Top 10 Posts of 2010

The best way to sum things up for the 2010 year is to look at the posts that generated the most attention during 2010. It’s not that hard with the stats section of WordPress, and it’s actually quite surprising.

  1. THE absolute number one post of the year: The Godfather. This baby has been a cash cow when it comes to the number of hits my blog has generated over the past year. No post has received more attention than this one, and has on it’s own generated 2,851 hits and an average of 27 hits a day. The post went unnoticed until October 13th and then for some reason, it took off. This page was only surpassed by my homepage, which had 6,781 hits. That should be expected.
  2. For those of you who know Neil over at Eternity Matters (yes, the name of my blog is a play off the name of his blog), it should come as no surprise to you that the number two post was: Hillbuzz, Ann Coulter, and Neil’s Persistent Use of Their Site. This post has the unusual trappings of Gay men, who like Ann Coulter, and Neil’s use of the the Hillbuzz, a site written by Gay men who love Hillary Clinton but are conservative politically.  These Gay men have been reading Ann Coulter for so long, that they are no longer liberal in their political views. They are now conservative in their views. They have seen the conservative light and realize that the Democratic party has thrown them, and all other people groups that Liberals love to put people into, under the bus.
  3. We Cry Abba/Father, NOT Daddy! This falls in at number three with 212 hits. I really like this one because it blows out another misconception that the touchy-feely crowd love: the idea that “Abba” means “Daddy.” These people are usually driven in their beliefs by feelings, and not truth. This is always dangerous when it comes to our beliefs. Just look at the Islmofascists. He is driven by feelings just as much as the squishy evangelical, only his feelings lead him to kill, where as the squish evangelical is led to emote… Yuk! Please, keep your emoting to yourself. Let truth guide us in our beliefs, not our feelings.
  4. Local politics earned the number four spot with my post directed at the Republican candidates running for the congressional seat here in western Tennessee entitled: Ron/Robert Kirkland, George Flinn & Stephen Fincher Need to Repent. This was because the race was so dirty, yet all four were saying we should vote for them because of their Christian values. To Stephen Fincher’s credit, he did clean up his act, especially in the general election against Roy Herron. No matter what muck Herron, another supposed Christian, thew at Fincher, Fincher kept it clean an on the issues. We are really grateful that Stephen Fincher is now our congressman.
  5. Krauthammer Blames Environmentalist for Oil Spill, Palin Blames Obama made the list at number 5 with 192 hits. Krauthammer’s point is that because of all the environmental restrictions placed on oil companies, they are forced into deeper waters in order to drill, making the drilling more dangerous and prone to disaster. If they would remove restrictions, we wouldn’t need to go off shore in the first place. There are plenty of places to drill for oil in shallow lands that would keep the process a lot safer. But alas, the unintended consequences of liberals…
  6. The About page of the blog comes in at number six with 180 hits. That’s good. People are interested in finding out who I am and why I write the way I do.
  7. Another local political story comes in the Top 10, with Ron Kirkland Is Pro Choice receiving 132 hits. This was popular during the primary, but now that he has gone back to just being a doctor, I doubt many will read this at all.
  8. Timothy Hammons Accidentally Shot and Killed had to make the Top 10. That story was just too weird for it to go unnoticed. It sits in the eighth position with 120 hits.
  9. Number 9 is another political story, but on the national level. NAACP Claims Tea Parties are Racist and Become Irrelevant In the Process is number 9. This story shows the leftist nature of the NAACP, meaning, that they are only seek equal treatment of blacks if those blacks are liberal. This was similar to the National Organization of Women saying they are for the rights of women, but looked the other way during the Bill Clinton/Lewinski controversy. They are really only interested in the rights of liberal women, not all women.
  10. Finally, rounding out the Top 10 list is a sports story and a Top 10 list story: Top 10 College Football Teams I Hate. Fortunately the number one team I hate this year is not playing in a bowl game, the Evil orange empire — Austin, t.u. longhorns are resting because of their dismal season. This is excellent. As you will recall, the reason that the t-sips didn’t make it to a bowl game was that they were defeated by my beloved Aggies 24-17 on Thanksgiving day… giving them a 5-7 record and keeping them ineligible for a bowl. You can read about it here.

