Imagine John Lennon a Christian

Stunning. There is a report on Foxnews that John Lennon was a Christian later in life, and even supported Ronald Reagan for President. He watched televangelist like Pat Robertson and even spoke with Christian missionaries on vacation.

This certainly is shocking news. Given his earlier life, and hatred of Christianity, it would be a wonderful shock to find ourselves in glory with him someday. According to the reports, that may be a reality:

First, thanks to rock biographer Steve Turner in his book “The Gospel According To The Beatles,” we learned several years back that Lennon was a fan of TV preachers like Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts and Billy Graham.

Acording to Turner, none of this sat well with Ono who vigorously opposed Lennon’s interest in Christianity:

“Over the following months he baffled those close to him by constantly praising “the Lord,” writing Christian songs with titles like “Talking with Jesus” and “Amen” (the Lord’s Prayer set to music), and trying to convert nonbelievers. He also called the prayer line of “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson’s program.

The change in his life perturbed Yoko, who tried to talk him out of it. She reminded him of what he’d said about his vulnerability to strong religious leaders because of his emotionally deprived background. She knew that if the press found out about it they would have a field day with another John and Jesus story.

John became antagonistic toward her, blaming her for practicing the dark arts and telling her that she couldn’t see the truth because her eyes had been blinded by Satan.

Those close to the couple sensed that the real reason she was concerned was that it threatened her control over John’s life. If he became a follower of Jesus he would no longer depend on her and the occultists. During long, passionate arguments she attacked the key points of his fledgling faith.

They met with a couple of Norwegian missionaries whom Yoko questioned fiercely about the divinity of Christ, knowing that this was the teaching that John had always found the most difficult to accept. Their answers didn’t satisfy her, and John began to waver in his commitment.”

The article goes on to talk about how he had changed politically as well as his beliefs on the origin of man. When asked about evolution, he thoroughly debunked his belief in the notion:

“I don’t believe in the evolution of fish to monkeys to men. Why aren’t monkeys changing into men now?,” Lennon asked. “It’s absolute garbage. It’s absolutely irrational garbage, as mad as the ones who believe the world was made only four thousand years ago, the fundamentalists…. I don’t buy it. I’ve got no basis for it and no theory to offer, I just don’t buy it. Something other than that. Something simpler. I don’t buy anything other than “It always was and ever shall be.”

You can read the rest here. Funny how the Lord works. Imagine, John Lennon trusting in Christ. Instead of being in the depths of hell, he would be in the lap of Christ.


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