Grace Flows Downward

Philip Yancey writes, “Grace, like water, always flows downward, to the lowest place.” What a wonderful quote, and a wonderful reminder of the need to humble ourselves before our LORD. Why? Because we are so in need of God’s grace.

Anyone who has walked with the LORD for any amount of time recognizes this truth. We need grace just as much today as we did the first time we tasted it because we are no less the sinners today than we were then. The manifestations of sin, hopefully, have declined as we have grown in grace. But the wicked hearts, let alone and without His Spirit, would become just as ugly as before if His grace doesn’t prevent us.

Yancey wrote the above quote for Jonathan Aitken’s book, John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace. I finally got a chance to start reading it and it has been a blessing so far. After all, it took Newton seven years to finally find a church that would take him. Bishops and Arch-bishops kept standing in the way of his ordination and prevented him from finding a church because they thought he was too sympathetic to the Methodists (not your father’s Methodist). I take it that many in Methodists circles were just born again and that scared a lot of the bishops and arch-bishops. But that is my humble opinion.

The point being that Newton tasted the sweetest of grace because he found himself in the lowest of places. This is true for all believers. There are times when we find ourselves completely humbled by life, and we must accept those times as being from the Lord. We need His grace just as much today as we did when we first believed, and there is plenty to drink from the lower we go.

The Apostle Peter had a grip on this as well. Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

Thank goodness. His care is the most loving and most comforting for we know that our Father cares deeply for us, that He will do what is best for us. That may not mean we are given what we want, or expect. But whatever it is, it is best for us because He is working in and through us to make us more like His Son.

As life gets you down and disappoints come, humble yourself and drink deeply from the well of grace. Drink deeply from His hand. Drink deeply from His word. That is the only place we will find true comfort, drinking from the well of Christ’s rich love towards us.

As John Newton knew, and Yancey writes about, God’s grace truly is amazing.


2 thoughts on “Grace Flows Downward

  1. I’m a fan of Philip Yancey, I’m sure he did a fine job with the topic of Grace. I recently read a book he wrote on prayer, wonderful.
    Thank God for HIs grace!
    And btw, where are these “header” pictures coming from?! They’re fantastic, did you take them???
    Our family is continuing to keep you guys in our prayers,


  2. Hi Julie,
    Yes, Yancey is really good. Love to read him when I can.

    Yes, I took the header pictures. Once I figured out how to make them the right size… I started playing with pics I already had. Expect more to come. 🙂
    Thanks for the prayers, we need them.


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