Oscars a Bomb!

Good thing I didn’t waste my time watching them. Here is just a brief summary from Foxnews.

The Orlando Sentinel said that the show was a “disaster.” USA Today said the “pleasure diminished” as the night progressed. Moviefone.com commented that the whole thing was “boring” and “produced horribly.” CBS referred to numerous skits by rookie hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco as “uninspiring.” And The Hollywood Reporter noted that the hosting duet was “spectacularly bad” – particularly James Franco.

Other than that… the important stuff to know:
Colin Firth and Natalie Portman scooped the pool for Best Actor and Actress, Christian Bale and Melissa Leo took home the naked statue for Best Supporting Actor and Actress, and “The King’s Speech” won Best Picture.

This is why you don’t need to spend time watching them. In two minutes, I’ve written all you need to know, and you probably read this in less time than that. Now, back to things that are important in life!

Allen West Confronts Islam Head On

I found this an Neil’s site, and love it. Congressman Allen West was confronted by Nezar Hamze, the South Florida Chapter’s Executive Director of CAIR, in which Hamze said that West was taking Islamic principles out of context. You know the typical blather Islamists put forth: Islam is a religion of peace. West doesn’t put up with it. He turns the conversation around and shows how Islam has been so peaceful through the ages with their constant attacks on Christianity and the west, beginning long before the Crusades. Watch it. It will get your blood going.

West reminds me of Winston Churchill. Maybe we can get him to run for president in 2012 to set the record straight.

Federal Judge Proven to Be Wrong

Remember the federal judge that ruled the water to California’s Central Valley needed to be shut off in order to save a fish? Turns out, shutting off the water hasn’t done one thing to save the fish. The plan, which put farmers out of business and caused the most fertile valley in America to become poverty central, hasn’t worked at all.

Here is the following from Investor’s Business Daily:

The green lobby assured everyone it knew what it was doing when it got a judge to cut water to Central Valley farmers to save the delta smelt. But while the Valley economy is now ruined, it hasn’t helped the smelt.

Some day, environmental radicals will be held accountable for crimes against the ecosystem — the human ecosystem.

Back in 2007, they convinced federal Judge Oliver Wanger to rule that the Endangered Species Act gave the federal government the right to cut water to thousands of farmers in California’s Central Valley to protect a 3-inch baitfish called the delta smelt.

That ruling turned many of the Valley’s prized vineyards and almond groves into wastelands. Jobs were lost, family farms were shut, fields went fallow and food prices rose.

But there’s been just one problem with this overreaching of the law: Cutting off water didn’t save the smelt.

A draft of a new study from the Delta Stewardship Council shows the water cutoffs had no effect on the smelt. The smelt remains endangered even as farmers have been punished with a policy that cut off as much as 90% of their water.

How about that. Common sense was scuttled to save a fish at the expense of jobs, farms and families, and the great plan by environmentalist isn’t working. But as Rush Limbaugh always points out, we shouldn’t question the results of such plans, because the environmentalists “had good intentions.” The report goes on:

Similar evidence is now coming out from the Pacific Northwest stating that shutting down the logging industry never did save the spotted owl.

In both cases, the science was highly speculative and new predatory species seem to be more likely causes. But that never stopped cocky environmentalists from saying they had all the answers — and all the power.

“Our farmers went through two years of supply cuts to have . .. better information and science, ” said Steve Wade, executive director of the California Farm Water Coalition, commenting on the report.

Wade noted that the water shut-off has been particularly hard on family farms, many of which have gone under as a result of the policies. He said their farms have been bought out by big agribusinesses, ironic given environmentalists’ hatred of that.

This really saddens me. Can we please tell the environmentalist wackos to sit down and shut up? How many times do we have to listen to them to find out how wrong they are when it comes to their science. It’s never based on good science, just speculative science. Science used for the purposes of turning the land back into it’s natural habitat.

