Happy 80th Birthday Dad!


Dear Dad,

Happy 80th Birthday. I know, we made a big deal last week about your birthday. But I wanted to say it again. Happy Birthday. The Lord has blessed you with 80 years and I am truly grateful. I hope and pray that the Lord blesses you with many more years. I want my boys to get to know you better than I got to know my Pops, your Dad.

I know that you held your own father in high regard. Your Dad was truly a wonderful man. Just like you, I hold my father in the highest regard as well. I truly value your opinion, advice and friendship even though I fail in following through at times, I do listen. I feel blessed that the Lord allowed you to be my Dad.

I also want you to know that I truly regret listening to the lies that were uttered about you when I was younger. I regret that we didn’t have a better relationship back then. But I do cherish our time together now. I look up to you and you are one of my favorite people in the world to spend time with. See my post below on Blue Creek Bliss. You are the reason Blue Creek Ranch is so special.

I’m glad we got to visit you last week and surprise you. It was well worth the drive down. I wish we could come down today, but we’ll have to wait until we move back to Texas. Hopefully when that happens, we can come down a lot more and maybe even play a bit more golf. Since we will be living in Texas, you can come up and visit as well. If we get the house we are looking at, we will have plenty of room for you, Donna and Lady Bird. (No, I don’t mind if you bring Freckles!)

Have a happy birthday. We love you.

Timothy, Andy and Joey


No Respecter of Persons

I like what A.W. Pink points out in his chapter on the Sovereignty of God in Reprobation. He writes:

“Again, we are asked, Does not Scripture declare, again and again, that God is no ‘respecter of persons?’ We answer, it certainly does, and God’s electing grace proves it. The seven sons of Jesse, though older and physically superior to David, are passed by, while the young shepherd-boy is exalted to Israel’s throne. The scribes and lawyers pass unnoticed, and ignorant fishermen are chosen to be the apostles of the Lamb. Divine truth is hidden from the wise and the prudent and is revealed to babes instead. The great majority of the wise and noble are ignored, while the weak, the base, the despised, are called and saved. Harlots and publicans are sweetly compelled to come in to the gospel feast, while self-righteous Pharisees are suffered to perish in their immaculate morality. Truly, God is ‘no respecter’ of persons or He would not have saved me.”

Pink is discussing the reality that God chooses some for salvation, and doesn’t choose others. I know that this topic elicits a lot of thought and emotion for many. I think about the reality of it a lot as well, especially given that Scripture speaks about it so much. We must accept what Scripture says to the fact. God does indeed choose some for salvation and chooses others for reprobation. In doing so, He is glorified through both. See Romans 9.

What is interesting is that so many cannot stand this doctrine of election, even though they themselves have been recipients of it. They come to Scripture and readily accept the reality that God did not choose the Pharisees to be followers of Christ. Yes, there were a few chosen, the Apostle Paul and Nicodemus, but for the most part the Pharisees are left in their sin to die outside of God’s grace. Many readily accept this reality. Jesus chose fishermen to follow Him, not Pharisees. In their acceptance of this reality, they are affirming God’s election. Immediately, the attacker of election will say, “but that is because the fishermen chose to follow Christ and the Pharisees didn’t choose.

This is true. There were choices made. But the fishermen only chose Christ AFTER He had chosen them. We don’t choose Christ because we are smarter, wiser, or better than those who do not. We choose Him because of His grace towards us, that in eternity past, the Father chose us, the Son redeemed us on the cross, and the Holy Spirit awakened our dead souls to our need for a Savior. The Holy Spirit then gave us a new heart, by which we would desire Christ and believe in Him for salvation. THEN we made our decision. Our decision was based upon His grace and choice of us and not anything in our own being.

The Pharisees didn’t choose Christ because the Father had not chosen them. They were outside of God’s elective decree. It is only when we realize these truths that we truly begin to appreciate God’s grace towards us. Otherwise, we would tend to boast about our salvation, our faith. For those who are truly saved, we know there is no room for boasting at all. Our salvation is purely by God’s grace. That is why it is so Amazing.