Other interesting aspects of my blog: Since transferring my blog to WordPress back in April, I have had just shy of 18,000 hits. My busiest day was October 16th when I had 225 hits in a single day. I hope as the New Year progresses, I will still write enough interesting stuff for you to read.

Happy New Year from me and the entire Staff here at Timothy Matters (I don’t really have a staff.)


Merry Christmas and the True Meaning of Christ’s Birth!

I know we get all caught up in the trappings of Christmas shopping and lights and eggnog and stocking stuffers and what to get the extended family members in a price that we can afford without offending them on how little we spent on them because it was actually what we could afford, but … Christmas, or at least Christ’s birth had a much more significant meaning.

In fact, when you really begin looking at the Biblical account of Christ, you will not find Santa Claus, Christmas trees, mistletoe, black Friday, red dot sales, Christmas cards, or even turkey dinners afterward. Looking at the biblical account of Christ’s birth and what goes one around December 25th in our lives is like looking at two different worlds all together. There is a real reason for that. What God was setting out to accomplish was, by design, not how the world would have it when it came to redeeming us from our greatest enemies. Maybe that is why Christmas and the biblical account of Christ’s birth are so vastly different in spirit. It is wonderful and spectacular that God became man. But mankind does not like the reason for this. We don’t want to hear His overall purpose in becoming flesh. For this reason, I believe this is why Christmas and Christ’s birth are so separated by culture and practice.

Christ’s birth is dealing with our sin. Christmas covers that up with pageantry and presents. Christ comes to live the obedient life. Christmas leads us into the decadent life. Christ comes to die selflessly on the cross. Christmas encourages us to live selfishly for ourselves (all silly arguments about that fact that we are ‘giving’ to others. When we remove all the false pretense, most of us live through Christmas with the attitude that it’s all about me!). Christ became flesh to live for the glory of the Father. Christmas encourages us to live to the glory of man.

I hope you are beginning to see the difference in the two. One is about what was necessary for our salvation, a bloody death by a sinless man, the other is about appealing to our flesh. If you doubt me in any of this, then let me test you on it. Take every gift that you receive at Christmas time back. Get the money, and go give to the local homeless shelter. Now answer honestly. Is Christmas truly about giving, or what we get?

Do you see the difference? Christ’s arrival in the flesh had nothing to do with me getting an Iphone (I’m not getting one, but you get the idea). What Christ set out to accomplish was much greater than the Iphone or any other trinket we might get during this season.

Just look at what the Father named His Son: Jesus. That is from the Hebrew word Yeshua, which is a shorter form of another Hebrew name which I can’t remember off the top of my head. But Yeshua has a specific meaning. It means He will certainly save. This means that Jesus came to save His people (all those who believe in Him for salvation) from their sins. It doesn’t mean that He might save, or that He makes it possible for us to be saved, but that He will save. The very meaning of His name nails us at every level because it removes us from the active role in our salvation. We are recipients of that salvation, thereby removing any level of pride or desire to make salvation our own.

This truly offends us and our independent spirits because it means that salvation is completely by grace alone. If we are saved, it is because the Holy Spirit moved in us, opening our eyes to our sinfulness, showing us our need for a savior and leading us to Christ, in whom we believe in for salvation. Our salvation is all God’s work. Yes, we do exercise belief, but not until God’s Spirit has move in us so that we can believe. Otherwise, we would remain in our unbelief and not be saved.

The point is that so much of what is put forth during Christmas time has really nothing to do with Christ’s birth and His purpose of becoming flesh. He dwelt among us to save us from the sin of our materialism. But for most of us, we like that sin. It’s comforting to us, at least for a time. But like all sin, it’s deadly to us in the long run. We need a Savior that not only saves us from our sin, but saves us from Christmas as well. Christ does all that, for this was His purpose and He accomplished what He came to do.

