Top 10 Most Noble Jobs in the World

Part of my sermon this past week was on serving the Lord. Many often ask “how is it that we can serve the Lord?” A lot of serving the Lord is done with the mindset of doing those things that we are called to do as though we are doing them for the King of kings Himself. In other words, we are called by Him in our every day lives to serve Him with our every day lives. Christians often times get caught up on the idea that you can only serve the Lord if you are in a vocation directly related to the church. This isn’t true. We are actually called to serve Him where we are, whether we are husbands, father’s, mother’s, wives, friends, or in the world as a banker, carpenter, plumber, etc. It is not as though we have to have the church lay hands on us in order to serve the Lord.

The other aspect that I like to focus on in this line of thinking is the fact that all we do is noble in sight of the Lord, when we do those tasks in view of the Lord. If the King of kings was willing to wash feet, then no task is beneath the nobility of the calling placed upon us. In view of that, here is my list of jobs that I find noble because no one wants to do them, yet God calls us to do these tasks.

  1. Garbage collectors — these men and women do want no one aspires to do. Think of the smell each of us would endure without the work they do. They actually have to live with that smell. Therefore this position is noble because they are willing to help out their fellow man in dealing with garbage. I hope that they realize the nobility in this position.
  2. Nurses in nursing homes — especially poorly funded nursing homes. There have been times I have wanted to take these nurses aside and share with them the nobility of their work. They are working with those that are cast aside by society and cannot help themselves. It’s a tough and hard job that goes unnoticed by society unless something really wrong happens. The nurse who does this job needs to realize that there is One who notices her work. It is a noble task.
  3. Chicken pickers — those who slaughter and clean the chickens we eat. Just the smell alone would drive most of us to a vegetarian lifestyle. Yet there are people who do it so we can eat. Thank God for their willingness to do so.
  4. Stay-at-home moms — we tend to forget the importance of our wives staying at home with their children. While liberalism and feminism put this task down, it is the most noble calling a woman can have. She is not just raising children, but raising the next generation of citizens. We need to encourage mothers who do their work well, and correct those who do not do their work well.
  5. Anyone who works at McDonald’s — come on, you’ve seen how miserable these people are! Someone needs to encourage them.
  6. Telemarketers — OK, probably not. They serve no useful purpose to humanity. Plumbers — especially the guys that have to deal with septic tanks and port a potties! (The telemarketer comment was just meant to be funny).
  7. The sweat jockey — the guy who wipes up sweat off the basketball court during NBA games.
  8. Janitors — let’s face it, these guys get very little glory for keeping our malls, banks, movie theaters, etc., clean of the filth we leave behind. We need more good janitors.
  9. Dental Hygienist — same gross job as a dentist, but without the respect and title of a dentist.
  10. Proctologist and  GI doctors — crappie no matter how you look at it.


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Noble Jobs in the World

  1. I resent your assessment of telemarketers. I was a telemarketer for 13 years, and my profession at the time was as professional as medicine or law or dentistry. We held to high standards of conduct, and provided our customers a valuable service. Our telemarketing department’s advertising made our corporation the largest of it’s kind in the country. I rose to mid level management through telemarketing, and enjoyed a better than average lifestyle. Many people have gone on to successful marketing and sales careers as a result of the experienced gained by telemarketing. It is a difficult and challenging position that not just anybody has the fortitude to do. It takes a strong self assured individual to be a successful telemarketer, particularly when people who don’t understand the business perpetuate the negative stereotypes of the very unique and capable individuals who work in the telemarketing business.


  2. My first job was in a hospital taking care of the old and the sick. I never want to look at a bedpan again.

    Now, a change of topic if I might. I was going through my old bookmarks and clicked on your Flesh is as grass and it’s been taken over by someone in Norway by the looks of it. I couldn’t understand a word.


  3. Hi Mike,
    I agree. That is why it is one of the most noble jobs. Who wants to do it? But it needs to be done and I’m glad you were willing to do so.

    As for the Flesh site, that is interesting. I haven’t had the address for a long while.


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