Blue Creek Bliss: A Glimpse of Heaven

I think God gives us glimpses of heaven on this side of glory. There is the joy of a new borne babe, the joy of a loved one coming to know Christ and the joy of being known by Him who saves us. But He also gives us the glimpses of what heaven will be like. For me, one of my favorite places on earth is my Dad’s ranch which he has named Blue Creek Ranch. I love going there. No matter what time of year it is, it is one of my favorite spots on earth. It often gives me glimpses of heaven. I know, there are songs about Texas and if you want to get a glimpse of heaven, then Texas is the place to look. I don’t mean it in that sense. What I mean is the sweetness of family, along with the beauty of a place, the memories, the specialness that only comes through time and love, we get to see a place as a glimpse of heaven. I say only a “glimpse” because heaven will be far better than any place on earth, no matter how special a place may be.

My special glimpse is Blue Creek Ranch. A lot of that has to do with the fact that my Dad is there. I really enjoy spending time with him and his lovely bride, Donna. There is always plenty of food, conversation and fun. In fact, going to visit usually leads me to renewed vows of diet and exercise after my visits.

Certainly, my Dad is the one that really makes the place special. He has worked this small piece of Texas for 22 years and it really shows. When he and his second wife bought the place back in the 1980s, it just had a small cabin, one worn out cattle shoot and a barn that had fallen down. The place needed a lot of work. Granted, he had a lot to work with given that there was plenty of vegetation and three ponds on the place. But as anyone who owns a bit of land knows, it all needs work. You cannot buy a piece of property and sit around waiting for it to improve. It doesn’t happen.

From the pastures, the fences, the drive way, the barn that he built himself, the tool shed, the well house, the new house he and Liz designed and had built, the farm house that went from being a building with two rooms to a beautiful cottage, to even the dam on one of the three ponds, my Dad has worked on all of it. It shows.

For 22 years the place has steadily improved. I find such peace with every visit. It doesn’t matter if the weather is cold and damp as it is so often at Christmas time, to the hot-scorching summers, I enjoy being on the ranch. I even lived there for a time back in college. The ranch is about 55 minutes from Texas A&M and my freshman year in college, I lived in the cottage. I must admit, it wasn’t bliss back then. The ranch is no place to live for a single, lonely, college man. Again, the place is nice on it’s own. It has the glimpse of heaven aspect because of those I love. When they are not there, it can get extremely lonely. That may be one of the reasons my Dad is selling the place. He turns 80 next week and I think there is just a bit too much work for him to do. He and Donna want something a bit more manageable. I can’t blame them.

The cottage I lived in when I was in college.


Given that, the Blue Creek Ranch will no longer be my glimpse of heaven. Remember, God gives us glimpses of heaven, He doesn’t give us heaven on this side of glory. True heaven will never end. It lasts for all of eternity. So the glimpses of heaven we do have, come to an end at some point in time. Otherwise, we would be like the foolish tribes of Israel that never crossed over the Jordan into the promise land, thinking that somehow, we have arrived at the promise land.


The view coming up the driveway.


Birthday Girl

Blue Creek Ranch will eventually pass into the hands of someone else. I’ve accepted that. Unless I somehow strike it rich as a televangelist, I don’t think I will be able to buy it from my father to keep it in the family. Since my siblings have the same luck I do in playing the lottery, then my Dad will sell it and the glimpse will be gone. Again, I’m OK with it. God has blessed me through my father’s labor and toil with a glimpse of heaven. And when we all get to the true heaven, Dad won’t have to work so hard to keep the place up. In fact, I think our Heavenly Father has a few angels around doing that for us. We will be able to sit on the porch, talk about the glory of God and His blessings to us, for all of eternity. Gone will be the need for repairing fences, feeding the horses and mowing the lawn. The Bliss will be eternal. But for now, we have to wait for God to give us our glimpses of heaven, so that we continue to look forward to our eternal home.

Rob Bell: False Teacher… Worthless Pastor… Savage Wolf

The Apostle Paul warned the Ephesian elders that to take heed for yourselves and the flock given to them, for which the Holy Spirit made them overseers, and that Christ purchased with His blood. He continued: “For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves” (Acts 20:29-30).

I spoke about this in my sermon on Sunday. The problem is that when Paul describes these savage wolves, we imagine men who have a fiendish look about them, with blood dripping from their teeth and dead sheep all around them. The harsh reality is that these savage wolves always seem like very nice guys. They look and sound like guys that would be a joy to hang out with. What makes them so savagely is the fact that the message they teach and preach leads people to eternal damnation. It does not matter how nice a person is, if they preach a false gospel, they are the most wicked of men because the end result is that those who follow them, are damned eternally.

