some fancy-schmancy, random idea out of 5th Ave. marketing wanna-be’s trying to be hip and cool. The tie-in with the tradition and symbolism of their state flag is awesome.

    Another indication of the wussification of America;
    “We are men, but we gotta look pretty”
    “We are the warriors of today, but make sure we don’t tackle too hard.”
    “We want to win, but make sure we don’t celebrate too much; might hurt some nancy-boy’s
    “And while we’re at it, how bout you pass me another one o’ them, light, lime, latte beers with a
    a twist of rose hips in it.”


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