Happy 80th Birthday Dad!


Dear Dad,

Happy 80th Birthday. I know, we made a big deal last week about your birthday. But I wanted to say it again. Happy Birthday. The Lord has blessed you with 80 years and I am truly grateful. I hope and pray that the Lord blesses you with many more years. I want my boys to get to know you better than I got to know my Pops, your Dad.

I know that you held your own father in high regard. Your Dad was truly a wonderful man. Just like you, I hold my father in the highest regard as well. I truly value your opinion, advice and friendship even though I fail in following through at times, I do listen. I feel blessed that the Lord allowed you to be my Dad.

I also want you to know that I truly regret listening to the lies that were uttered about you when I was younger. I regret that we didn’t have a better relationship back then. But I do cherish our time together now. I look up to you and you are one of my favorite people in the world to spend time with. See my post below on Blue Creek Bliss. You are the reason Blue Creek Ranch is so special.

I’m glad we got to visit you last week and surprise you. It was well worth the drive down. I wish we could come down today, but we’ll have to wait until we move back to Texas. Hopefully when that happens, we can come down a lot more and maybe even play a bit more golf. Since we will be living in Texas, you can come up and visit as well. If we get the house we are looking at, we will have plenty of room for you, Donna and Lady Bird. (No, I don’t mind if you bring Freckles!)

Have a happy birthday. We love you.

Timothy, Andy and Joey