Case in point: Rob Bell, pastor, teacher, all around swell guy… but in reality a false teacher. He appeared on MSNBC recently with his book Love Wins, in which the premise is that eventually, all people go to heaven because… love wins. Watch the following video in which you will see MSNBC host Martin Basher pointing out that Rob Bell is twisting the gospel to make it palatable for the current culture.

It really sickens me when I see men who have such a large audience, putting forth such a dangerous gospel. Basher really did an excellent job showing Bell’s inconsistencies. O, the gospel is important now? But love wins, so what does it matter? Bell was being trapped and was too much of a touchy-feely guy to see it.

The problem with people like Bell, who focus solely on one attribute of God, that attribute being God’s love, is that he ignores the rest of God’s attributes as well. Specifically, Bell ignores God’s holiness which is spoken of far more in the Bible than God’s love. It is out of His holiness that God brings about His wrath and His judgment. (I feel like I’m repeating myself here… why, o why, do people listen to guys like Bell). That judgment for believes is dealt with on the cross. For those who reject Christ, there is no hope. We know this because of the countless times that Jesus tells us about hell. What Rob Bell wants to candy coat, Jesus spoke of more than anyone else in the Bible. He is the One that tells us there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. He is the One that tells us that there is a great gulf fixed between heaven and hell that cannot be crossed (Luke 16:19-31). He is the One that tells us that the worm never dies and it is better to maim yourself than to sin and be thrown into hell (Mark 9), showing us that going there has eternal consequences. Jesus is also the One that tells us there will be many who do things in the name of Christ, but will depart from Him, because He never knew them (Matthew 7:21ff). So in Bell’s view of the gospel, Jesus tells them to depart from Him on judgment day (the say with the goats in Matthew 25), but then says, “OK, come on back. I was only kidding!”

The reason that people do not change their minds once they get to hell is because they continue to hate God, and there is no longer an atonement for their sin. Jesus would have to die all over again for that to happen (Hebrews 6:4-6). The reason hell is eternal is because the sin they committed was against an eternal being. It takes the death of One who is eternal to satisfy God’s wrath. Jesus was that One and the One by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12). He cannot die again, so it is vital to accept Him on this side of death. To reject Jesus is to reject the only means of salvation and once we die it is too late for that. Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment. There is no hope at that point. Remember the great gulf that is fixed between heaven and hell that Jesus told us about? Once one is found lacking, he is cast into that hell and there is no getting across that gulf. It is permanent.

But Mr. Bell would have us believe that eventually God’s love will win out and all those people in hell will be freed and invited into heaven. This ignores God’s eternal decrees of election (Ephesians 1:3-14). It makes God out to be me nothing more that a cosmic hand wringer who is hopeless with the lives of men on this side of glory. It also makes God out to be a liar for He would be contradicting His own word, which He cannot do. Poor Mr. Bell. He is trying so hard to be liked and make God likeable, that He makes God out to be a liar in the process. To make God out to be a liar is to show that the truth is not in us (1 John 1:10). Since this is true, the truth is not in Bell. He needs to repent.

I think that what Mr. Bell also needs to do is go into sales, selling used cars and quit trying to pass himself off as a pastor who cares. He does not care. He is very hateful towards those whom he pastors. He needs to be rebuked in the harshest terms, because he is leading his flock into everlasting punishment. I know, he is such a nice guy. And Satan presented himself as an angel of light too. Real pastors and those who love our Savior, get angry at guys like Bell.  He truly is a savage wolf. What Bell does is wicked beyond hope. May God silence him soon.

Here is more of his teaching.

Sounds good, but in reality he is dead wrong. Those outside of Christ are not spiritual because they are spiritually dead. Ephesians 2:1ff show that the non-believer is not spiritual at all. He is dead spiritually. This is why there is a need for new birth (John 3). Rob… read the Bible! This shows Bell to be more into New Age than true, biblical Chrisianity.

Here is another pastor, Cameron Buettel, discussing Rob Bell and his humanism disguised as the gospel.

Here is Buettel’s blog. I like what Buettel says close to the end of the clip. It is important that we point out false teachers and expose them for who they are. What a lot of people try to do is silence all criticism in the body of Christ. What this effectively does is keep men like Bell from coming under the Scrutiny of the authority of God’s word. Even the Apostle Paul was under this scrutiny. He commended the Bereans for checking out what he said (Acts 17:10-15). We should as well. That is how we know when men like Bell come along, the gospel they are presenting is no gospel at all.

