Witnessing to Dispensationalist

Kenneth Gentry has a wonderful piece on how to witness to dispensationalist. He bases it on proper witnessing techniques he learned in Bible college while here in Tennessee. Not sure which college it was, but given the wonderful tips this college offered up, I’m sure that all their graduates go on to witness and lead more people to Christ than the average Billy Graham crusade.

Here are a few of the witnessing tips Gentry learned in college:

When I was a student at a dispensationalist college in Tennessee, the faculty continually emphasized that proper methods are essential for successfully witnessing to unbelievers. Because of their commitment to methodology, in the view of the administration and faculty the most important early church father was evangelist Charles G. Finney. (They noted that he was not real, real early, but that he was certainly earlier than any of the faculty — most of whom were fathers.) Finney’s important contribution to evangelism lies in the fact that he invented the “anxious bench” that was so vital for helping the sinner to convert himself.

Super church pastor Jack Hills spoke frequently in our chapel services. He emphasized how very important it was for soul-winners to use mouthwash, so as not to turn off the unbeliever who opens the door when you come knocking. He pointed out that it would be a tragedy if on Judgment Day some poor sinner was denied entry into heaven because you ate cabbage-wrapped bockwurst the day he met you. Because there were so many eager students gathered on one campus, many debates broke out regarding the best brand of mouth wash to use. This was never fully resolved in that the school year lasted only nine months.
We also learned from John R. Oats the importance of using a piano rather than an organ in evangelistic services. He pointed out that the slow building crescendo of a note on an organ was not as effective as the staccato, piercing sound of the piano. He emphasized how urgency was better promoted by a piano than an organ.(Dr. Oats even pointed out exegetically that no verse in all of the Bible mentions the electric organ.)
Tragically some students went out immediately and started smashing organs as “instruments of the devil.” One was even electrocuted because he used an iron crowbar that conducted electricity when it penetrated the electronic components within the organ. Needless to say, at his funeral we heard only the piano as we were all urged to come forward. Many of the students were born-again once again as they crowded the church aisles. And this was all because of this well-orchestrated funeral service. This student truly laid down his life for his friends.

Go read his post on actually witnessing to dispensationalists. It’s quite funny.

Also, for those of you who do not realize, this kind of debate on my blog is labeled an “in-house” debate, in that it is a debate with other Christians. We are discussing theological points, not things like the existence of God. When it comes to debates with non-Christians, atheists, JW’s, Mormons, Islamofascists, etc., those will be labeled as “out-house” debates. This means that they are debates focused on people outside of the house of God, and… these debates tend to get rather stinky. With in-house debates, we can always pray with one another at the end of the day. Out-house debates fail in this regard because we cannot agree on who it is we are praying to.


Dangerous Prayer

To pray as we should before God really is dangerous. Not that we would say something to bring down His wrath upon us. If we are in Christ, His loving hand is upon us and those who belong to Him and His wrath shall never meet. He may discipline us, but that is far different from His wrath.

To pray as we should, with open hearts and open hands really is dangerous in the sense that more often than not, God doesn’t give us what we want, but what will bring Him the most glory. Now, I know this goes against the contemporary teachings of the “name-it-and-claim-it” crowd. (When have I ever written anything that would agree with that crowd?) The point is that when we pray, our prayers should be focused on God’s glory, not our comfort or well being.

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My Portion Forever

21 Thus my heart was grieved,
And I was vexed in my mind.
22 I was so foolish and ignorant;
I was like a beast before You.
23 Nevertheless I am continually with You;
You hold me by my right hand.
24 You will guide me with Your counsel,
And afterward receive me to glory.

25 Whom have I in heaven but You?
And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You.
26 My flesh and my heart fail;
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

What more needs to be said?


10 Ways to Know Someone is Leaving the Church

I found this at ChurchLeaders.com. Brian Dodd is the author if this list.