Texas Our Texas — Best Growing State in the Country

Yes, we arrived in the Fatherland last night. We made the 700 mile drive from Jackson, TN, to Wichita Falls in 11 hours and 21 minutes. That is actual drive time. Add another 45 minutes for brief stops. The boys were great. No blow ups. No show downs. They either slept, watched movies, or read their maps. (We stopped in Arkansas at the visitors center and they gave Andy and Joey maps of the state. They spent the next several hours looking at the maps and asking where we were!)

We love being able to come home to Texas from time to time. Yes, everything is bigger and better in Texas. I’m not afraid to say that, even though those in other states don’t seem to understand. Texas is just different. It’s not really a part of the South, it’s Texas. I remember when I was in England back in the 1980s and someone asked me, “Are you an America?” I responded by saying, “No, I’m a Texan.” The Englishman nodded and recognized the distinction.

I know all this sounds arrogant. But there really is something different about Texas. Texans seem to take American exceptionalism to a higher level. They know that things are better here and they strive to make even more improvements upon that which is good. Yes, Texas does have it’s problems. Find me a place that doesn’t. But to show you the truth of this reality, just look at the following story that came out in light of yesterday’s Census Data. The report shows that those states that have the fastest growth are those that have no income taxes and are friendly to business.

… the great engine of growth in America is not the Northeast Megalopolis, which was growing faster than average in the mid-20th century, or California, which grew lustily in the succeeding half-century. It is Texas.

Its population grew 21 percent in the past decade, from nearly 21 million to more than 25 million. That was more rapid growth than in any states except for four much smaller ones (Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Idaho).

Texas’ diversified economy, business-friendly regulations and low taxes have attracted not only immigrants but substantial inflow from the other 49 states. As a result, the 2010 reapportionment gives Texas four additional House seats. In contrast, California gets no new House seats, for the first time since it was admitted to the Union in 1850.

This shows the Reaganomics is alive and well in the Lone-Star State. With the additional growth of population, the engine of economy is being primed over and over again. This is why those who look at these sort of statistics realize that population growth in an area is always good for the economy and, consequently, good for everyone in that economy. Texas takes a pro-business attitude, and consequently, businesses are moving here right and left. This means that everyone here benefits, even the poor. Yes, Texas still has their poor. But social programs are not the answer to this problem. We’ve seen this in states that have had that attitude for 75 years, i.e., California. That state is in a hideous situation economically. Why anyone wants to to live there, is beyond me, especially given the moral depravity of so many that do live there. (Socialism also breeds a lack of morality).

The point is that Texas is thriving as the Census Data is showing us, and California is dying. The problem that I do have and fear is that all those liberals who have finally given up on California and move to Texas for business reasons, are also bringing their sorry political and social views with them. We saw this in South Carolina as well. The Northeast Liberals retired, sold their homes, came to South Carolina and lived like kings because the homes in South Carolina were less expensive and less taxed. But then they sat their and complained about how “backward” South Carolina was because they didn’t have all the social programs that were available in the North East. Do you see a disconnect here? The very reason they fled the North East was because of the high taxes as a result of all the social programs. They get to a state that is void of those social programs and start demanding them. DON’T. If you move to Texas or South Carolina, leave your liberal socialist views back where you came from. Accept that things are better for all under a government that is business friendly, and hence, friendly to all in the state. Things are better economically, and socially as long as you keep the government out of the lives of the people.

Welcome to Texas. But leave your politics at home if you are looking for more social programs. That is what I would like to add to the sign above. Plus, I would love to move back home. But God in His infinite wisdom has deemed that we live in Jackson, TN for now. BTW, Tennessee is another one of those great states in which to live. The people are a lot like Texans (which is no surprise since many people from Tennessee and Kentucky settled Texas). I guess He wants me taking my view of exceptionalism that I learned here in Texas, and apply it to the church where He has called me… for His glory. I can live with that. Do all for His glory, whether it be build the church, go on vacation, celebrate Christmas, or write blogs about how much you love a place like Texas.