The Self-Righteous Prodigal

I have preached the parable of the Prodigal Son four times now in my 10 years of preaching. I love the parable and truths we find in Luke 15. Jesus is showing us His grace when it comes to our salvation in all three parables. What made the sermon drastically different this past Sunday was that I finally saw that even the prodigal son, when he returns to the Father, is still suffering under self-righteousness.

All three parables are spoken of against self-righteousness. Remember the Pharisees were grumbling that Jesus had a tendency to eat with tax collectors and sinners. They had made this charge before and He answered them by saying that He was coming for those who were sick and in need of a physician, not to heal those who are well. We know from Romans 3, that the Pharisees are sick as well, but they fail to see their own need of the Physician since they are basing their wellness on their own righteousness and not another.

It is in this context that Jesus gives all three parables in order to make two points. The first point is more obvious and is simply what I stated before, Jesus comes to find that which is lost. It is easy to see the helplessness of the sheep that is lost. The sheep probably is not aware of his own danger until the Shepherd comes, puts the sheep on His shoulders, and carries him back to safety. This is how we are when it comes to being saved. The Shepherd finds us. He rescues us. He doesn’t sit down with us and tell us what we must do in order to get cleaned up, and make ourselves un-lost. He gives us no conditions whatsoever. He just picks us up and rescues us. We are the passive recipients of the salvation He gives to us.

What is not clear is that this is the exact same way salvation comes to the prodigal son. We tend to think that he is making his own decisions about returning to the Father and that he realizes life is better with the Father. But it must be pointed out that when he returns, he is doing so under the pretext of his own conditions. The prodigal son is still seeking the good life and a life away from the trappings of the Father. What he wants it to come back to the Father with terms that will allow him to work, and then go home at the end of the day so he can live life the way he pleases.

Out of His grace and mercy, the Father will have none of it. He grabs the boys, hugs and kisses him, and puts the best robe on him. He brings him back into the household with all the rights and privileges that are found in a home of royalty. The Father will not let him be a servant or a second-class citizen. The prodigal is ushered back into the community on the Father’s conditions, not his own.

The same is true for our salvation. When we are saved, we are not saved on our conditions at all. God doesn’t allow us to remain in our own self-righteousness but rescues out of our demands and gives us so much more. Had the prodigal gotten what he wanted, he would have just been a servant. But the Father poured out His blessing on his son. The same is true for us. When we are redeemed, more than likely, we don’t get what we want. But we do get so much more.

In the process we do die to our self-righteousness. When God’s grace comes pouring out, no longer do we have a right to say what we have done in order to be saved. He saved us completely from the first to the last. All we did was receive the blessing from Him. To boast of anything, before or after our salvation is to boast in our own self-righteousness. If you can learn anything from Luke 15 and following, it is that Christ will have none of it. There is no room for the self-righteous at the cross or in His Kingdom.

The prodigal learned this lesson and we must learn it as well.

Therefore, who are you? Self-righteous son number one or two? Or are you the sheep? Stinky as the sheep is, I’m grateful He didn’t let that get in the way when He rescued me and put me up on His shoulders. Here I sit, I can do no other.

Coexist? Update

I just wanted to make sure I voiced my opposition to all the liberals who display the ridiculous “Coexist” bumper stickers. They are not giving this bumper sticker enough thought, for as long as one religion is oppressing the others, as does Islam, then this will never be a reality.

UPDATE: Since posting this back in November I’ve started watching for the bumper sticker just to see the type of people who put on their cars. In the last week, I’ve seen the sticker twice. Once on a car driven by a guy that looked like a 1960s hold over with a job, otherwise known as a college professor. The other was on the car of a young woman. I took it that she likes the idea, but is clueless as to why it will not work. I didn’t get a chance to speak with either party, so my statements are based on my observations, which are limited at best.

How would one go about speaking to such people given the chance? What would you say?

The Holy Spirit and Crisis

One of the misconceptions that I had for years is thinking that for someone to come to know Christ in their adulthood there needed to be a crisis for that to happen. I believed this because it is true in my own testimony in coming to know Christ. My little world was coming to an end, and at that moment, the Holy Spirit began to move in my life, showing me my need for Christ. The crisis centered upon my failing journalism career and a failing relationship with a woman I dated in college. God used those events to help me see my need for Christ and I’m grateful.

