The Importance of Knowing the Real Christ.

Does it really matter who we believe Jesus to be? Does it really matter if we don’t understand that He is both God and Man? Can’t we just get along without all that theology? Simonetta Carr helps answer that in this piece about Athanasius. Here full site can be found here.

Yes it matters. The way we answer Christ’s question: “Who do you say that I am?” can help us know if we are believing in the real and true Savior of Scripture, or the Jesus of our own making. We can say that He is a teacher, or a Prophet, or even a king. But if that is all we say about Him, then we are being misleading in who He really is. We are not giving Him the respect that He deserves. We are actually lying about Christ when we don’t ascribe to Him His full due.


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Knowing the Real Christ.

  1. What you are asking is does truth matter. Well let me say that truth matters because eternity matters… (and so does Timothy apparntly:) )


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