One more thing, watch the following which supports what I was saying about population growth:

You find more like this at their site:

Perfect Gift For Every Man!

The perfect gift for every man: the woman language translator. It will help every man in those really tense situations when she says: “it’s fine,” the most loaded phrase in a woman’s repertoire. In other words men, if she says “it’s fine,” or “I’m fine,” she’s not and you better do some exploratory questioning. Here, watch the following for more info:

Against Dispensationalism — The Blog

I’ve added Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry’s blog, Against Dispensationalism to my blog roll. He, and the rest of the scholars at the, are committed to pointing out the dangers of bad theology, like Dispensationalism. They quote Dr. Robert L. Reymond, who says: “Dispensationalism has thrown down the gauntlet: and it is high time covenant theologians take up the challenge and respond to them Biblically.”

Gentry has written that Dispensationalism is beginning to die a long, painful death. Part of this is due to the wacky predictions of who the antichrist is, and when Jesus will return. In his most recent post, he lists at least 18 books that have predicted the return of Christ and such lunacy. After all, Jesus told us that no one knows when He will return except the Father in heaven. For some reason, Dispensationalists seem to always know when Christ will return.

Here is some of what Gentry writes:

This is like dispensationalism: it is such a large behemoth that its death will take a long time. Furthermore, given its inherent naivete — which allows its adherents to tolerate one failed Antichrist prediction after another and which can endure one erroneous rapture prediction after another — we can’t expect the system to die quickly. Dispensationalists are adept at grinning and bearing it.

Nevertheless, it is dying. And as we have pointed out: it dying from a brain-drain. Many of its scholars are opting out; others are radically transforming the system into what it has never been. Read the dominant dispensationalist’s vehement attacks on progressive dispensationalism. Fear is in their words: their beloved system is collapsing within.

We agree that the prophecies of the Bible do not fail of their purposes. But the prophecies of dispensationalists constantly fail. Again, review the titles listed above. As we have said many times: Dispensationalism is embarrassing itself to death.

I like the way he points out his intended purpose of the article:

In this blog article I will show that dispensationalism’s death is being effected by suicide. Apparently no amount of embarrassment and humiliation has been able to discomfit dispensational pew-sitters. Like the Eloi in “The Time Machine” they mindlessly wander about to their doom. They drift into Christian bookstores and pick up the latest mind-numbing, apocalyptic drivel. Neither wrong rapture dates nor wrong Antichrist spottings phase erstwhile dispensationalists. Their motto is: “Grin and Bear It.” But now we see that suicide might just do the trick. But first let me give a brief history lesson.

But more specifically, he shows how Dr. Chisolm, a professor at DTS, actually shows the Dispensationalism will commit suicide because of the change in the way the prophecy is viewed. Under the current system, every prophecy, according to the Dispy construct, must be fulfilled literally. Chisolm shows that this is not true at all.

The article shows that prophecy is dynamic, intending either to change or encourage the hearers rather than simply to record the future in advance. Chisholm notes that prophecy “announces God’s intentions conditionally and is intended to motivate a positive response” so that “the prophecy’s predictive element is designed to prevent (in the case of judgment announcement) or facilitate (in the case of a salvation announcement) its fulfillment” (p. 563). That is, prophecy has a hortatory dimension, which means that it seeks to encourage good behavior by promising (conditionally!) blessings in the future or to warn against bad behavior by threatening judgment. (Emphasis added).

What this means is that prophecy is not intended to show us the future, but shows us the future based upon continued obedience or lack of repentance. This means that there can be change in the prophecies fulfillment. Think of Jonah’s predication that in 40 days, all of Nineveh would be destroyed. Yet, what happened? Nineveh repented and they were sparred God’s wrath. So did the prophecy fail? Not at all. God was using the prophecy of impending judgment to bring about repentance. The prophecy brought about it’s intended purpose.

