Col. Allen West on Understanding Islam’s Intent of Destroying Us

The reason so many of us like Col. Allen West is because he is so willing to speak the truth concerning our enemies, specifically Islam. In this video he gives historical evidence as to why Islam continues to be a religion of violence. It is not because extremists have taken over the religion, it is because the religion itself is about destroying its enemies. The reason they attack us is because this is part of their belief system. Those who claim Islam is a religion of peace are either fooled or are liars. It is not about peace, but of destruction.

Please do not buy into the lie that Islam is a religion of peace. It is not nor has it ever been.

West mentions the Battle of Tours in his rebuttal against Islam. It truly was an important battle because it stopped the Islamic horde from advancing into  Europe. While I give Wikipedia any real authority, they did have this to say about that particular battle:

Later Christian chroniclers and pre-20th century historians praised Charles Martel as the champion of Christianity, characterizing the battle as the decisive turning point in the struggle against Islam, a struggle which preserved Christianity as the religion of Europe; according to modern military historian Victor Davis Hanson, “most of the 18th and 19th century historians, like Gibbon, saw Poitiers (Tours), as a landmark battle that marked the high tide of the Muslim advance into Europe.”[10]Leopold von Ranke felt that “Poitiers was the turning point of one of the most important epochs in the history of the world.”

The point is that Islam was advancing as they always do, through the use of the sword and Christians had to stand up against them in order to stop that advancement. It is also very important for Christians to know of this battle because Muslim are always quick to accuse Christianity as the violent religion due to the ill-advised Crusades. But notice the date of this battle: 732. The first Crusade was in 1092. That is a good 360 years after the Battle of Tours. Muslims are banking on our ignorance in referring to the Crusades, trying to imply that we were the first to draw the sword against them. Never mind their continued attacks from the moment of Islamic inception, the Battle of Tours in 732, which stopped those attacks, and the fact that the first Crusade was called for because of Islamic attack on the Christians in the area modern-day Turkey.

As Christians, it helps us to not only to be students of the word of God, but of history as well. It shows us that God was working in history and continues to work for His glory today.

Allen West on Co-exist Bumper Sticker

As you know from my previous post on this, I can’t stand the bumper sticker “coexist.” It’s mindless liberalism. Allen West cannot stand it either. Listen to his reasoning:

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And one more… to give you a great taste for Allen West. I love his straight forward and truthful responses to the issues that concern us.


5 thoughts on “Col. Allen West on Understanding Islam’s Intent of Destroying Us

  1. It’s interesting to me when people say, “You know, BOTH Islam and Christianity are violent religions.” It’s interesting because of the contrast rather than the comparison. To be a “non-violent” Muslim, you need to VIOLATE the holy book; you need to be a “liberal” rather than a literalist. In order to be a “violent” Christian, you need to VIOLATE the holy book. In other words, while both religions produce violent and non-violent types, Islam’s non-violent types are a corruption of the text and Christianity’s violent types are a corruption of the text. If, then, we take the text as the measure, then Islam is defined as violent and Christianity is not.


  2. yes, Stan! You nailed it! Where are the “Put away you sword, Peter!….” passages in the Koran?! They aren’t there and instead the opposite truths are taught. But, while we civilly, peacefully but boldly and clearly resist this movement, let us remember that Islam spreads by the sword (it used to be the physical sword, now it’s hijacked 747’s) which shouldn’t surprise us as what group wouldn’t increase their numbers of professing followers by using physical threats and violence… while true, Biblical Christianity spreads by (are you ready for this unbelievable thought?!) others taking up the sword against it! No wonder the world thinks Christianity is foolishness. The blood of our martyrs is the seed that the church grows on….THAT could only be a God thing.


  3. Hi Paul,
    Very good points as well.

    Plus, when it comes to Islam, the nature of the religion appeals to fallen human flesh, since the religion itself is of the flesh. It’s appealing to men when you say the goal is world dominance, and everyone who doesn’t adhere gets to be killed.

    Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit has chosen to use the foolishness of the message preached to advance God’s kingdom… as you pointed out. I hope more realize these truths and turn to the living and true God, and away from allah.


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