The Downslide of Christianity

(Note from Timothy: Originally published June 16, 2006)
In a poll taken by Scrips Howard/ University of Ohio, only 36 percent of Americans believe in a bodily resurrection to come. (See the story here). This stands at odds with the basic tenants of Christianity. If we do not believe in the resurrection, both of Christ and ourselves, then we can hardly call ourselves Christians.

The reason this is a problem is that it reflects what is being taught, or not being taught from our pulpits. If the pastors in our pulpits are not teaching this spiritual reality, then the people will not believe in it. This is a sad truth. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Since this truth is not believed, then we can safely assume that it is not preached and those in the pulpits do not believe it. The resurrection is only believed when it is preached.

This is a symptom of a greater problem, that of not preaching the word of God. Men have been so busy trying to build little kingdoms for themselves, a.k.a. mega churches, that they have punted spiritual truth for psychological truth… Preachers are no longer the men who proclaim the truth of God, but the truth of what our culture wants to hear. They have given themselves over to our felt needs and this has resulted in a loss of truth.

How completely sad. We have more resources in the world for knowing and proclaiming the truth, yet men decide that they would rather tickle our ears… thereby missing the most precious of messages… namely the gospel.

I also know that many say they do preach the gospel. But what they really do is give them a gospel presentation… i.e. the four spiritual laws. That is not the gospel. Christ is the gospel and the gospel can be found on every page of the Bible. It all points to Him. Yet because men don’t truly believe the word of God is infallible and sufficient for every aspect of life, they give them quick little tidbits of the Bible, along with pleasing stories to make us feel good, never preaching what is found in those blessed pages.

Paul writes to Timothy, in what are known as the pastoral epistles, to preach the word. Nothing else, but the word, which points back to Christ. Some might claim that they are preaching relevant messages when they use psycho babble, but that is not relevant. What is relevant is God’s word, because it is God’s word. It always remains relevant… even thousands of years after He gave it to us.

What can you do?
Make sure you don’t attend a church where the Bible is not held up as the only authority. Also, ask you pastor: do you believe in the resurrection of the body? Do you believe it enough to preach on it on a regular basis? Do you practice expository preaching? If the answer is no to any of these questions, then move on a find a church where these things are true. Your eternal future depends upon it.


4 thoughts on “The Downslide of Christianity

  1. The 4 spiritual laws in itself is not that bad. It is well bible based and also used effectively in china, where many turn to Christ after hearing the 4 spiritual laws and beginning to follow. It is not the full picture of the Gospel, of cause it never meant to, it is just a glance of the Gospel, and a beginning of it. But I think, in the US, things might change, and stories might be different.


    • It may be that the 4 spiritual laws have been overused and trite that they are no longer effective… well, it’s the hearts that are hardened, not the word of God itself. But I’m glad that there is a Spiritual blessings in China.


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