Paul Washer on Carnal Churches with Carnal Pastors

Worth every second of its three minutes and 15 second length.


5 thoughts on “Paul Washer on Carnal Churches with Carnal Pastors

  1. Watched it and was very convicted. Tim watched it also.
    We’re moving forward. Please continue praying for us.
    I hope the boys are getting better.
    I pray you nor Elisa get it, tell her hello.
    Blessings, Julie


  2. Hi Julie,
    We will pray for you and Tim. It is better to stand for the truth, and take the abuse than to do nothing. May HE keep His hands and Spirit on you and in you as you seek His will in all this. God has given you a wonderful opportunity to be His witnesses. Walk by faith in all of it.

    BTW, Washer convicts me as well. There are times that I want to give in and use carnal means to attract larger crowds, but alas… He doesn’t let me.


  3. Without the Eucharist, we will always be hungry for more. “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you do not have life in you.” John Chapter 6


  4. Paige,
    Can you please share with us what you mean by that?

    In Reformed camps we understand that we are being fed spiritually by the sacrament of communion when taken by faith, just as we are by the preaching of the word and prayer. Those are God’s means of grace to us, to feed us spiritually.

    Is that what you mean by your statement?


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