Gentry is helping us to see that those in Dispy circles are changing how they view prophecy. They are beginning to see that prophecy isn’t given to tell us the future, but to show us the future if certain conditions are or are not met.

Chisholm provides several other clear evidences of prophecy functioning as a goad to either repentance from sin or continuance in righteousness. This is prophecy’s main point: to either dynamically alter or effectively reinforce a people’s moral/spiritual condition, not to foretell the future for political pundits.

Because of this change, Dispensationalism will eventually fail. But Gentry doesn’t stop there. He shows that the predictions of Israel’s dominance of the world will not be fulfilled because those promises were conditional on her repentance and acceptance of Christ.

I believe Chisholm is correct in his view of the conditional nature and dynamic purpose of prophecy. And if he is correct, dispensationalism is no longer theologically viable.
On Chisholm’s principles we can argue that the future of Israel is not necessarily to involve a return to the land to rule the world and re-establish the temple sacrificial system. The dynamic purpose of Old Testament prophecies of Israel’s future glory were intended to encourage faithfulness. But Israel rejected all of her prophets and then when God finally sent his Son, they said: “This is the heir; come, let us kill him, and seize his inheritance” (Matt 21:38). As a result, God gave them a final forty years after Christ to repent and turn to him.

Tragically, Israel did not repent and her temple was destroyed in AD 70. As a result, Israel’s prophetic hope of future world-dominion will not be fulfilled in the literal terms of the Old Testament hope. We should not be surprised at this for Jesus himself taught:

“I say to you, that many shall come from east and west, and recline at the table with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven; but the sons of the kingdom shall be cast out into the outer darkness; in that place there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matt 811-12).

“Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you, and be given to a nation producing the fruit of it.” (Matt 21:43).

This shows us that Israel will not rise up as a nation and rule for 1,000 years. Those days have passed, for Christ is ruling through His Kingdom now and there is no need for Israel, the descendants of Abraham, to rule again. This doesn’t mean that God’s prophecy of such failed. The prophecy wasn’t meant to be kept if the natural descendants were not obedient. It was given to spur on obedience, and the natural descendants failed in this regard.

The Marks of a Cult

Many of you who come here to my site often, know that I have strong feelings about the cults in America. That is because, while they may be represented by nice and well meaning men and women, their message is clearly destructive to those who follow those messages. What they do is take the gospel and distort it by adding different meaning to the language of orthodox Christianity.

The following is the introduction to a series put out by the Apologetics Group, which is committed to helping us see error where it rears its ugly head, be it from Mormonism, Christian Science, or fruit cakes like L. Ron Hubbard. They do say that those in a cult have the rights and freedom to worship God as they please. However, to try and use the language or orthodox Christianity, making it mean something different than the true meaning, is dubious at best. The cultist really need to be honest about who they are and are not.

For instance, Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Scientist will tell you that they believe in the Trinity when asked. But to them, the Trinity represents the ideas of truth, love and hope, or something along those lines. This is out of accord with the true orthodox position on the person of God, who has revealed Himself as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. He is three distinct persons, One in essence. To call Him anything less than what He has revealed Himself to be is dishonest and idolatrous. We must worship the God who is, not the gods of our own imaginations. After all, God is not concerned about our weak sensibilities, but about His glory. When we come to Him and accept Him for who He has revealed Himself to be, then He is glorified. When we do not, then we insult Him.

Watch a bit of the video and learn more at their site:

John Lennon Still Dead After 30 Years

Thirty years ago today, John Lennon was gun down outside his New York city apartment by a nutty fan, Mark David Chapman. I remember the news really well because I heard it as I drove around in my new (used) 1978 Toyota Celica. It sort of put a damper on the excitement of getting a new (used) car. I was so excited about the car and how it handled, as well as the smell. Even the stereo in it was better than anything I have ever had in a car. I picked up James Garner and we were just driving around when we heard the news of Lennon’s death.

