Coexist? Update

I just wanted to make sure I voiced my opposition to all the liberals who display the ridiculous “Coexist” bumper stickers. They are not giving this bumper sticker enough thought, for as long as one religion is oppressing the others, as does Islam, then this will never be a reality.

UPDATE: Since posting this back in November I’ve started watching for the bumper sticker just to see the type of people who put on their cars. In the last week, I’ve seen the sticker twice. Once on a car driven by a guy that looked like a 1960s hold over with a job, otherwise known as a college professor. The other was on the car of a young woman. I took it that she likes the idea, but is clueless as to why it will not work. I didn’t get a chance to speak with either party, so my statements are based on my observations, which are limited at best.

How would one go about speaking to such people given the chance? What would you say?


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  1. Pulling into Schtuffmart yesterday, I saw this bumpersticker on the back of the car. I just shook my head and thought, how foolish.
    I would like to borrow this for my site, is that okay???
    Blessings, Julie


  2. Hi Julie,
    Yes, feel free. I got it from Neil, who got it from Stephen, who got it from Frank, who got it from Bill, who got it from…
    But you get the idea. 🙂


  3. I have always wondered what wasn’t right about those stickers.
    It makes much more sense now. It is very ridiculous who it is mostly directed against,
    Thats what I like to call “The pot calling the kettle black.”


  4. good stuff, meanwhile the culture at large applauds the coexist thing. Hasn’t history proved coexist is a pipe dream? This sticker prob hasn’t sold well on the west bank


  5. Hi Fred,
    No, it hasn’t sold well there at all. Those Islamist just seem set on wiping out the Jews… and the Christians… and the Hindus…. and the silly liberals that put these bumper stickers on their cars… but other than that, it works fine.


  6. Umm…. you’re wrong. In many different ways. So many ways, in fact, I’m not really sure where to begin.

    Maybe with the last sentence… about how Christianity hasn’t hurt anyone?
    According the bible, homosexuality is a sin. So yes, you’re against gay rights. And you’re hurting the GBLTP community by not allowing them to love freely. (btw, just because gay rights haven’t been given to the GBLTP community, doesn’t mean they’re against religion. I have two friends, one a lesbian and the other bisexual, who are both religious.) And what about the Crusades? The rights Christianity has trampled on in its past?

    And Islam isn’t bent on taking over the world. Yes, 9/11 happened, but those were extremists. Not everyone is an extremist and bent on hurting people. The base of Islam is love, not hate.

    Ignorant Christians like you make me want to bash my head against the wall.


    • Kaia,
      The original Crusade was noble in the outset. It was started because Islam was killing the Christians in the Eastern portions of the empire. Yes, the following crusades were less than noble. But get your facts right, Islam is not based on “love” as you say. It is based on the sword, and they drew it first. Realize that had not the battle of Tours taken place, in October 732, Islam would have overrun Europe long before the first Crusade was put together.

      Also, Islam will quickly show love and peace to homosexuals and lesbians. Seems like they are thriving under Islamic rule and should flourish once Sharia Law is established in the United States.

      As for loving, since the Bible is true, the most loving thing we can do is warn them of the wretchedness of their sin. To ignore that sin, and let them continue on in it with judgment pending, is hardly loving.

      As for ignorant, … you need to look in the mirror.


      • It did start over that, but does that justify everything that the Christians put them through? They were tortured.

        Also, the Muslim six pillars of faith say nothing of killing anyone, and there are plenty of peaceful Muslims.

        And when you speak out against homosexuality, you don’t realize that they like the same sex. So what? You’re interfering with other’s happiness, and you don’t even know whether they believe in the same thing they do.


  7. Kaia,

    First, to claim that there are peaceful Muslims, plenty of them, is naive at best. If there were truly “plenty” of peaceful ones, should they not deal with the radicals? Yet they never seem to get around to it. I know there are truly a few who do. But most of them sit back and quietly watching, making sure they remain peaceful. So probably not best to make the peaceful claim.

    Secondly, we speak out against homosexuality because God does. It’s His word and He condemns all sin. The reason homosexuality is so bad is because the act itself distorts the Imago Dei, the image of God, by which we are made. The Imago Dei is ultimately expressed in marriage between one man and one woman for life. This reflect the commitment Christ has to His church, committed and pure toward one another.

    Homosexuality is the most base and perverse of all sins. It doesn’t matter that they like it. Of course they like it. The fallen nature of sin is that we like sin and love sin. The adulterer loves his/her sin. The drunkard love being drunk, etc. If they didn’t love it, they wouldn’t do it. Yet, it is still sin because it goes against God’s written will for our lives, and is an offense against Him.

    We need a Savior to save us from our sin and our love for sin. This is why (one of many reasons) Jesus had to die on the Cross. He had to die in order to pay the debt of sin that His people owed to God, and to give them a righteousness that was perfect. His perfect obedience in life, secured the righteousness we need. His sacrificial death on the cross as a sinless man was the payment we needed.

