Kids Say the Dardest Things & Other Thoughts

Today I stopped by Joey’s class to pick him up from school. As I entered the room, I called his name and he began to pack up his crayons.

The other children stared at me wondering who I was, so I introduced myself. I said, “Hi everyone, I’m Joey’s daddy.”

To which one little girl quickly responded: “No you’re not. Your his granddaddy!”

I was speechless.

I know I must look older than the other fathers… in fact… I am older than the other fathers. Most of my fellow graduates from Lufkin High School, and fellow classmates from Westchester High School, all have grandchildren. I don’t and I don’t think of myself as being 50. So I was quite surprised to hear the little girl say that, especially since I like to think that I look much younger than 50… say… 35. But children rarely will say that. I was caught by her honesty.

I remember growing up thinking how old the Queen of England looked when she was with Richard M. Nixon. Then I saw that photo recently and realized she was not all that old when she was hanging out with President Nixon. So I imagine to Joey’s classmate, I must look really old.

OK, enough humility for the day. I need to go take my Metamucil.


5 thoughts on “Kids Say the Dardest Things & Other Thoughts

  1. I was turning 30 and asked my 8 year old if he thought I was old. “Oh, yeah.”
    “Really? How old?”
    “Really old.”
    “Really? How old do you think I am?”
    “Oh, at least 18.”
    “I love you, son.”

    Next time someone says you’re old, just whack ’em with your cane.


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