But God does not always have to wait for a crisis to occur to reach someone for Christ. It is true that it seems as though He moves most often when there is a crisis, but to say that this happens is placing a restriction upon God. Listen to John’s words about the Holy Spirit:

John 3:8 “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

This means that the Holy Spirit moves when and where He pleases. He does not move at our beck and call. Remember, He is God just as much as the Father and Son are. So we do not dictate to Him, but are to humbly beseech Him, just as we do with the Father and the Son.

The point I am trying to make is that for the Spirit to move, it doesn’t take a crisis. He may use a crisis, but He also moves in the lives of those who are not in a crisis as well. I have heard it said that for some, grace floods into our lives like a deluge of water during a rain storm. In others, He moves in like the dew, gently and over time. But to say that one way or the other is not possible is putting limits on the Spirit. We do not get to dictate how He moves. That is not our place. Our place is to ask that He DOES move in a way that brings the Father and Son the most glory. If that movement takes place during a crisis or over time that is His business, not ours. Our hope and prayer is that He moves in our lives and the lives of others as well.

Good Preachers Don’t Flatter

Judy T sent this to me earlier in the week, and I have to agree. It’s not the job of a preacher to flatter those in the congregation or stroke their egos. He is to preach for One, and One only, that is His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Not that we do not preach for those in the congregation, but we do not let them influence us in regards to preaching the text. I know some of my hardest sermons to preach, have been those that the world would have rejected outright, because when we preach the gospel faithfully, it truly is offensive.

Why is that?

Because the gospel says there is absolutely nothing we can do to earn any favor with God. If we are Christians, it is because He has chosen us, not because we have chosen Him. We are saved and redeemed because of His actions, not because of anything in us. This flies in the face of our fallen nature. We want to somehow add to our salvation. But to do so is to risk becoming self-righteous.

This message has fallen on hard times in our day. If you don’t believe me, just spend some time in a Christian bookstore. You will find book after book that look more like secular self-help books than books on the true gospel of Christ. Or the other motif, books about the “overcoming” Christian, as if the central message of the gospel was to help us “overcome.” We do not overcome our sin and suffering. That is not the message of the gospel. The message of the gospel is that our sin and suffering were so bad that One who was perfect had to die on the cross in order to save us from it. If there is any overcoming in the gospel, it is that He did so by dying for us. He didn’t die so that we could then become “empowered” or “self actuated” to be better people. He died because we are not better people. Good preachers preach this truth. No, it’s not flattering. But it is much better than that. When a pastor preaches the truth of the gospel, sometimes God uses it to redeem sinners to Himself. Sometimes He uses it to feed His sheep. And He always uses it for His glory.

Here is what Pastor Ryle writes and is found at JC Ryle Quotes:

Preachers: Don’t Flatter, Speak Truth

28 Feb

Well would it be for the Church of Christ, if it possessed more plain-speaking ministers, like John the Baptist, in these latter days. A morbid dislike to strong language an excessive fear of giving offence, a constant flinching from directness and plain speaking are, unhappily, too much the characteristics of the modern Christian pulpit. Uncharitable language is no doubt always to be deprecated. But there is no charity in flattering unconverted people, by abstaining from any mention of their vices, or in applying smooth epithets to damnable sins. There are two texts which are too much forgotten by Christian preachers. In one it is written, “Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you.” (Luke 6:26) In the other it is written, “Obviously, I’m not trying to be a people pleaser! No, I am trying to please God. If I were still trying to please people, I would not be Christ’s servant.” (Gal. 1:10)

~ J.C. Ryle

The Words Are Not There…

I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to blog on anything lately. I have tried several times lately and just can’t seem to post on anything in a coherent or way that would be helpful…

So with that, blogging will resume at later date… If you want to hear what I have to say, click on the following link and listen to my sermon from last Sunday. I say more of importance there, then I could here for now. Click here.

Also, I posted the above picture of a light show we put together the other night… using my camera and long exposures.

What Is Dispensationalism?