    Third, as I have indicated in the previous point, we Christians admit our imperfections and inability to live up to the standard given to us by God. But this does not mean we do not strive to live that standard and declare that standard to others as we are charged by Christ to do. We we decry the most about homosexual marriage is the fact that government is not given to us in order to sanction sin. It is also not in the business of telling us what marriage is. Marriage is given by God, not man, not government.

    We decry it also because it’s not over. If we given into the gay agenda, they will just ask for more. How do we know? Because this is their pattern. In the 1970s when I was a teen, I can remember gays claiming that all they wanted was to be left alone to do as they pleased in the privacy of their own room. Culture capitulated. Seemed reasonable at the time. But they didn’t stop. Now if they have their way, not only will they have legalized marriages, but I, as a pastor that believes in Scripture, will have to perform such silliness even though it violates my conscious. Freedom of religion will go out the door in order to accommodate the right of the perverse. In fact, it is already getting to the point for me to declare the truth is to bring about judgment by the civil courts. This is already being seen in Canada. How much longer until the U.S. gets in on the act.

    Whereas their march to the “freedom” started with a plea to do things in private, it will get to the point where I will not be able to worship God as my conscience dictates according to His word in public.

    You may be OK with that. But for how long? At what point will you have to give in to your beliefs and convictions in order to conform? Perhaps when Sharia Law is instituted by those “peaceful” Muslim friends of yours?


  8. Pastor Timothy,

    It really saddens me that you believe that the majority of Muslims are violent people full of hatred that are “making sure they remain peaceful.”

    The reason you do not see a majority of Muslims speaking out against the atrocities committed in the name of Islam is because, in the Islamic faith, one is not to judge another human being because we do not know what is in their hearts. This applies to everyone, from terrorists to prostitutes. The judgement is to be left to God.

    That being said, I make it a point to condemn any killing in the name of religion and was horrified that osama got a proper burial. If it was up to me, I would have tied his body to the back of a NYC fire truck and dragged it through New York, then disposed of him in a landfill like the piece of trash he is.

    Also so you really expect the ‘peaceful ones’ to be able to rise up and eliminate all extremists? I have lived in Pakistan and know first hand how afraid of the terrorist groups the general public is.

    I will be happy to peacefully discuss this with you further.



    • Hamzah,

      I appreciate your willingness to reply. But there are a few contradictions in your statements. First, to stand by and do nothing while men do evil is to participate in that evil. If the majority of those in Pakistan would stand up against the extremist, there would be no extremists. As for judging, you judged Osama … so we must admit that judgment is taking place. I face this in my own religion. People quote Jesus Christ who said “Do not judge.” But then He went on to show us how to judge properly. His point is to not judge hypocritically. Deal with the sin in our own hearts first, then deal with the sinful brothers. But He is speaking to those “in Christ.”

      You may not be judging those who are prostitutes … but those in Islam are doing so. How many honor killings have taken place this year? How many churches have had bombs go off in them, just in the past month? If Islam condemns judging, then who is it that is doing all this judgment and killing, as Islam has judged, the infidels? If Islam teaches that judgment is left to God, they certainly seem intent on sending many to a quick and eternal judgment.

      Also, we do not judge a man’s hearts, only their action. If their actions are evil then we must judge them an condemn them. Evil is evil no matter what the intent of the heart behind it. As God’s word says: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?” Since this applies to all, then we can only assume that all those who have hearts are evil to begin with. We all stand condemned. The difference between those in Islam and Christianity is that those in Christianity have had their sin dealt with by Christ on the cross. There is no atonement for those in Islam.

      OK, I’m off topic. The point is that Islam is not the religion of peace so many claim it to be. Those who are faithful in it, have no true peace with God. Those who are just using it as a foil show there is no peace at all. I would say more, but that is probably enough for now.


      • Fundamentally, I agree with you. The majority of Muslims need to stand up and say enough is enough. But the fact is, those people are scared that if they do so, their families will be killed. I only ask that you not condemn the entire religion based on the acts of the very few.

        I never claimed that Islam is the religion of peace. In fact religion in and of itself is violent. Fundamentalists from every religion have killed innocent people. I am only defending the statement that there are plenty of truly peaceful Muslims, just like there are plenty of peaceful Christians, Jews, Hindus, ect.

        On a completely unrelated note. Are you an Aggie? I noticed you used Howdy in your autoreply email. I am a loud proud member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2013!



  9. Hamzah,

    I never said that you claimed that Islam is a religion of peace, but this is what is put forth in our politically correct, albeit incorrect, culture. I am also writing against the dunderheads that put forth the original Coexist sign. It comes from the sector of society that seems to think all we have to do to get along is sing koombuyaah. The counter sign is pointing out the obvious problems with their sign.

    Actually, I am an Aggie. Class of 1990. if you do a search, you will find the many posts on my call to fire Mike Sherman… which began last year. 🙂

    I really hope Coach Sumlin does a much better job that Sherman did. Gig ‘Em.


    • You and me both brother! I think Sumlin was a good hire! Hopefully he will make us nationally prominent again. He has done a good job keeping this recruiting class together so far and I have high hopes for us in the SEC! After a down year or two of corse.


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