On Turning 50!

Joey at my Dad’s ranch.

Yes, today is the big day. By God’s grand and glorious mercy, I turn 50 years old today. I am truly thankful that He has blessed me with so many years. It’s another testimony of His mercy towards me in not giving me what I deserve, but showing me grace and kindness instead. Amen and amen.

After my experience of turning 40, I thought this day would be hard as well. (The good people of First Presbyterian Church of Osceola, AR brought me a wheelchair on that day… and took me to a cake that was covered with black icing. It took me years to get over that. In fact, my counselor said just last week, “get over it you big oaf!” So I do forgive Lance and Patty for what they did.)

Seriously, I do feel blessed today at turning 50. I know there are those who will say that a good portion of my life is behind me, to which I say, “I’m saving the best for last!” Just look at how God has blessed me since my 40th birthday. He has given me two wonderful sons. Life is so much better with a loving family. The constant joys of family are a true reminder of God’s goodness to us.

For example, just last night, Joey was standing in the doorway to my office as we were heading for the bathroom for their nightly baths. He stretched his legs out to make a bridge for Andy and told him to crawl through. Andy did. Then he told me I had to crawl through as well. I dropped down on my chest and started crawling through his legs, and almost got through before he fell on top of me in true “rolling on the floor” laughter. He kept trying to get up off me and make me go through, but every time, he fell down again. Maybe in a couple of years.

It is at moments like that I realize how much God has blessed me. We are not rich, or popular, but we are loved by our God and He has blessed us in so many ways that far surpass the things of this world. That is probably the best lesson I’ve learned in the last 10 years.

I might sum it up like this: know and be known by Christ, love your family and see the world for what it is (passing away.) God’s goodness and riches are the true riches of life. All others pass like the latest electronic fad.

As for my birthday today, I’m enjoying a cup of hot coffee in my new favorite mug. The boys give me a new mug every year for Christmas and this year they gave me one with the Texas flag on it. I love it. I’m also wearing a new shirt they gave me for my birthday. I would be wearing a new pair of shoes, but Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t carry my size, so we had to order them off the internet. I was so bummed last night when they told me that. I don’t get to buy new shoes very often, so it was exciting to go to the store in the hopes of wearing new shoes last night. It didn’t happen. The new shoes should arrive in 3 to 5 business days via FedEx.

Regardless of that minor set back, I’m already having a wonderful birthday. Joey has already come in and crawled up in my lap. Later today, we will have a big dinner before I leave for the church tonight of chicken fettuccine Alfredo and birthday cake. And no, this birthday cake will not be covered in black icing. It doesn’t get any better than that.


4 thoughts on “On Turning 50!

  1. Happy Birthday, Timothy! I didn’t know you were so old.

    Seriously, though, you are not old. I am almost 10 years older than you. My youngest son had a son of his own Monday night. That is my 7th grandchild.

    Anyway, I didn’t intend this comment to be about me. Happy Birthday, my friend. May you have many more happy healthy birthdays.


  2. Thanks for blazing that trail for us, old man! 🙂 Not far behind you, but at least we’re behind you.

    Happy Birthday!


    • Lance,
      Glad to be of assistance once again. 🙂
      BTW, GPC of Jackson gave me a bunch of black balloons last night and a cake after the evening prayer meeting. Seems there is no escaping that. 😉


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