Remember When…

We had a president that loved our country, respected our allies, worked towards world peace no matter what the cost, and did what was best for the citizens of this country? Here is to our last veteran president!


3 thoughts on “Remember When…

  1. I miss those days. I pray the LORD will once again restore order in the White House and in all of our houses and that HE will reign over our country instead of this gangster group that governs now.


  2. Hi Mark and Lucy,
    No, he wasn’t perfect. But I do respect him for what he did for us far more than I do the present chief and what he is trying to do TO us. I recognize that Bush wasn’t a conservative. But he was a good president. Far better than the one we have.

    I got blasted on my facebook page for all his faults and hte fact that he isn’t a conservative. I know these these, and don’t agree with most of them. I feel that he needed to take us to war against Iraq. I know the naysayers on both the left and ultra-right lambast that decision. But it has paid off well for us, and by golly, well for the people of Iraq. One less terrorist/dictator in power over there.

    I also feel that Bush was the right man in office when 9/11 hit. That was God’s sovereign hand in action. Thank goodness Bush had the resolve to go after terrorists and those who harbor them and support them. The world is still just as dangerous as always, but our country is not. We are safe. Thank God that He used Bush to bring that about. Had algore been in office, who knows… God’s grace to us was Bush in office. Now, it seems, God is testing us with BHO. Part of this is in a materialistic way, and the other is spiritual. While we fight the good fight, our eyes are to be on Christ and His Kingdom, not BHO and his pitiful kingdom.

    I thank God for people like both of you who understand these wonderful truths. Thanks for your encouraging words.


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