That was really a let down for the day. Not that I was one of Lennon’s groupies, but being a disc jockey in Top 40 music, it was hard to not feel a sense of loss for a man who had contributed so much to the industry while he was with the Beatles and even some contribution in his solo career.

It is weird how the news of some pop stars seem to effect us and others do not. I distinctly remember the shock of hearing of John Belushi’s death as well. How could such a funny guy … die? There was also the death of Led Zepplin’s drummer John Bonham. I was saddened because he was such a great drummer and they would no longer tour. Michael Jackson’s death shocked me as well. I don’t know why, I never really liked him. His voice was just too high for my comfort. But alas, he was a great entertainer, and only 2 years older than me, so the suddenness of his death caught me off guard.

I guess Lennon’s death had the same effect because it was so sudden and senseless. What kind of fan guns down someone? Well, one that is crazy. But it’s so sad.

I do admit that my views on Lennon have changed over the years. After becoming a Christian, that has a tendency to happen. Lennon was not a Christian and said some very controversial things in his life time about Christianity. At one point, he was known to have said: “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink … We’re more popular than Jesus now—I don’t know which will go first, rock and roll or Christianity.”

Quite a foolish thing to say when you are taking on the King of kings, whose kingdom has no end. I’m not sure he knew the full implications of what he said at the time, but they were definitely not words of someone that belonged to Christ.

After reading about him a Wikipedia, I do feel sorry for him. Rebellion really had a grip on him his entire life. Even at the height of Bealtamania, he commented that he wrote the song “Help” because he needed help during the midst of it all. He knew his mortality and really did tire of people treating him like he was a god.

In an interview before his death, he said the following:

Lennon saves some of his harshest words for critics who were perennially disappointed with Lennon’s path, in both music and in his life, after leaving the Beatles.

“These critics with the illusions they’ve created about artists – it’s like idol worship,” he said. “They only like people when they’re on their way up … I cannot be on the way up again.

“What they want is dead heroes, like Sid Vicious and James Dean. I’m not interesting in being a dead (expletive) hero. .. So forget ’em, forget ’em.”

He also predicted that Bruce Springsteen, then hailed as rock’s bright future, would endure the same critical barbs: “And God help Bruce Springsteen when they decide he’s no longer God. … They’ll turn on him, and I hope he survives it.”

But Lennon also talked about trying to be a good father to his youngest son Sean, learning how to relate to a child (he admitted he wasn’t good at play) and spoke of his strong bond with wife Yoko Ono: “I’ve selected to work with … only two people: Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono. … That ain’t bad picking.”

At 40, he was also reflective of what he had accomplished so far in life and exploring life’s themes, and remained committed to his goal of peace and love on earth.

“I’m not claiming divinity. I’ve never claimed purity of soul. I’ve never claimed to have the answers to life. I only put out songs and answer questions as honestly as I can … But I still believe in peace, love and understanding.”

Again, those words are really sad given that he died a few weeks after speaking them. You can read the rest of the article here. Also note, there is a full-length article for that interview which has just been released by Rolling Stone Magazine. Apparently, the writer never published the full article after Lennon was shot.

While his contributions to music are monumental, what is his overall contribution to the things that have no end? I guess that is what is so sad in all of this. I have no words of comfort for those who hope to see Lennon in glory some day. There is no absence of heaven like he sang about in Imagine. The is a true heaven and a true hell. While he may have had great talent, the one thing he lacked was faith in Christ, which makes his death all the more tragic.

Texas Aggies Picking Cotton!

Texas A&M Cotton Bowl Bound

Yes, I’m excited my Aggies are going to the Cotton Bowl. They will face Number 10. LSU Tigers for the 75th Cotton Bowl Championship. I was hoping they would get the opportunity of playing Alabama, which is also 9-3, but somehow the cards fell to the 10-2 Tigers. Alabama is one of the teams that I like besides the Aggies. That being said, once again, A&M is the underdog in this match up. The Aggies are 9-3 and ranked No. 17 in the BCS poll. Ah yes, another challenging and exciting game to watch.

