Smokin’ Hot Bride and Other Saturday Morning Thoughts

Doing Ministry with my Smokin’ Hot Bride!

Karen Swallow Prior has a funny piece on Christian cliches including the one above. Apparently she has a pastor or knows someone who likes to say such things, which in her mind, is just a bit too much information. She writes:

smokin’ hot, as in, “I just wanna love on these precious kids and come alongside them as we do life together and then go home to my smokin’ hot bride.” To me, calling one’s wife bride on any day after the honeymoon betrays a rather silly insistence that she is into perpetuity that sweet, young, virginal thing once greeted at the altar — or worse, a tacit acknowledgement that she’s not (wink, wink), so let’s just make like she is. Smokin’ hot, on the other hand, just sounds like someone trying a bit too hard to convince himself.

I think if I actually heard a pastor say this from the pulpit, I would have to get up and leave shortly after I barfed in the pew. For me, it’s a question of being faithful to the call to preach and teach. Do we really need to know that you think your wife is smokin’ hot… for you to preach God’s word? Just preach God’s word.

She also deals with cliches such as “doing ministry” “love on” as in, “we just need to love on these kids,” “missional” “being authentic” and other such trivial statements in the church. I also appreciated her point concerning the phrase “a real heart for God.” She points out that for some reason, it’s bad to have “a real mind for God” in our day in age.

“Just” in prayers…. which is one of my pet peeves, was given the thumbs down as well:

just. This is a mild but pervasive example that peppers many prayers and is intended, I suppose, to express humility. There’s nothing wrong with this unless constant use causes believers to forego coming to God boldly.

Gina, in the comments section, added her two cents worth in giving us the Lord’s prayer with “just” appropriately added:

Our Father, who just art in heaven, hallowed just be thy name. Thy Kingdom just come, thy will just be done, on earth just as it is in heaven. Just give us this day our daily bread. And just forgive us our trespasses,
as we just forgive those who just trespass against us.
And just lead us not into temptation, but just deliver us from evil. For thine is just the kingdom, just the power and just the glory, for ever and just ever.
Just Amen.

I wonder if this tendency to use this word comes from that hymn, Just as I am?

College Football Is Only Six Weeks AWAY!!!

As usual about this time of year, my thoughts begin to turn to college football and the Texas Aggies. I would say that I also look forward to the NFL season as well, but I don’t. I’m too busy on Sunday to watch the games, and find most of them quite boring.

This being the case, it has been interesting reading about the possible realignment of the Texas Aggies with the SEC. This started last year when the Big 12-2 almost fell apart. It continues this year because of the texas longhorn network, a joint venture between t.u. and ESPN. t.u. has their own television network and they want to show high school football games of teams where they have potential recruits. This doesn’t sit well with A&M or OU, both of which have started to eye a move to the SEC, which would leave t.u. in a really bad conference. The mere threat of this has caused the people at t.u. to back off their hopes of showing high-school games on their network.

I hope that no matter what happens with the longhorn network, that A&M does end up in the SEC. It would be much better for A&M in the long run than to remain in a conference that is really held together by A&M, t.u., and the Sooners. Since my hopeful move back to Texas has fallen through, it has a greater appeal since I may be remaining in the SEC area. It would be fun to drive to places like Oxford and Tuscaloosa to watch the Aggies play football. Yes, I know that the Aggies would struggle in the SEC the first couple of years. Their record against SEC teams here of late has been dismal. But in the long run, they would improve as more players from Texas would want to play against teams like LSU, the Crimson Tide and the Florida Gators. That is much more appealing than playing the likes of the Kansas Wildcats.

So hear is to A&M football moving to the SEC and knowing that the season is only 6 weeks away. Check out beergut’s thoughts on realignment at I Am the 12th Man. Remember, beergut is the official non-official expert on Texas A&M football.

4 thoughts on “Smokin’ Hot Bride and Other Saturday Morning Thoughts

  1. Yes… the guy definitely makes a point. That is why I said it would be hard on A&M for the first couple of years, but better for them in the long run. Remember that Arkansas was treated like Vandy when they first entered the SEC, so a realistic look on the possible merger means that A&M will struggle as well.

    But I still say: Gig ‘Em Aggies! 🙂


  2. Regarding “Smokin’ Hot Bride,” …too funny! I clicked over and read the original blog post and all the comments. I was laughing out loud. Gotta confess I’ve used many of the terms that the commenters were poking fun at. Here’s a few I’m guilty of:
    I felt led to…
    and the one I probably use the most,


  3. Julie,
    I just felt led and convicted to let you know that in my spirit-filled response, I need to come along side you and encourage you to love on your kiddos and your smokin’ hot husband as you do missions with all those authentic cows, chickens, dogs and horses of yours… 🙂
    Oh, and Blessing! 🙂


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