For the sake of Mark, and others who may not know, I thought I would explain this system of doctrine that cropped in in the early 1800s and has plagued the church ever since. Please realize that if you are a dispensationalist, this doesn’t mean you have some sort of disease, or that you are not a Christian. I do recognize the Christians who hold to this view are Christians. I just believe that their system of doctrine if fouled and based upon some false premises.

One of the primary traits of Dispensationalism is that concept that God worked through different dispensations, or governed His people, in different ways at different times. For instance, the typical Dispy view is that God dealt with Adam and Eve in one way, with Noah and his family in another, with Abraham and his descendants in another way, and is finally dealing with the church in an entirely different way.

Those of us who are opposed to this view, do admit that there does seem to be validity in that fact that God was dealing with His people in different ways, but we disagree about the ways that Dispy’s define these periods. For instance, Reformed thinkers would readily admit that the requirements given to Adam and Eve are different. He gave Adam a command by which he was not to eat of tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This was what we believe to be called a covenant of works. For it was by works that Adam would have entered into eternal bliss with God had he kept the command.

The moment that he ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thereby breaking God’s holy command, death entered into the world and God had a right to put Adam to death from sinning against God. But God did not. He showed grace to Adam and Eve, thereby bringing in the covenant of grace. The covenant of grace has different aspects to it, which we see throughout history. For instance, God does institute a covenant with Noah before and after the flood. Then another covenant with Abraham. Also David and we are given aspects of the new covenant in Jeremiah 31, which is fulfilled in its completeness through Jesus Christ. We are actually given signs of the New Covenant, both baptism and the Lord’s Supper are sacraments of the New Covenant.

But all these covenants fall under the initial covenant of grace because these covenants are entered into by God’s grace, through faith. We are not performing works in order to become participants of these covenant, merely faith in the promises of God. It doesn’t matter which period someone lived in, we all enter into the benefits of the covenants by faith alone.

The primary difference between historic theology and Dispensationalism is the view of Israel and the church. D’s believe that Israel is always made up of only those who naturally descend from Abraham. God did promise to bless Abraham through his offspring. He worked with the descendants of Abraham throughout history and brought for His Son through the line of David.

Yet, even though God did work through the line of David and Abraham descendants, we disagree avidly about those who are called Jews today. The question really is: Who is true Israel? Those of us in Reformed circles believe that true Israel are those who have true faith in Christ, no matter which period of time they lived. In the Old Testament, their faith was in the promises of God, including those that pointed to the Messiah. In the New Testament those who are believers in Christ are the only true children of Abraham. In other words, genetics means nothing (Galatians 3).

Now, will God show grace to those who are genetically descended from Abraham? Yes, He always has. There have always been those who are Jewish by birth come to know Christ in every time period. They are true Israel as well. But being true Israel is not dependent upon genetics, but faith and faith alone.

One reason we feel this way is that the dichotomy given in Genesis 3:15 between the Seed of the Woman, and the seed of the serpent, was given long before Abraham walked the earth. There are only two people groups in the world: those who believe in Christ and are saved, becoming the seed of the woman after the true Seed, and those who reject Christ, who are the seed of the serpent. We all begin in the same sad situation at our birth. We are all non-believers. It is only by God’s grace that we are saved, becoming a new creation in Christ.

In Dispensationalism, instead of being two people groups, there are three: Jews, Christians and everyone else. Can you see the problem here? Not all Dispy’s believe this, but there are those who believe that faithful practicing Jews will be saved just as much as a Christian because of their view of these Jews. In fact, when one of them actually trusts in Christ, these Jews are elevated to almost popish status among certain Dispy camps. It’s like the wall that was destroyed separating Jews and Gentiles in the Temple is erected all over again by these Dispys. The very wall that Jesus came to destroy is put back into place making up two different groups of people inside the church, instead of the One new man that Paul tells us about in the book of Ephesians.

This is just a start of the differences there are between those who hold to Reformed Theology and Dispensationalism. I hope that it helps you see some of the problems. The other aspect that will need to be dealt with is the idolatrous view that Dispys have of the Rapture and end times theology.

One last note: I’m not trying to anger anyone who holds to this view. Again, I am not saying you are not a Christian. What I’m saying is that the theology known as Dispensationalism is misguided. It is also relatively new in the world of theology. One thing I hope you can understand when it comes to true Christian theology, if it has the word “new” in it, then there is something wrong with that. One of the founders of this position openly admitted that these views were “new wine” and went so far as to say that those who did not hold to these views were not true believers.