  1. A decrease or complete loss in financial support. The last thing that comes is a person’s money.  The first thing that goes is a person’s money.
  2. The wife’s body language. If you want to know if a man is happy, always look at his wife.
  3. Tardiness to responsibilities. This indicates a loss of passion.
  4. Minor items cause major frustrations. This indicates a lack of patience with the ministry.
  5. Complaining. This indicates broad-based frustration with the ministry.
  6. Excitement over another church’s vision. People naturally navigate towards a brighter tomorrow.
  7. Divorce. When a divorce takes place, one individual will often leave the church. Sadly, the other person finds it difficult to fit in with their “married friends” and often leaves to start over at a different congregation. Having the children firmly planted into the church is the key to retaining this relationship.
  8. Resignation of a volunteer position. This is the beginning of removing responsibilities and attachments.
  9. No connection to a small group. If a person cannot connect relationally, they will leave the church.
  10. A Mega-church opens a satellite location in your community. This is funny…but true.

I’m not quite sure about the first one. I don’t believe the pastor should know how much anyone gives or doesn’t give. To do this, taints his view of those he ministers to.

There are probably some deeper problems to this list. It works well for a church that is run more along the lines of a business, instead of a living body. If that is true, then the body will be prone to losing people. I wonder what a list would look like that dealt with spiritual concerns.

Our New Birth in Christ is Soley the Work of the Holy Spirit

From A.W. Pink’s The Sovereignty of God, in the section on God’s sovereignty in salvation and the work of the Holy Spirit:

“The new birth is solely the work of God the Spirit and man has no part or lot in it. This from the very nature of the case. Birth altogether excludes the idea of any effort or work on the part of the one who is born. Personally we have no more to do with our spiritual birth than we had with our natural birth (something I’ve been saying for years). The new birth is a spiritual resurrection, a ‘passing from death unto life’ (John 5:24) and, clearly, resurrection is altogether outside of man’s province. No corpse can re-animate itself”

“Hence it is written, ‘It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing’ (John 6:63). But the Spirit does not ‘quicken’ everyone–why? The usual answer returned to this question is, Because everybody does not trust in Christ. It is supposed that the Holy Spirit quickens only those who believe. But this it to put the cart before the horse. Faith is not the cause of the new birth, but the consequence of it. This ought not to need arguing. Faith (in God) is an exotic, something that is not native to the human heart. If faith were a natural product of the human heart, the exercise of a principle common to human nature, it would never have been written, ‘all men have not faith’ (2 Thess. 3:2).”

“Faith is a spiritual grace, the fruit of the spiritual nature, and because the unregenerate are spiritually dead — ‘dead in trespasses and sins’ — then it follows that faith from them is impossible, for a dead man cannot believe anything. ‘So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God’ (Romans 8:8)– but they could if it were possible for the flesh to believe. Compare with the last-quoted scripture Hebrews 11:6 ‘But without faith it is impossible to please Him.’ Can God be ‘pleased’ or satisfied with any thing which does not have its origin in Himself?”

The answer to that last question is “no.” Those of us who believe in Christ, do so because the Holy Spirit has converted our hearts of stone and turned them to hearts of flesh, SO THAT we can and do believe in Jesus Christ for salvation. I know many will say, “yes, but I have faith and I’m not a Christian.” That is fine. You do have faith in a lot of things. When you drive over a bridge, you are exhibiting faith in the engineers and builders of that bridge as well as the inspection team that inspects it every year. You would be foolish not to drive over it if you didn’t have faith in their work.

But this is not “saving” faith. Saving faith is something all together different from normal, day to day faith. Saving faith is a work of God’s grace in us by the Holy Spirit. He works in us to help us see our sinfulness and need of a savior, then brings us to Christ alone for salvation, giving us the faith we need to believe and trust in the person and work of Jesus on our behalf. This is why men do not move mountains simply by telling the mountain to move. Remember what Jesus said, “for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”

The reason it is impossible for us, is because we don’t have the faith of a mustard seed. Allow me to say that again, we do not have the faith of a mustard seed. By nature, mankind is carnal. We operate on site, feelings, touch, smell, emotion… all the things of the flesh, but not by true and living faith. We need saving faith worked in us, and this is what the Holy Spirit does.

