Hooray for the Police in Locking These People UP!

I know the left is probably abuzz about the so called “atrocities” these police officers committed in arresting Code Pink members, but I applaud the police. Hooray! I’m grateful that they were willing to keep the law at the Jefferson Memorial even though these less than desirable citizens were there to make trouble. And yes, they brought it on themselves. They were like a bunch of children trying to push the limits of their parents and then acted all shocked and surprised when the police did their job and arrested these “less than desirables.”

The left will probably try to paint them as heroes of some sort. But they are not heroes at all, see my previous post about a real hero. These are just left-over hippies looking for a fictional battle against “the man.” Really, can someone slap some sense into these people. They are at a national monument. The First Amendment doesn’t give us the right to go and spit on the monument. They can do so if they please, but if they are going to in an attempt to change the system, then quit crying like a bunch of school boys when the principal throws them into detention. These lefties should be ashamed… but I know lefties feel no shame.

Hattip: RebelPundit