The problem with this is that God never intended for us to leave the land in its natural habitat. Again, I’m not saying we go in and rape the land. But we are to fill it and cultivate it, and improve it and care for it. Leaving it alone, when there is a need for it, goes against God’s creation mandate, which is to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth. The mandate by God still stands. Those in the environmental movement stand against this mandate, stating that the world is already over-populated and “out” of resources. What these people bank upon is our ignorance. The general population is ignorant to the true size of the earth, and the abundance of minerals and land we have. I wish I still had it, but there was a study done several years ago that showed that all the land in the United States that had people living on it was only 5 percent. That number drops dramatically if you add Alaska into the equation. We have plenty of land, plenty of oil, plenty of water, plenty of every thing we need. What we lack is the will to stand up to the environmentalist, the modern-day “end-of-the-world” preacher. Instead of preaching that the end is near, because Christ will return, they preach the end is near, because they say so. Sad.

Something About 100!

In golf, it’s shooting below 100.

In bowling, it’s shooting above 100.

I can do neither… and my son did just fine!

I took the family bowling yesterday. They local bowling alley offers free bowling with shoe rental, so we took advantage of it. Our shoe rental ended up costing only 50 cents more than one game per person. Needless to say, we were all over that one.

What surprised me was how horrible I have become at the game. I use to own my own ball. I use to be in a league. I use to be in shape. I use to be able to bowl a decent game. By decent, I mean in the 100s. I have even bowled two games above 200. Both of those games came in college when I was at A&M. I bowled a 214 on a date night, and 268 when a friend and I just went for the fun of it. Yes, the 268 was real. It was one of those nights where we were drinking, ahem, adult beverages which were served by the bowling alley, and the more I drank my pitcher of beer (he didn’t drink), the better I got. That really angered my buddy. I just relaxed, laughed and had a great time.

But I can’t do that any more. I was struggling to keep up with Andy AND Joey. Both got off to an early lead and Joey led into the 3rd frame. He tired of the game by the sixth frame and Andy took the lead. Andy finished out the game with 101. I needed 16 pins to catch him. I got the spare I needed. All that was left, was a decent shot down the middle to pick up 6 pins for the tie, and more for the win. Did I do that? Of course not. Barely picked up 3 pins and finished with a 98. Since Joey quit playing, that means I came in dead last. Yes, my bowling glory days (should I use the plural there?) are all behind me now. But if I work on Andy, maybe someday he will be ensconced in the Bowling Hall of Fame in St. Louis Missouri.

But probably not.

By the way, Andy has really delighted in the fact that he won. We are trying to teach him to be a gracious winner. But it’s more than his 6-year-old ego can handle, which is really putting a head-lock on my 49-year-old ego. O how our Lord humbles us! Even in bowling, He keeps me humble through the talents of a six year old.

Just one last note, lest you think Andy is a natural, he had the gutter bumpers up when he bowled. Apparently, the lanes are so advanced that they come up for little children, and go down for aging fathers. What is up with that?

Andy, manhandling his ball up to the line. He played smart. On his first shot, he would use the lighter ball for accuracy. On his second shot, he would use the heavier ball for more effect. Notice the form below.

Maybe I should take some lessons.

Celebrating his shot!

Joey liked the pink ball. I think it’s his favorite color, except when red and blue are his favorite color.

One final note, when we put Joey down for bed, he really started crying big ol’ tears. It took us a minute to figure out what he was saying. We finally realized that he thought he left his new shoes, the bowling shoes, at the bowling alley and was saying we had to go back and get them. He was so proud of his shoes we would put him on his feet. We realized that was because it’s been quite sometime since he had a new pair of shoes. All his shoes are hand-me downs. We’re hoping to remedy that soon.

Pictures of the Sun

And small reminder that it is sun spots that have more to do with the planet warming that it is something that is man-made. See the story here, where they allude to this fact.

This picture captures the ultraviolet light of the sun.

The above shows a solar flair.

