Texas Aggies Move to SEC is Imminent

It seems the talks about the Texas Aggies leaving the Big12-2 and joining the SEC is heating up. I Am the 12th Man is reporting that the Board of Regents has moved up their next meeting to this coming Monday. Given that the presidents of the SEC are meeting tomorrow, you have an accelerated timeline in bringing about A&M move into the SEC.

This means that this will be the last year that the Aggies play sports in the Big 12-2. I knew this would be the end result after last year’s contraction of the conference when Nebraska¬† and Colorado left the conference. Back then, the action of the Big 12 was to save the Big 12. In other words, let’s just do some damage control and maybe it will stay together. Once they managed to keep the schools together for the Big 12-2, they sat back on their backsides and patted themselves on the back. What they should have been doing is trying to increase the size and viability of the conference, in order to make it better. They didn’t and this is the result, especially given that t.u. now has their own television network, given them an untenable advantage over the other teams in the conference.

Now that the conference is really on the verge of taking a back seat in the world of college football, t.u. is scrambling by trying to prevent A&M’s departure from the conference. They know how that will hurt the conference, and their standing in the world as well.

Miketag over at the 12th Man reports:

“If you can’t beat ’em. join em.” That is how the old saying goes. In tu’s case, the most appropriate motto is, “if you can’t beat ’em and are afraid to join ’em, conspire against them.” After months of ignoring Texas A&M’s move towards the SEC, now that the time of the move is upon us, tu is trying to block it. Last night word came out that tu has hired the PR/lobbying firm HillCo Partners to try to smear A&M and lobby members of the state legislature to block our move to the SEC. It is extremely humorous to me that the same people who claimed we never had an offer to join the SEC, the SEC would never want us by ourselves, tu tells us what to do etc, is not doing everything in their power to keep us from joining this conference that supposedly did not want us.

t.u. hasn’t been honest in quite some time. One of their more recent ventures into dishonesty was their claim by their president that they would not be airing high-school football games on their new television network. By doing so, this would give them an unfair advantage in the recruiting process, by airing those games where potential recruits are playing. Their president said they would not do this, but later it was revealed, he was trying to do just that. The NCAA had to rule that the longhorn network could not air high school games, despite the fact that ESPN and t.u. plan on ignoring the ruling.

As for the move itself, I am glad. It will make A&M a better team in the long run. There may be an initial shock in the first year or so, but once the recruiting improves with the prospect of players playing in the best conference in the country, so too will A&M’s team. All you have to do is tell them that they will be playing teams like LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, etc., and that the last 5 National Championships have come from the SEC, and they will want to play at Kyle Field on a regular basis.

The other aspect is that we are ultimately telling t.u. we are not longer playing the roll of little brother. We’re moving out of the house and heading elsewhere to make our fortunes. Sometimes that is best. I’m not sure if A&M and t.u. will play on a regular basis after this. But that really doesn’t bother me since t.u. isn’t that good right now. Gig ‘Em Aggies! Beat the hell outta of the SEC!