NEWSFLASH: Atheist Reads Bible, Remains Atheist!

The Atheists are on the move again, trying to recruit more atheists to validate their position of unbelief out in Orange County, California.

According to the Christian Post, they have taken out ads like the one here, showing other atheists that they are not alone in their unbelief. The real newsflash is that there is nothing new about unbelief. It is only by God’s grace that anyone believes in the Bible and the gospel of Christ. So some atheists claiming that they are right because there are more and more unbelievers every day really proves nothing on their part.

In the ad, young Evan is all happy now that he is out of the closet. I guess atheists feel like they have had to remain in the closet because of their unbelief, but the only people who put them there is themselves. The true Christian knows and understands that there are a lot of atheists, even in our churches. We get it. As I already said, it takes God’s grace in the life of a person for them to believe in Christ and be saved. Just because young Evan read the Bible and didn’t believe proves nothing at all. It is like the guy who went to church once, so he thinks he is a Christian, or he went and because he read the Bible, now has all understanding and wisdom he needs to make a wise decision.

I wonder if Evan sat under any good teaching, or did he just read it on his own, with his darkened mind unable to grasp that which is spiritual? I imagine the latter. 2 Corinthians 4:3-6 shows us that Evan’s mind is darkened. It takes an act of God for the enlightenment needed for him to understand the word of God. The problem is, the atheists think that because they have read the Bible once or twice, they are now experts on Christianity. They are not. It takes years of study, WITH an enlightened mind to understand Christianity in any way that truly matters. Evan probably read the Scripture with the typical condemning view that most atheists read Scripture. They come to the first three words of the Bible, In the beginning, God… and scoff (three words in Hebrew). As if the God of all the universe is going to honor reading the Scripture in such a manner.

What does the Scripture say about wisdom? Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. From the outset, the atheists is already doomed because he does not believe in the God who is. He doesn’t entertain the thought that He might truly exist. He reads from a stand point of unbelief and continues down that road. God is in no way bound to show grace to anyone, much less the scoffer.

The assumption many make in Christian circles it that because we have free wills to exercise as we please, then all we need to do is get the atheists to read the Bible and he will decide to choose God for himself. The atheists believe this too and they have exercised their free will in the realm of unbelief.

But unbelief is the rule, not the exception to the rule. Faith in Christ is by grace and grace alone. When someone believes in Christ it is because God has moved in their hearts and minds to work belief in us (Ephesians 2:8-10). It is all God’s hand, not ours. He gets all the glory and we get to be saved.

This is why I don’t believe in free will. The Bible never addresses free will. It tells us of the bondage of sin, and the corruptness of the heart, and how we are slaves to sin until we are saved, then we become slaves to righteousness. The point is that it is our hearts that guide and direct us, not some concept of free will. God must give us a new heart in order to believe the Bible and the gospel. When we read of someone like Evan, there should be no surprise at all. His hearts is bound by sin. Of course he didn’t trust in Christ to be saved. That is what we should expect.

It is when the Holy Spirit moves in someone who does read the Bible, like me, and He gives us eyes to see, ears to hear and a new heart to believe, that we should be surprised. Why? Because the God of all the universe has redeemed us from the mass of humanity that all deserve damnation and hell. It is all grace. He chooses who is and is not saved. It is His decision, not ours.

However, this does not remove the responsibility that we have. Even though we do not have the ability to believe without God moving in us, we are still responsible to do so. Yet, in our bondage, we would choose what is most natural to us, we would choose darkness. As Jesus tells us: And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Poor Evan. He needs the Spirit working in his life. Let’s pray to that end. Maybe God will show him grace, and work faith in his heart so that he comes to believe in the Bible he read. As for the atheists spending money to shore up their position of unbelief, let them. They are only living out the unbelief they were born into.


8 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH: Atheist Reads Bible, Remains Atheist!

  1. the attitude you’ve displayed in your blog is why many atheists don’t tell family and friends

    and that’s why atheists are in the closets abandoned by the gay community


    • Random,
      The attitude I’ve displayed is for those who believe, not those who reject. It’s to show the believers that this new attack on Christianity, with the “in your face” attitude of the neo-atheists, is nothing new or to be alarmed about. Atheism is what we should expect in our culture today. What is newsworthy is when God moves in the atheist and he or she becomes a believer, displaying God’s grace. That is the point. Atheism is what happens when God leaves man alone. Those coming to know Christ is what happens when God moves, and it is by grace and grace alone.


  2. I really do understand when you say “[atheists] don’t understand because they’re not open to the Lord”, but what I hope is understand is that many atheists were once belonging to various sects of Christianity and wanted nothing more than to be devout to the Lord. There wasn’t the “typical condemning view that most atheists read Scripture”. What there was was humble prayer, shared Scripture reading with trusted pastor’s, and did these things with no agenda.

    All I am saying is that many atheists have searched throughout their life and have WANTED to be open to religion, but nothing ever came. There was still an emptiness and that is when the doubt develops. Many also turn to developing their knowledge of science when religion comes up short. So it’s not that every atheist is bent on proving Christianity as some some evil cult, but have come to their own conclusions about the the existence of the Judeo-Christian deity and still have the desire to live a moral life whether learned through altruistic examples or religious teaching.

    And sometimes, it’s ok if that happens. If the Christian and the atheist (including all other religions of the world) can come together to further good in the world against all that is bad — despite what either thinks is the root cause of it — then that is successful and up to par based on Jesus’ teachings. Through that, if the atheist feels the Spirit and converts then they have done so of their own choosing and if the Christian no longer feels that God exists, then hopefully they have done so with an educated mind.


    • Hi Brianna,
      Thanks for stopping by. I understand what you are trying to say in that the atheists gave honest search of the Scriptures, but that doesn’t square with Scripture itself. The Bible says that no one seeks God, that men loved darkness rather than light. They may have been going through the motions of seeking the truth, but they preferred the darkness rather than the light. This is the fallen human condition and the reality of man. When one comes to Christ for salvation, it is all of grace so that no man can boast.
      Hope you understand.


  3. excellent, ironically this post is actually encouraging because it seems more and more are hitting the airwaves-but alas, there’s nothing new under the sun…


    • Hi Fred,
      Yes, they are the neo-atheists. They are not happy being unbelievers, they want to recruit and evangelize as many to their position as possible.
      How many more days??? 🙂


  4. Interesting topic. I’ve noticed that on Mylot, there is an atheist who hounds every post about God and Jesus, claiming that God is evil, that Christians don’t know their Bible, that Atheists read the Bible to know their enemy..etc.

    His bold proclamation against Jesus is just another way of trying to refute believers into becoming disbelievers, to get them to doubt. At the same time, I’ve noticed a lot of anger and judgment in his posts too. Sad, really.

    I also liked how you described free will. I always thought we had free will, but now I see your point that we really don’t. Thanks for writing this.


  5. Hi Melissa,
    The man you are describing is a new atheists. This is their evangelism, to attack and call good evil, and evil good. We can expect more of this as the culture falters. Hopefully he will tire of his new found religion and go do something else.



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