For more pictures like these, visit space.com

I’m Too Political

This is what they are saying. Who is “they?” Members of the search committee of the latest church to reject my resume. Well, they are not rejecting my resume, they are rejecting me. I hate rejection. I guess we all do on a certain level, but for some reason it seems to cut me more than others. At least from my pathetic point of view.

This is truly one of those times when I need to Trust in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness. Delight yourself also in the LORD, and he shall give you the desires of your heart.

I do know also that He will change the desires of my heart in the process. I’m ready for that. His will be done, not mine. I’m at that point where it will be nice to punt all my dreams and let my heart be filled with His will and delight. Make is so, O LORD, make it so.

By the way, the above is Psalm 37:3-4. I’m preaching from Psalm 37 this morning. I will post a link to the sermon later this week. If you read this on Sunday, pray for me, specifically that the LORD would bear fruit through me.

February Snow Scenes

Hearbeat Bill

I love what the Ohio Legislature will be considering under a bill proposed by State Rep. Lynn Watchmann. His bill seeks to ban abortions the moment a heartbeat is detectable. This is absolutely wonderful, especially given the fact that a heartbeat can be detected at 18 days after conception. This means that before most women know they are pregnant, abortion would not be an option for birth control.

State Rep. Lynn Wachtmann is planning to unveil the “Heartbeat Bill” and a legislative aide for the Republican tells Fox News that 42 of the 99 representatives in the Ohio state House have signed on to the bill, which would make an exception to the heartbeat rule only in emergency medical situations.

According to 2009 data from the Ohio Department of Health, 56.6 percent of abortions in that state occur in the first nine weeks of pregnancy. And since the fetal heartbeat appears on monitors by six weeks into gestation in most cases, supporters of the bill believe that it could prevent thousands of abortions.

“When the Heartbeat Bill passes, it will be the most protective law in the nation,” Janet Folger Porter, president of conservative advocacy group Faith2Action, said in a release. Porter helped craft the bill, and was also instrumental in passing the nation’s first ban in partial-birth abortion when she was legislative director of Ohio Right to Life.

While the legislation must still be proposed in the state Senate and a court challenge could derail the plan, advocates for the bill hope that if the Ohio measure is successful, other states will follow suit with similar laws. A website created to tout the bill urges supporters to send heart-shaped balloons to the governor and state representatives by Valentine’s Day. A music video on the site features babies dancing to the tune of Nena’s “99 Red Balloons” — retooled with pro-life lyrics.

I love the fact that the group has borrowed Nena’s tune for their pro-life measures. That has to anger the libs behind the original song. Kind of a sweet irony when you think about it.

Please remember that I don’t argue for this bill based on science, but on the truth of God’s word. Children are fashioned in the image of God in the womb’s of their mothers, and therefore, are valuable in God’s site and should be in ours as well. Every image bearer has value.

Do Not Fret Because of Evildoers… Trust in the Lord and Do Good.

I listened to this sermon by Jeff Arthur of Elizabeth Baptist Church in Bancroft, West Virginia on Saturday morning and I was really blessed by it. He is preaching from Psalm 37 and reminds us of the need to not fret, but trust in the Lord.

It’s interesting that fretting is really a problem for many believers because of the wrong that evil doers do to us. We tend to play the event over and over in our minds, thinking about how much wrong has been done to us. Yet, the Lord tells us not to fret over these things. We are to put them aside and press on, trusting in Him. If we don’t, as Pastor Jeff points out, we will fall into the trap of being a fool. Proverbs 29:11 A fool vents all his feelings, but a wise man holds them back.

I remember in seminary there were those who were into saying what came to their minds no matter how wretched, saying “I’m just being real.” Funny how even Proverbs declares that we should die to ourselves and being “real.”

Anyway, listen to the sermon. I think you will be blessed. Pastor Jeff has a wonderful way of saying things and reminds me of what Larry the Cable Guy would sound like if he were saved and cleaned up a bit. I don’t mean to demean Pastor Jeff in anyway. He just has a real pleasant country accent and demeanor about him. Here is the link:


May you be blessed on this Lord’s Day.