Some might ask: “Then why does Jesus tell us to believe if we do not have the capability to do so?” He tells us because this is what is required for salvation. Just because we have the responsibility to do something does not mean we have the capability to do it. Therefore, when faith if finally worked in us by the Holy Spirit, we respond in pure joy because we realize the depth of our own depravity on the one hand, and the richness of God’s amazing grace on the other. We see that God has redeemed us and that our salvation, every ounce of it, is a blessing from Him to us. In view of this, God gets all the glory alone for redeeming us.

Now, for some of you this may irritate the living day lights out of you. But it shouldn’t. In fact, if you are irritated by that, then you need to question your salvation. If the focus of your salvation is you and your glory, then I cannot give you any assurance of salvation whatsoever because your focus is you, and not God and His glory. The true believer doesn’t complain about the terms of salvation given to him by a loving God. We accept those terms and rejoice that Go, somehow, has been glorified through us.

This is a great point of humility, not pride. It is based in humility because the true believer understands without doubt his place in the grand scheme of things without God’s grace. Without God’s grace, we deserve hell. In fact, I contend that most people do not truly believe in hell and realize it’s reality until we have been saved. The natural man cannot accept this fact. It’s too horrendous to think about, especially in light of the fact that we all deserve the rewards of hell.

I remember when I was was rescued by God’s grace back in 1990, the reality of hell really hit home. I was overwhelmed with the reality of hell. Hell wasn’t just some mythical place that people talked about in order to encourage us to do good, but a true place created by God for the devil and his angels (Matt. 25:41). It was a real place and I deserved it completely and fully for my sin.

But what overwhelmed me even more than the reality of hell was the reality of Jesus. He was real. He truly lived. He really died on the cross on my behalf. He truly did love me and all those the Holy Spirit brings to Him by the Father’s decree of election. All those years of drifting between one useless philosophy of God and another, had come to an end. I was no longer asking the question: “Is there and God, and if so, which One?”

The Holy Spirit took care of that in one moment in November 1990. He confirmed to me the realities of God’s word, truth, love and His Son’s sacrifice and I believed and still believe every ounce of it. By His grace, the Spirit confirmed and applied the truth of the gospel to me and I was His. It wasn’t because I worked up faith in my own way, or that I was smarter, better looking, taller, had bigger feet than anyone in my family. It was by His eternal decree that He showed me grace and redeemed me.

If you have trusted in Him, the same is true for you. The only glory in our salvation goes to God and Him alone. This is why I believe in heaven, when we gather around His throne, we will cast our crowns at His feet. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit get all the glory. Those of us who are recipients of His grace, gladly let Him have it as well. Bless Him for sharing it with us, and giving us grace upon grace.

The 11 Rules of Marriage

I found these rules at Familylife.com, and thought I would pass them on to you. They are Dennis Rainey’s answer to the 11 rules of life that are so often attributed to Bill Gates. These are much better and he uses that term that is so popular today, to “man up.” Which is odd, because the only reason this term is needed is because of the wimpification and feminization of men by the women’s movement. What would be the alternative for women? “Women down!” Probably not.

Here is Dennis Rainey’s list:

Rule 1: Marriage isn’t about your happiness.  It’s not about you getting all your needs met through another person.  Practicing self-denial and self-sacrifice, patience, understanding, and forgiveness are the fundamentals of a great marriage.  If you want to be the center of the universe, then there’s a much better chance of that happening if you stay single.

Rule 2: Getting married gives a man a chance to step up and finish growing up.  The best preparation for marriage for a single man is to man up now and keep on becoming the man God created him to be.

Rule 3: It’s okay to have one rookie season, but it’s not okay to repeat your rookie season.  You will make rookie mistakes in your first year of marriage; the key is that you don’t continue making those same mistakes in year five, year 10, or year 20 of your marriage.

Rule 4: It takes a real man to be satisfied with and love one woman for a lifetime.  And it takes a real woman to be content with and respect one man for a lifetime.

Rule 5: Love isn’t a feeling.  Love is commitment.  It’s time to replace the “D word”—divorce—with the “C word”—commitment.  Divorce may feel like a happy solution, but it results in long-term toxic baggage.  You can’t begin a marriage without commitment.  You can’t sustain one without it either.  A marriage that goes the distance is really hard work.  If you want something that is easy and has immediate gratification, then go shopping or play a video game.

