“Woe to you when men speak well of you!” Luke 6:26

J.C. Ryle writes concerning the verse above:

“Let that expression be carefully noted. Few of our Lord’s sayings are more flatly contradictory to the common opinion, both of the Church and the world, than this. What is more common in the world than the love of every one’s praise? What more frequent in the Church than to hear it said, in commendation of a minister, that ‘everybody likes him!’ It seems entirely forgotten, that to be liked and approved by every body, is to be of the number of those to whom Jesus says, ‘Woe unto you.’ To be universally popular is a most unsatisfactory symptom, and one of which a minister of Christ should always be afraid. It may well make him doubt whether he is faithfully doing his duty, and honestly declaring all the counsel of God.”

In other words, if a man is popular among all, is he really preaching the word of God as he should be? Think Joel Osteen.

The above verse is from Ryle’s commentary Expository Thoughts on Luke, Vol. 1, p. 182.