Gig ‘Em Aggies! Women’s Basketball Team Wins National Championship!

I am so proud of the Texas A&M Women’s Basketball team for beating Notre Dame and winning the National Championship. What a wonderful run they have had. I’m not usually a big fan of women’s basketball, but with this championship, my conversion to becoming a fan is complete. It was so much fun watching them (well, listening to the radio as they played) make their way through the bracket and win the big one. I couldn’t and wouldn’t watch them on the internet because it made me too nervous.

So I listened to them last night on the radio while running errands. After going grocery shopping, Joey piled into the van and we drove around the neighborhood listening to the game. When it was obvious they were going to win, I had to tell someone, so I told a couple of ladies that had had a fender bender. The women said, “Great, I was hoping the Texas team would beat Notre Dame.”

This brings me to my second point. The announcers were so obviously pro Notre Dame that it made it difficult to listen. When ND was down in the first half, the announcers kept saying things like “this could be the play that turns the momentum around for Notre Dame.” Just come out and say it, you wanted ND to win because you were clueless about the Aggies.

The announcers were deeply disappointed that the Aggies won. I figured this would happen. Everyone was so pro ND before the game, it was hard to see that the Aggies were even there. I guess the Aggies had something else to say about that. Gig ‘Em Aggies!


One thought on “Gig ‘Em Aggies! Women’s Basketball Team Wins National Championship!

  1. Great news for Aggie fans!

    My alma mater, Wichita State, won the NIT championship, too. The first time ANY team from Kansas ever won it, including perennial powers, KU and K-State.


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