Rule 6: Online relationships with old high school or college flames, emotional affairs, sexual affairs, and cohabiting are shallow and illegitimate substitutes for the real thing.  Emotional and sexual fidelity in marriage is the real thing.

Rule 7: Women spell romance R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P.  Men spell romance S-E-X.  If you want to speak romance to your spouse, become a student of your spouse, enroll in a lifelong “Romantic Language School,” and become fluent in your spouse’s language.

Rule 8: During courtship, opposites attract.  After marriage, opposites can repel each another.  You married your spouse because he/she is different.  Differences are God’s gift to you to create new capacities in your life.  Different isn’t wrong, it’s just different.

Rule 9: Pornography robs men of a real relationship with a real person and poisons real masculinity, replacing it with the toxic killers of shame, deceit, and isolation.  Pornography siphons off a man’s drive for intimacy with his wife.  Marriage is not for wimps.  Accept no substitutes.

Rule 10: As a home is built, it will reflect the builder.  Most couples fail to consult the Master Architect and His blueprints for building a home.  Instead a man and woman marry with two sets of blueprints (his and hers).  As they begin building, they discover that a home can’t be built from two very different sets of blueprints.

Rule 11: How you will be remembered has less to do with how much money you make or how much you accomplish and more with how you have loved and lived.

Also, I read somewhere that polls have shown that families that eat a normal meal together every day are much happier. The implication was that we should eat at least one meal together every day. But I wonder if eating a meal together every day isn’t the end product of families that are committed to one another. In other words, sitting down for a meal together is just a by product of those who are committed together through Christ. Just a thought.

BLOG NOTE: Sometime during the night this site crossed over the 20,000 hit mark. This is since April when I transferred my blog here.

The War Against Christians

Clifford May, over at Townhall.com, has come out and said what many of us already know: there is a war in Muslim countries against Christians. This isn’t a metaphor type of war, but a real one, where the Christians get thrown in jail, have their churches burned down, killed and lose their jobs. Part of Clifford’s point is that if the same thing were happening in the United States, the United Kingdom or South America to Muslims, the news would be doing non-stop stories. However, those on the left really don’t won’t to wake up to the reality that persecution is alive and well today for the Christian.

May writes:

Now here’s what you don’t need to imagine because it is all too real: In recent days, Christian churches have been bombed in Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria and the Philippines. In Indonesia a mob of 1,000 Muslims burned down two Christian churches because, according to one commentator, local Islamic authorities determined there were “too many faithful and too many prayers.” In Iran, scores of Christians have been arrested. In Pakistan, a Christian woman received the death penalty for the “crime” of insulting Islam; the governor of Punjab promised to pardon her – and was then assassinated for the “crime” of blasphemy.

I could provide dozens more examples of the persecution and, in many cases, “cleansing” of Christians in what we have come to call the Muslim world. If the situation were reversed, if such a war were being waged against Muslims, it would be the top story in every newspaper, the most urgent item at the U.N., the highest priority of all the big-league human rights groups.

What we have instead is denial. I cited some of the above examples on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Power and Politics” program last week. In response, Professor Janice Stein of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto insisted that these dots do not connect. The assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, she said, should be viewed as the consequence of Pakistan’s “terrible distribution of wealth.” Class conflict, not religious extremism, she added, is the correct explanation for the tragedy.

I noted that five hundred Pakistani religious scholars not only justified the killing of Taseer, they praised his killer’s “courage” and religious zeal, and said he had made Muslims proud around the world. They warned that anyone attending Taseer’s funeral, praying for him or expressing grief over his death would deserve the same fate he suffered.

The assailant who gunned down Taseer – Mumtaz Qadri, one of his own bodyguards – exalted afterward: “I have killed a blasphemer!” He did not say: “I have killed a member of the bourgeoisie!”

Professor Stein spoke, too, of the “conflict” between Muslims and Christians in Egypt as though both were equally to blame when, in fact, it is clearly Egypt’s ancient but diminishing Coptic community that is under siege with little means to defend itself, much less to wage a campaign of reciprocal oppression.

