Big 12-2 On the Verge of Collapse Again???

Last summer I predicted that the Big 12 would completely collapse after Nebraska and Colorado left for greener pastures. I had to admit that I was wrong in my prediction. But maybe I wasn’t. If you follow college football at all you know that Texas A&M took the next step in leaving the conference to head for the SEC. They formally issued a leader to the lemmings in the head office of the Big 12-2. This means that the Big 12-2 would become the Big 12-3 if they don’t find someone to replace A&M. Given that Dan Beebe of the Big 12 is proactive in only seeking to keep his job, the conference is doomed.

Now this just in: Oklahoma is toying with the idea of leaving the Big 12-2 as well.

University of Oklahoma president David Boren says multiple conferences have shown interest in the Sooners recently and he expects to decide whether to leave the Big 12 or not within the next three weeks.

Boren said Friday that Oklahoma is seeking stability in its conference relationship with ”partners that are both outstanding athletically and academically as well because a conference that’s strong is not only stable but it’s one in which there are multiple relationships, along with sports, between the university members.”

This cannot sit well with other members of the conference. The move to leave the sinking ship all starts with a simple desire to be a part of a ship that isn’t sinking. Once the desire is uttered, the forces behind that desire surface and that ship on the horizon looks so much more appealing than the one with the hole in under your feet.

I imagine that with this utterance by Boren, there will be those alumni who like the idea of bailing on a failing conference. Let’s face it, they can always play t.u. as a non-conference game. They did it for years before the formation of the Big 12, so it is nothing new for either group of fans.

If Oklahoma leaves, you can count on OSU leaving as well, since they are the little brother of that state joined at the hip known as the state legislature. There are just too many OSU alums in the state legislature that will insist upon OSU going wherever OU goes. If that happens, so goodbye to the Big 12. The rest of the teams will scurry off that ship like rats leaving the Titanic.

The Big 12 may survive. But it will be t.u., U of Houston, Stephen F. Austin, Arkansas State, North Texas, etc. And everyone will sit back and wonder if t.u. will ever lose their conference championship again.