Just a reminder, that LSU is one of the Top-10 teams I hate. Read here for the full story.

Now, the Aggies really need to win this game so that they can start to change their bowl appearance success, or lack there of. It’s really been a while since they won a bowl game. Their last bowl victory was the Gallery Furniture Dot Com bowl back in 2001. That is a long time ago for a bowl victory, and then, it’s not much of a bowl. That bow is now defunct. It was replaced by the Texas Bowl. Even when it was around, no one really wanted to boast about it, even though we stomped TCU 28-9. In fact, here a table of A&M’s bowl record:

Season Bowl Result Opponent PF PA
1921 Dixie Classic W Centre 22 14
1939 Sugar Bowl W Tulane 14 13
1940 Cotton Bowl Classic W Fordham 13 12
1941 Cotton Bowl Classic L Alabama 21 29
1942 Orange Bowl L LSU 14 19
1950 Presidential Cup Bowl W Georgia 40 20
1957 Gator Bowl L Tennessee 0 3
1967 Cotton Bowl Classic W Alabama 20 16
1975 Liberty Bowl L Southern California 0 20
1976 Sun Bowl W Florida 37 14
1977 Bluebonnet Bowl L Southern California 28 47
1978 Hall of Fame Bowl W Iowa State 28 12
1981 Independence Bowl W Oklahoma State 33 16
1985 Cotton Bowl Classic W Auburn 36 16
1986 Cotton Bowl Classic L Ohio State 12 28
1987 Cotton Bowl Classic W Notre Dame 35 10
1989 John Hancock Bowl L Pittsburgh 28 31
1990 Holiday Bowl W BYU 65 14
1991 Cotton Bowl Classic L Florida State 2 10
1992 Cotton Bowl Classic L Notre Dame 3 28
1993 Cotton Bowl Classic L Notre Dame 21 24
1995 Alamo Bowl W Michigan 22 20
1997 Cotton Bowl Classic L UCLA 23 29
1998 Sugar Bowl L Ohio State 14 24
1999 Alamo Bowl L Penn State 0 24
2000 Independence Bowl L Mississippi State 41 43
2001 Bowl W TCU 28 9
2004 Cotton Bowl Classic L Tennessee 7 38
2006 Holiday Bowl L Cal 10 45
2007 Alamo Bowl L Penn State 17 24
2009 Independence Bowl L Georgia 20 44
2010* Cotton Bowl Classic TBD LSU
Total 32 bowl games 13–18

Let’s put it this way, Mike Sherman better win this bowl. If not, he needs to be fired (my obligatory call for Sherman’s job!) As you can see, the Aggies haven’t done well in bowl games. They are 13-18 over all. Sherman better turn that around!

BTW, I have never had the opportunity to see my Aggies play in a bowl game, so if some of you rich Alums have some extra tickets you would like to give to a poor Presbyterian pastor, please let me know. Yes, I know, very pathetic. But I will take the tickets if I can get them. Gig ‘Em Aggies!

Another BTW: Just want you to know that I hope the Auburn Tigers beat the Oregon Ducks for the National Championship. Remember, any team from the Pac-10 falls into the Top 10 Teams I Hate category… yes, the entire Pac-10 was one of my teams that I hate.

More TSA Stupidity

TSA Stupidity

I know, you wouldn’t think these guys could show any less brains, but check out the following video. This man has a steel hip and gets patted down every time he goes through the scanners. So, instead of going through the pat down, he stripped down to a Speedo swimsuit and walked through the metal detector. Of course, the steel hip set off the alarms and despite being able to see the six-inch scar, the TSA agents were unable to figure out what was causing the metal detector to go off. Their solution, make him get dressed, come back through the metal detector and go through a pat down.

Hard to believe, I know.