What is sad is that if the MSM doesn’t wake up, then they will end up losing their precious First Amendment rights. For some odd reason, those on the Left in our country seem to think the enemy of freedom is always the Christian, not Islam. Never mind the fact that it was a bunch of Christians that helped found this country with recognized freedoms given to all men from God (not the government). If Islam has its way, those in the press would be silenced and the freedom they so cherish would vanish. (Just imagine what Sharia Law will do to the Gay community and you get the idea).

Yes, there is a war against Christians. What we must realize is that Islam, the Liberal and the MSM are allies in that war. Not that this should cause us to fret. The Victor has already won the battle over His enemies and reigns supreme at the right hand of the Father. Only He can bring about a change in the enemy’s heart. That is what we should pray for, the conversion of the heathen, both Islamic and Liberal.

The Hour Has Come

My latest sermon, My Hour Has Come, has been uploaded at Sermon Audio. This sermon focuses on Jesus’ prayer in John 17:1-5, and the fact that Christ seeks for the Father and Himself to be glorified through the coming of His hour.

His hour refers to His death, resurrection. ascension and coronation. I also focus on God’s glory and some of what that means, along with tips on the way we should pray. You can download the sermon at this link.

Also, I refer to Paul Washer and his sermon, Worthless Prayer Meetings. You can listen to his sermon here.

BTW, in this sermon I mention the Glenn Beck in not a Christian. He is a Mormon. Because of this, Beck is predisposed to any form of religion that comes down the road. Beck is truly into New Age, which is not Christianity. This means that he is into looking into himself for power, etc. The Bible says the heart is wicked beyond cure, so why in the world we would look to ourselves for anything is beyond me. We need to look to Christ for who we are and who we shall be. If we want to bear lasting fruit for the Kingdom of God, we cannot be looking to our inner being.

For a better understanding on Yoga, and New Age theology, click here.

For a better understand about Beck, click here.

Timothy’s Round Up

On the National Debt

Pat Buchanan has an eye-opening article about the probability of the 112th Congress being successful (success being understood as overturning all of Obama’s legislation). It will be an uphill battle. While they may not be able to repeal Obamacare outright, they can defund the beast. The last paragraph from Pat Buchanan on the Deficits this country faces is a classic:

As Boehner put it, we can’t kick the can up the road anymore, because we’ve come to the end of the road. Like Greece and Portugal, Ireland and Illinois, New York and New Jersey, we have arrived at Hotel California.

All the states mentioned are models of socialist policies and all either in bankruptcy or on the verge of it. I’m grateful John Boehner understand that and is willing to confront this reality.

Pakistani Peace?

Apparently, it’s OK to kill someone in Pakistan even if they just sympathize with a Christian charged with blasphemy laws. Jonah Goldberg explains how Governor Salman Taseer was gunned down by his own body guard because he sympathized with Asia Bibi, a woman accused of blasphemy. The bodyguard shot Taseer 40 times and the people of Pakistan cheered. Goldberg’s point is that Islam is not being taken over by radicals, it is radical. The moderates have long since been out of power. Any pretense of Islam being peaceful is gone when you begin to understand that the radicals have the keys to the cars and the bomb plants.

MSNBC Is Convinced It’s Viewers Have the Intelligence of Potato Salad

I found this over at Big Journalism by Jeff Dunetz. It’s a video on a reporter from MSNBC explaining the debt ceiling for those who apparently need the visual to figure it out. If this represents the average intelligence of the MSNBC viewer, we are in worse shape than I feared.

I love some of the comments made after this. One commenter writes:

I have conversed with my potato salad, and it is INFINITELY MORE INTELLIGENT than any of the 38 known MSNBC viewers of which my sister-in-law Caitlin (aka the stupidest woman in the western world) is one. And TOAST – even DRY TOAST – us FAR MORE ENGAGING than anything on MSNBC.

So much for the guys sister-in-law. And another:


“My landlord to whom I owe much much money is going to have doubts about my ability to pay him back if he knocks on my door and finds that I am not home because I got off the couch and went back to work. Thus it would be better for me to remain home so that I may explain to him once again why I need more time to pay him.”

