Something About 100!

In golf, it’s shooting below 100.

In bowling, it’s shooting above 100.

I can do neither… and my son did just fine!

I took the family bowling yesterday. They local bowling alley offers free bowling with shoe rental, so we took advantage of it. Our shoe rental ended up costing only 50 cents more than one game per person. Needless to say, we were all over that one.

What surprised me was how horrible I have become at the game. I use to own my own ball. I use to be in a league. I use to be in shape. I use to be able to bowl a decent game. By decent, I mean in the 100s. I have even bowled two games above 200. Both of those games came in college when I was at A&M. I bowled a 214 on a date night, and 268 when a friend and I just went for the fun of it. Yes, the 268 was real. It was one of those nights where we were drinking, ahem, adult beverages which were served by the bowling alley, and the more I drank my pitcher of beer (he didn’t drink), the better I got. That really angered my buddy. I just relaxed, laughed and had a great time.

But I can’t do that any more. I was struggling to keep up with Andy AND Joey. Both got off to an early lead and Joey led into the 3rd frame. He tired of the game by the sixth frame and Andy took the lead. Andy finished out the game with 101. I needed 16 pins to catch him. I got the spare I needed. All that was left, was a decent shot down the middle to pick up 6 pins for the tie, and more for the win. Did I do that? Of course not. Barely picked up 3 pins and finished with a 98. Since Joey quit playing, that means I came in dead last. Yes, my bowling glory days (should I use the plural there?) are all behind me now. But if I work on Andy, maybe someday he will be ensconced in the Bowling Hall of Fame in St. Louis Missouri.

But probably not.

By the way, Andy has really delighted in the fact that he won. We are trying to teach him to be a gracious winner. But it’s more than his 6-year-old ego can handle, which is really putting a head-lock on my 49-year-old ego. O how our Lord humbles us! Even in bowling, He keeps me humble through the talents of a six year old.

Just one last note, lest you think Andy is a natural, he had the gutter bumpers up when he bowled. Apparently, the lanes are so advanced that they come up for little children, and go down for aging fathers. What is up with that?

Andy, manhandling his ball up to the line. He played smart. On his first shot, he would use the lighter ball for accuracy. On his second shot, he would use the heavier ball for more effect. Notice the form below.

Maybe I should take some lessons.

Celebrating his shot!

Joey liked the pink ball. I think it’s his favorite color, except when red and blue are his favorite color.

One final note, when we put Joey down for bed, he really started crying big ol’ tears. It took us a minute to figure out what he was saying. We finally realized that he thought he left his new shoes, the bowling shoes, at the bowling alley and was saying we had to go back and get them. He was so proud of his shoes we would put him on his feet. We realized that was because it’s been quite sometime since he had a new pair of shoes. All his shoes are hand-me downs. We’re hoping to remedy that soon.


5 thoughts on “Something About 100!

  1. HA! I also used to have my own “personalized” ball. I also used to bowl in a league. I also bowled some over 200 games(3 – 201, 211, 221). I never broke 100 in golf. I don’t do either anymore. I barely have time to play Tiger Woods Golf 2008 on my PC a couple of times a week.


  2. Yeah, Andy!!!!!! You have a good form for bowling. I am excited that you beat your Dad and Mom. Wow!!

    I hope Joey gets some new shoes- his birthday is coming up before too long. Bless his heart.

    I have got to see this bowling alley. I don’t even know what you mean about the things going up and down. Maybe when you are older, they stay up in case you fall down with the ball so you will not break every bone in your body!!!


  3. I love Andy’s form. I love the comment on Joey and the hand me down shoes, thus our boys !
    On another note…As part of my minor at BU, I had to instruct a bowling class.
    So, here’s your book(lesson) teach this text week. I did, the class survived. And, I made a memory while in college ๐Ÿ™‚

    Timothy, write a book, dear, about your boys. This is too cute.
    Posts are great, too…


  4. Hi Mary,
    Yes, we felt so bad about the shoes that we took him and bought a new pair of shoes for him. He loves them, and thinks they are bowling shoes. Now he wants to go bowling again, even though he didn’t finish the first game. ๐Ÿ™‚


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