Example?? …..Joe Biden “we have to spend a whole lot of money to keep from going bankrupt”

PS. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME FOLKS, These stunts are performed by professional idiots in an enclosed bubble called Washington DC~!

I love Biden’s reasoning…

Federal Judge Turns Central Valley California into Third World

I hate the hard lessons of liberalism, and this is one of them. When a federal judge ruled two years ago that water used to support the crops of Central Valley could no longer be used in order to save a stupid fish, he brought third-world conditions upon one of the richest farming areas in the country. In other words, in one ruling, he put thousands out of work and turned the Central Valley into a waste land. This is why liberalism never works. Liberals always value things like fish more than human life (see the abortion argument). Here is what Investor’s Business Daily reports:

Fresno is the agricultural capital of America. More food per acre in more variety can be grown in the fertile Central Valley surrounding this community than on any other land in America — perhaps in the world.

Yet far from being a paradise, Fresno is starting to resemble Zimbabwe or 1930s Ukraine, a victim of a famine machine that is entirely man-made, not by red communists this time, but by greens.

State and federal officials, driven by the agenda of environmental extremists, have made it extremely difficult for the valley’s farms, introducing costly environmental regulations and cutting off critical water supplies to save the Delta smelt, a bait fish. It’s all driving the economy to collapse.

In the southwest part of the Central Valley, water allotments as low as 10% of normal have created a visible dust bowl. The knock-on effect can be seen in cities like Fresno, where November’s unemployment among the packers, cannery workers and professional fields that make agriculture productive stands at 16.9%.

Other Central Valley cities such as Hanford-Corcoran, Merced, Modesto, Stockton and Visalia-Porterville have similar jobless numbers, the highest in the country. The Wal-Mart Foundation notes that “24.1% of families in this community (Fresno) cannot afford regular meals compared to a national average of 9.2%.”

That’s right — a community that supplies a quarter of America’s fruit and vegetables is begging for food. City officials and the media seem oblivious to this irony. “Even if Fresno doesn’t finish first (in WalMart’s Facebook contest) the fight against hunger will still come out a winner,” the Fresno Bee crowed, citing publicity.

Fresno was ranked dead last at 102 as the worst city in America to do business, according to a 2010 MarketWatch survey. Four other Central Valley cities made the national bottom 10 — Bakersfield, Sacramento, Modesto and Stockton.

If that’s not a sign of a distressed region, what is? Fresno shouldn’t know the meaning of hunger or poverty, given its natural bounty.

It’s high time the greens who did this to the richest farmland in the country be held accountable. Far from bringing greenery, their disruptive agendas have left central California a wasteland.

Is this fish worth it? Not at all. Remember, the people that live in Central Valley are far more valuable than the fish. Should we seek to save the fish? Yes, absolutely. But not at the expense of the men, women and children who live in the Central Valley. They have the right to farm for food, and for this federal judge to rule otherwise is far beyond his authority. No entity has the right to deny men and women the right to grow food for themselves and for others. This is far beyond the pale of his authority and he needs to be ripped out of office, and made to live in the valley with the poor that he created. But alas, liberals are liberals. The judge will remain comfortable and well fed because justice is lacking. He will remain where he is because other liberals think he is justified in depriving basic human needs in view of the stupid fish.

Remember, to liberals, humans fall lowest in the pecking order of things. To them, causes, ideas and animals are far more important than basic human needs. Since those there in the valley have to turn to government for help, they are even happier. That is part of liberalism goal: to get us all dependent upon the government. If they can do that and keep a stupid fish undisturbed, so much the better.

For those of you who understand what I’m saying here, please, never buy into the line that liberals do things because they care about people or care about children. They don’t. If you do something that deprives people of basic human needs, then you do not love them nor care for them. You only care about your feelings and things that do not matter. Liberalism, and the Democrats who support this kind of foolishness need to be rebuked for their lack of love towards their fellow man. What they are doing is true hatred. May they be driven from power and live in the poverty they have created for others.

Hattip: HotAir.

2010 in review — What Word Press Sent Me

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